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Murderous mother narrates how she stabbed 5-year-old son to death



“I was disappointed when I woke up at midnight to find that we were both alive after taking poison the previous night,” Sharon Wangare, the woman who stabbed her five-year-old son to death before attempting suicide told the police.

Ms Wangare confessed that after dinner on Saturday night (March 16, 2019), she made a concoction of drugs and took it together with her son, Maurice Karanja, because she wanted to die and not leave him behind.

In a statement recorded after the murder and attempted suicide, Ms Wangare said she woke up at some minutes to midnight to find that they were both alive and that she immediately started planning to execute her ‘Plan B’.

She said that she finally decided to take a kitchen knife, stabbed her s​on four times and then sat there as she waited for his heart to stop. She would then use the same knife to stab herself in an attempted suicide but not before texting her boyfriend to update him and ask him to come for their bodies.

“Jaribu kukuja kwetu ama mazishi utajua maiti iko na mashetani ni mimi,” read the text Ms Wangari had sent him the previous evening.


It was that text message that compelled John Njuguna to visit Ms Wangare’s house early Sunday morning, where he found the two on the floor.

Mr Njuguna admitted to the police that he knew his girlfriend meant every single word she said and was capable of killing due to her unstable health condition.

“I had spent the entire afternoon with the minor after which I escorted him home,” he told the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) officers.

During the visit to Wangare’s home, Mr Njuguna said, she had asked her son not to accept gifts from him but he insisted on having him take them.

The gifts, he realized after the murder, had been set on fire.

“When I got to the house on Sunday morning, I found the two on the floor. She was holding a blood stained kitchen knife in her left hand but could still move. She still had a pulse,” he told the investigators.


He further stated that he immediately rushed out and informed the neighbours and with the help of two women, they rushed her to Bahati Sub-county hospital where she was given first aid then later taken to Nakuru Level Five hospital.

An autopsy report by government pathologist Titus Ngulungu indicated that the minor died after a knife pierced through his heart. Police reports indicate that the body of the deceased had been stabbed four times on the chest.

Ms Wangare’s father, Joseph Njoroge, told the police that his daughter, who runs a retail shop at Maili Sita Centre, had been suffering from Epilepsy and that she had been undergoing treatment at a certain Dr Njau’s clinic at Gate House in Nakuru town.

When she was arraigned before a Nakuru Court on Wednesday, clad in Provincial General Hospital’s blue patients’ uniform, Ms Wangare looked calm, with her head up.

The court allowed the police to hold the suspect at the Bahati police station for 10 more days in order to conclude their investigations into the murder.

The case will be mentioned on April 2.


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Kazi Imeanza: Amani Ridge – The place of Peace [SPONSORED CONTENT]



We thank God for his excessive favour on Amani Ridge the place of Peace we have today started the construction of the state of the art security wall. On the same week, our chief project architect Architect Arc. C. Opita has done 80% of the project implementation outlook & our landscaper will be on site by next week.

There is something unique & special on Amani Ridge the place of Peace. While there you have a feeling of Peace, contentment, satisfaction & comfort.

Tell someone to be your neigbour here. That person will thank you for ever in this life

This is a unique and extremely posh, leafy place for you as you seek to realize your desire to live in extremely peaceful surroundings and experience scenic, clean and beautiful environment. It is exclusively meant for you as you pursue real and guaranteed quality life for both self and family. Amani Ridge is a Jewel for a chosen few. It is a place of peace.

This is an offering to the very few and valued Optiven clients who want to enjoy properties very near Nairobi City and great surrounding amenities. The Jewel is located approximately 20Kms from Nairobi Town and seats between Thika Super Highway and Kiambu Road, slightly off Ruiru-Kamiti Road. It neighbours the Tatu City and Nova Pioneer.

Proposed Amani Ridge Facilities

  • Well-designed Stone perimeter wall all-round the property
  • Internal cabro roads
  • A Club House (Amani Club/ Amani Square)
  • 24/7 caretaker & security
  • Solar street lighting
  • Shopping square/ Community Center
  • Games Zone/ Central Park/ Children fun area
  • Education Center / A pre-school provision within the property
  • House designs
  • Sewer system
  • Power on site
  • Water Tower
  • State of the art Main Gate
  • A police post provision

The Amani Ridge Deal

The prices vary with size and the location of the property. The Amani Ridge Deal includes:

  • Price start from Ksh 5.35M to 10.695M depending on size and location
  • Secure your plot by paying a deposit of 30% of the cash price
  •  Installments up to 24 months at 1% interest per month or balance can be cleared in 6 months interest free.
  • Bank financing available for up to 70%
  • We can send you individual plot price on selection.

What’s More

  1. Ready Title Deeds
  2. House designs available
  3. All value Additions to be completed in 3 years
  4. Three contractors available to choose from or a choice to use your own contractor

Keep in Mind

“Today, you are where your thoughts have brought you; tomorrow, you will be where your thoughts will have taken you” Make the right choice today by only making a commitment of 500k and you will forever live in abundant peace at this magnificent place in Kenya, Amani Ridge – The place of Peace.

Photo Gallery

Futuristic Impression of Amani Ridge

Sample Amani Ridge Home Designs

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Kenyan Woman in the Diaspora Found Dead in Her Room



Dorene Wangare, a 36-year-old Kenyan was found dead in her room in Qatar on Wednesday morning.

This, according to her family, was barely two months after she moved to the Gulf nation.

According to Wangare’s mobrother , she traveled to Qatar in November last year and was optimistic the job she had landed there would help her earn enough money to support her two kids. Her son, 14, is a Form Two student while her eight-year-old daughter is in Class Three.

“She was the family breadwinner and would come to our rescue whenever the landlord locked us out due to accumulated rent arrears,” said Mable Masitsa, the deceased’s mother.

When thirty-six-year-old Dorine Wangare bade her family goodbye to travel to Qatar in November last year, she knew her dream of helping her poor mother and siblings had finally come true.

The mother of two was excited at the prospect of working in the Middle East country according to her follower brother, Reinhard Mwangi. Little did Dorine know that that was her last goodbye to her family.Dorine was optimistic the job she had landed in Qatar would earn her enough money to help her support her son, 14 and daughter 8, who are in Form Two and class three respectively.

“She was the family breadwinner and would come to our rescue whenever the landlord locked us out due to accumulated rent arrears,” said Mable Masitsa, the deceased’s mother. According to Ms Masitsa, her daughter never thought her journey to the Middle East would be her last with family.Dorine died in Qatar on Tuesday night moments after she had a long chat with her mother and the brother leaving her family with many unanswered questions even as they await a postmortem report.

Dorine Wangare (standing second right) before she left for Qatar. She was found dead in her room on Wednesday morning. [Courtesy]

“Dorine called inquiring about school fees for her two children and other items required in school so that she could budget for them. The news of her death came as a shock. I cannot believe my daughter left us in such a mysterious way,” said Ms Masitsa.A somber mood engulfed their home at Shitawa in the outskirts of Kakamega town with family, friends and church members condoling with Ms Masitsa.“I talked to my sister until late into the night. She told me it was too cold in Qatar and she had been forced to put on two sweaters and a pair of trousers.

I told her to stay indoors and that was the last communication I had with Dorine,” recalled Mr Mwangi.According to Mwangi, the sister developed some complications whenever the weather was too cold.“She was allergic to cold weather. A friend of hers said she opted to use a Jiko in her room where she would be discovered dead on Wednesday morning.”Dorine’s Kenyan friends in Qatar have been updating the family on how things have been progressing since the death of their kin.However, Ms Masitsa and her son are at loss on how they will facilitate the transportation of the body from Qatar to Kenya.“We don’t have anywhere to run to for help.

Dorine was supposed to send money for rent, food and school fees but death took her away, it is a pity to imagine we might not be able to see her body anytime soon,” she said.  The family is appealing to the national government to help them have the body airlifted from Qatar to Kisumu.“It will be easy for us to make arrangements to have the body ferried here even though we face the dilemma of where to bury her,” said Mwangi.It was not the first time Dorine had travelled to the Middle East in search of greener pastures.She first spent at least four years in Saudi Arabia where her employer tortured her before returning home.The deceased adds to the growing list of Kenyans who endure suffering in the quest for employment opportunities in the Middle East.


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Cash mistakes that the rich don’t make



Who doesn’t want to avoid unnecessary expenses like millionaires do?

However, while we’ve all heard the advice about not spending as much as we earn, faithfully following a budget, and all that other good stuff, most of us tend to forget a lot of it.

But if you’re sick of having to live hand-to-mouth and can’t figure out how to squeeze a little bit more out of the money you do have, maybe you’re making some money mistakes that you can correct. These are some of the expenses the rich avoid.

1. Paying bank fees

A lot of us pay bank fees, yet we’re not taking advantage of the benefits tacked on to these costs.It may not seem like much on a monthly basis, but if you’re looking to clean up your expenses column and stick to what you absolutely must pay for, then saving on bank fees is a smart move.

You can play by the bank’s rules to avoid ledger fees, which may mean keeping a certain minimum balance or limiting the number of withdrawals you make in a month. And remember to review your statements for any errors.

2. Sticking with a low-interest savings account

In an era of capped interest rates, there’s also a minimum amount your deposits in a bank should attract. At the moment, it’s 6.3 per cent.If your bank is giving you less than this, then you need to shop around for a better deal.

Also, confirm with your bank if the savings account you opened is still designated as such, and wasn’t reclassified as a current account when interest rate capping came into effect. Every shilling you earn counts.

3. Making poor real estate decisions

Many Kenyans hold on to the dream of owning their own home. But before you sign up for a mortgage or sink your life savings into purchasing a house, be sure you’re making the right decision.There are no guarantees that the price of your home will increase, so don’t saddle yourself with what’s basically a dead investment.

If you’re not moving to your rural area, don’t sink millions of shillings into building a house you won’t occupy for decades – you could put that money to better use.

And be wary of cons in the real estate sector. Do your homework, and where necessary, enlist the services of an expert.

4. Paying inflated interest rates

Mobile money loans have generally been a lifesaver, but they’ve also made getting into debt that much easier.While the temptation to borrow from one of the many mobile loans platforms may be strong, do your math and settle on the application that gives you the best rate.

And sometimes, you could borrow from family or friends at a friendlier interest rate. Explore your options to keep your debt levels as low as possible.

5. Buying into designer labels

Few people can tell the difference between an original Hermès Birkin bag and a knock-off, so unless you can absolutely afford the $10,000 (Sh1 million) starting price without breaking the bank, don’t bother.

Extend this attitude to products as basic as coffee – you don’t get any richer by buying an expensive cup of takeaway coffee; cut your costs by carrying your own brew or buying from less established outlets.

6. Flirting with credit card debt

Swiping plastic to pay for your purchases can be terribly addictive. But while your limit may be high, stay within it. Don’t spend more than what you can pay back without breaking a sweat – you don’t want to try keeping up with credit card interest payments.

Also, when getting a credit card, find out from you bank how you can avoid some of the attendant costs, such as joining fees.

7. Falling for sales lingo

When buying your electronics, salespeople will sometimes try to get you to pay for things like extended warranties. But before you fall for this, research the kind of coverage the product comes with, and its reviews online.

You may find you don’t need to pay any extra to keep the product in top condition.Also, before deciding to splurge on items that are on ‘sale’ or are ‘up to 70 per cent off’, do some comparison shopping. You may find the product cheaper at another store.

8. Impulse buys

We all know we should never buy anything on impulse, but it can be hard to help yourself when you walk into a supermarket to pick milk but know you’ve got money in your wallet and no plan for it.One of the best ways to avoid impulse buying is to use a shopping list and stick to it.

You can also leave your cards at home and carry just the cash you need, as well as plan your meals in advance to keep your food costs low and minimise the number of times you need to step into a store.

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