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New York Times journalist caught up in terror attack row leaves Nairobi



The New York Times has transferred Kimiko de Freytas-Tamura, the journalist who received a lot of flak over the coverage of the January 15 terrorist attack at dusitD2 in Nairobi’s Riverside area.

Previously, she has covered Britain’s decision to leave the European Union and its political and economic fallout. She has also covered terror attacks in Paris and Brussels, and has written extensively about radicalization and western jihadis. Prior to the Times, she was a business and economics reporter for the BBC. She has also written for the Financial Times.

There is no mention that the journalist, who is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and a master’s degree in financial journalism from City University in London and who speaks Japanese, French, Spanish and Portuguese was destined to become the New York Times East African Bureau Chief before the paper’s online and offline coverage of the terror attack boomeranged on her face.

Many Kenyans were infuriated with a huge chunk of them reading racism in the whole affair. Most of the ire was directed at de Freytas-Tamura even as she protested that she did not make the call on which picture was to accompany the story and instead asked her critics to take up the issue with the photo department in New York.

Her first reaction to the criticism only helped to annoy Kenyans more leading to demands that she should be asked to leave the country. Amid mounting criticism, she issued a statement in which she apologised “for causing anger and anguish.”

However, the photo was not pulled down by The New York Times and the story appeared in its print edition under the headline: “Militants Stage Deadly Assault at Kenyan Hotel-Office Complex”.

This time, it was illustrated by four photographs of victims and survivors of the attack who were either killed in a very gruesome manner or injured.

In the ensuing melee, the Media Council of Kenya fired a letter to the New York Times asking it to pull down the photo and threatened to withdraw accreditation of its journalists working in Kenya. In its view, the publication was a breach of the Code of Conduct for the Practice of Journalism in Kenya.

Source: Business Today

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Kura called this newly opened road a masterpiece, Kenyans having none of it



Kenya Urban Roads Authority (Kura)

Kenya Urban Roads Authority (Kura) has bragged about the newly opened Waiyaki Way-Redhill link,  calling it a master piece.

The Sh3 billion dual carriageway starts from Waiyaki Way and passes through Kyuna, Spring Valley, Kitisuru and Peponi to end at Redhill.

It is supposed to give access to Westlands

Kura’s brag triggered anger from Kenyans who swiftly pointed out glaring design anomalies of the new road.

The road lacks space for non-motorized transport, signage, trees and many more.

Here is what Kenyans want fixed before it can be called a masterpiece.


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US government releases the number of Kenyans sworn in as Citizens last year – 2,685



2,685 Kenyans became naturalized United States citizens in the first three quarters of the 2018 fiscal year, data from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) indicates.

Over the same period, a total of 544,475 foreign nationals holding US permanent residency became naturalized, with 44,095 of them being from African countries.

A total of 4,348 Kenyans became US citizens in the 2017 fiscal year, and 4,834 in fiscal year 2016.

In 2017, a total of 707,265 immigrants got naturalized in the United States.

To qualify for naturalization, immigrants must have been permanent residents (hold a green card) for at least five years, or at least three years if married to a US citizen.


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Meet the young Kenyan pastor with a vibrant church in USA



Pastor Kariuki

Pastor Evans Kariuki of Eternal Life Harvest Centre is currently changing lives in the United States thanks to his church ministry.

Unlike most young men who would prefer to venture into other well paying careers: Evans Kariuki, a firebrand is using his heavenly gift of preaching to spread the word of the Lord around.

His Firebrand ministry has created a platform for him to reach out to both the young and old. Apart from running his ministry in the United States, pastor Kariuki has also been moving to different countries where he uses his ministry to reach out to many.

Pastor Kariuki

Youthful pastor

Judging from his social media pages, it is clear to that he also has a huge online following that admires his work. Being young has also made it easy for him to relate with the youth in his church.

Apart from running this successful ministry pastor Kariuki also happens to be a an award-winning author and world traveler who enjoys meeting people from different backgrounds and cultures!

Pastor Evans and Ashley Kariuki are two ministers of God on a quest to bring about the power, presence and purposes of God into the earth.

Ashley, a native of Knoxville, TN USA and Evans a native of Nairobi, Kenya, Africa, the two set out on this journey together heading Jesus Is Alive Ministries USA with the blessing of the headquarter ministry Jesus Is Alive Ministries – Nairobi Kenya under founder and Bishop, Dr. Margaret Wanjiru.

JIAM USA is one of four international branches of Jesus Is Alive Ministries throughout the world. Evans and Ashley maintain a standard of excellence in life, family and in ministry. Both are graduates of Valor Christian College (formerly World Harvest Bible College) where both received ordination into ministry.

Most recently Pastor Evans and Ashley both received Masters Degrees; Pastor Evans from The Ohio State University and Ashley Kariuki from Liberty University.

The focus of JIAM USA is simply put as 3G – GO, GET, GROW. By awakening firebrands for God, it is essential to send them out as Jesus declared in the great commission of Mathew 28:19

Secondly there must be a compelling draw for them to come in accordance to Luke 14:23. This is accomplished through meeting the needs of those we encounter spiritually and physically.

Finally, we must make disciples of them all, by raising up Holy Ghost filled, Biblical based, and Gospel dominated churches and bodies of believers. Doing all this according to the Great Commission and in the name of Jesus.

You can easily reach out to the pastor through;

Instagram: Evans Kariuki
Facebook: Evans Kariuki
Twitter: Firebrandnation
Youtube: Firebrandnation

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