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Pastor Ng’ang’a freed on Sh200,000 cash bail



Controversial televangelist pastor James Maina Ng’ang’a has been released on Sh200,000 cash bail after he denied threatening Citizen TV journalist, Linus Kaikai.

The Neno Evangelism founder was arrested on Sunday evening at the junction of Haile Selassie Avenue and Mombasa Road and taken to Gigiri Police Station.

The arrest came after Linus Kaikai filed a complaint with the police over the viral video where pastor Ng’ang’a who is seen dressed in a tunic with fake military decorations is heard ordering the veteran journalist to steer off religious matters or face consequence.

Kaikai who is a panellist on Citizen TV’s News Gang had in his editorial piece called for expeditious regulation to spiritual fraudsters who have been on record for stage managing miracle in a bid to rob their unsuspecting followers.

“The people behind these so-called churches have gone rogue in the name of Jesus, in the name of God,” Kaikai said.

“We are dealing with thieves not men of God. These are cold-blooded evangelical vampires living off the blood of their flock in the name of Jesus. They are conmen who must have their date with our police and our law courts. Some of them preach prosperity but only they profit.”

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“To these characters, Sunday, a day ordained as the Lord’s Day of rest and worship has become the most profitable day on the trading floor. Offerings flow like a mighty river and onward into their private accounts in the Lord’s name.”

Kaikai listed a few instances when pastors have made the news for conning members of their churches and minting millions off illegal schemes.

In response, Ng’ang’a in the video recording warned Kaikai against poking his nose into religious matters or else face consequences.

“I am telling you like a Chief General Commander, you have to stop that if you don’t stop you will face the consequences…” said Ng’ang’a


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Oxfam: World’s richest 2,000 people hold more money than poorest 4.6 billion




2,153, the world’s wealthiest people, owned and controlled more money than all the 4.6 billion poorest people in 2019. Of the number, women and girls added more than three times to the global economy, yet they are the people who are unpaid or underpaid according to an Oxfam report on Monday. 

The report was released by the Nairobi-headquartered charity ahead of the annual World Economic Forum of political and business leaders in Davos, Switzerland. In the report, women in the world work 12.5 billion hours without recognition or pay.

In its “Time to Care” report, Oxfam further says, women contributed at least $10.8 trillion a year in value to the world economy, which is three times higher than the tech industry.

“It is important for us to underscore that the hidden engine of the economy that we see is really the unpaid care work of women. And that needs to change,” Amitabh Behar, CEO of Oxfam India, told Reuters in an interview.

To show a clear picture of the reality, the CEO cited a case of a woman in India called Buchu Devi who works 16 to 17 hours a day doing manual work like fetching water after trekking 3km, cooking, preparing her children for school and still working in a poorly paid job.

“And on the one hand, you see the billionaires who are all assembling at Davos with their personal planes, personal jets, super rich lifestyles,” he said.

   “This Buchu Devi is not one person. I encounter these women on a daily basis, and this is the story across the world. We need to change this, and certainly end this billionaire boom.”

Amitabh believes the best solution for this is that governments should put measures to ensure the rich pay their taxes, which can be used to facilitate better amenities, clean water, good healthcare and better quality schools.

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Murdered traffic cop’s daughter reveals ‘suspicious’ events surrounding his death



Fresh details have emerged on the murder of Alfred Ndalana, a former traffic constable who was based in Kisumu.

In a series of tweets directed to the Director of Criminal investigations (DCI), the deceased officer’s daughter Ndalana Mutheu revealed suspicious events that led to the death of her father in July 2016.

Mutheu alleged that her father was murdered by his juniors who had allegedly been sent by high ranking officials and later the officer was alleged to have committing suicide, a claim she refutes.

The death of the officer hit news headlines amid claims that he had shot and killed himself for fear of the outcome of the police vetting process.

“Later they addressed him and got rid of his body by dumping it at the Jaramogi Oginga Odinga mortuary, but none of the officers involved in the activity briefed the family about it,” Ms Mutheu claimed.

The family would later learn of Ndalana’s death through woman who used to wash his clothes who reportedly called her mother and broke the sad news.

It is then that her mother and other siblings got a driver and headed to Kisumu where, according to Ms Mutheu, they went through a shocking and depressing ordeal.

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“My mother was accused of striking a deal with gunmen who killed my father, however, something was amiss when the family arrived in the house- it was already wet an indication that it had been washed,” she said.

The family would later deny a female officer, who was at the crime scene, access to the house.

Ms Mutheu also claims that a neighbour ,who was also a police officer, approached their mother linking her husband’s colleagues to his brutal murder.

According to her, despite the fact that the area OCS only identified as Mr Mwakio was part of those who took the body to the morgue- they never informed the family where the body was taken.

“My mom walked into each morgue bed by bed looking for my dad’s body only to find it at Jaramogi lying on the grass naked. He suffered 5 gunshot wounds on his head yet Mr Mwakio told KBC he had shot himself 5 times in the neck,” she said.

The family further said they have not received the post mortem report on the death of their kin.

They have expressed fear for their lives, saying family members have been trailed by suspicious persons.

Mutheu said her mother, who runs a salon, was in June last year attacked by unknown gunmen who made away with all the cash she had made that day.

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“We did report the matter at Buruburu police station but to date nothing has happened,” she said.

She claims she was also threatened by two well-dressed men who confronted her as she left school.


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TV siren Lulu Hassan says she’s also victim of online shopping fraudsters



Lulu Hassan and her husband Rahid Abdalla wanted to buy a new television set

They contacted an online seller who offered to sell them TV that was bigger than the one they had at that time

Lulu left the house to pick the TV while Rashid was to prepare space where it would be fixed

– She returned home empty handed after handing over the money to the fraudster

Swahili news anchor Lulu Hassan has narrated a painful experience with online fraudsters who lured her to buying a television set that was nowhere.

While narrating the horrendous experience during the Sunday, January 19, news on Citizen TV, the fluent Swahili speaker said they wanted to buy a new television set, larger than the one they were using at that time.

Being a tech savvy, she and her husband Rashid Abdalla quickly looked for sellers via social media and got connected to a trader who offered to sell them the TV at a relatively cheaper price.

The two agreed to meet up for the transaction and since the TV was huge, she decided to go in a pickup for her to ferry it home with ease.

“I showed up for the meeting to transact with the trader, I went with a pickup car. I gave him the money and he told me just wait here shortly, let me go to the latrine. I never saw him again,” said Lulu.

Interestingly, all along her hubby was at home preparing the house for their newly acquired “huge TV”

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To Rashid’s disappointment, his humble soft spoken wife showed up at home empty handed. No TV.

“I had removed the TV that we had and prepared space for the new one. To my surprise, she showed up at home with red eyes, I knew things were not good, the TV I had waited for was nowhere,” said Rashid.

Although she did not disclose how much she lost, Lulu suggested some of the fraudsters may be using same unorthodox means to lure their victims and steal their money without the customer suspecting anything.

“I don’t know how these people do it or what they use but from experience things are bad…However, not all of them are bad, there are others who genuinely sell quality products,” she said.

There is a tremendous rise in online shopping not only in Kenya but also across the world.

However, the more people join the online shopping, the more the risks and the higher the number of fraudsters.

Experts advise that you should not pay for a product until you see it. Check around and verify authenticity of an online shopper.

Stop shortcuts and go for genuine dealers or suppliers of products as majority of the fraudsters sell their products at very cheap prices to lure customers.

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