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Revealed: The shocking figures of femicide in Kenya



25 women have been murdered between January 2, 2019 and February 25, 2019, in domestic-related violence, this according to data from Counting Dead Women Kenya.

The organization collates the numbers and stories of Kenyan women who are killed through domestic violence.

Meanwhile, ahead of the commemoration of the International Women’s Day on March 8, a group of Kenyans on Facebook have organized a peaceful protest under the theme #TotalShutdownKe to protest against femicide and violence against women.

“We march because we want Kenyans to have an honest and open conversation on why as a nation we are not concerned about women in this country dying preventable deaths. We do not want Kenyans to hide behind excuses like ‘she was procuring an abortion so she deserved to die’ or ‘She was immoral and deserved her fate’”, said Nancy Houston, a member of the organizing team.


“We want the government to develop a National Action Plan against Femicide and Violence against Women. We want the president to declare violence against women a national emergency,” she added.

Despite the work done by women’s organizations, governments, and other partners, many women and girls subjected to violence still lack access to essential services that support their safety, health, and access to justice.

Here is the full list of women who have lost their lives through domestic violence since the beginning of the year:

  1. Annah Kangogo – February 28, 2019 – Chebios Village in Marakwet West
  2. Asmahan Abdisalan – February 28 – Eastleigh Estate
  3. Fiona Kasayu – February 25 -Kapsoya Estate, Eldoret town
  4. Benard Kipkemoi Maritim murdered wife – February 25 – Kitoben village in Keringet
  5. Peninah Njoki – February 25 – Raiyani village
  6. Evelyn Musira – February 24 – Suna West
  7. Man kills his wife – February 22 – Huruma estate, Nairobi
  8. Beryl Adhiambo Ouma – February 21 – Kahawa Sukari
  9. Ann Chepkwony – February 20 – Kericho County
  10. Faith Chepkurui – February 19 – Kaiboi Technical Training Institute, Nandi County
  11. Killing of 15-year-old girl – February 14 – Ndhiwa, Homa Bay County
  12. 32-year-old woman killed – February 13 – Nakuru
  13. Caroline Mwatha – February 12 – Dandora, Nairobi
  14. Damaris Njeri – February 12 – Rukanga village in Mwea Constituency
  15. Tabitha Muthoni – February 7 – JKUAT
  16. Mildred Odira – February 4 – Kariobangi South, Nairobi
  17. Beryl Otieno – February 3 – Migori county
  18. Mary Kamangara Wambui – January 26 – Juja, Kiambu County
  19. Two-year-old girl killed – January 17 – Nairobi’s Ruai suburb
  20. Ednah Kurgat – January 15 – Mosop
  21. Damaris Mbugua – January 15 – in Gilgil
  22. Lorraine Kerubo Ogoti – January 11 – Toronto
  23. Shantel Njeri – January 5 – Subukia Nakuru
  24. Maureen Monchari – January 3 – Kisii county
  25. Maureen Aoko – January 2 – Siaya County

Source: Nairobi News

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Woman writes list of tips for ex’s new girlfriend



While many people have absolutely no interest in seeing their ex after a break up, others are determined to stay friends.

It can be extremely difficult as the nature of the relationship changes, but one of the hardest parts is watching your ex move on with someone else.

But one woman went to extreme lengths to help her former partner, Jacob, when it came to his new girlfriend – writing her a list of tips and advice for being with him.

As well as listing some of his favourite things – including the colour red, Corona and 1800 liquor – she also listed things she should avoid.

She also gave some advice on being his girlfriend, including ignoring negative gossip about him and not being offended when he just sits in front of the TV all night.

She offered tips on hanging around with his mates and warned her to never finish a Netflix series without him.

She also gave details on their relationship, including the date of their first meeting.

Jacob shared the list on Twitter, and people don’t really know what to make of it.


Many people were slightly freaked out by the whole thing, saying that some of the points suggest serious red flags.

One wrote: “If someone I was dating gave me a letter from their ex we would immediately be finished. I would not date anyone who tweets this garbage either.”


Another commented: “That’s like the kinda list I write when someone has to look after my cat because it can’t look after itself – not a grown ass man.”

One man commented: “Any woman would be lucky to avoid.”

Another pointed out one particularly worrying line, saying: “You will constantly hear negative things about him from other people.” Omg lol! I missed that on the first read through. All you need to know right there.”

One woman wrote: “She knows that much about you because she paid attention because she loved you enough to want to know everything about you. I wish at least ONE of the guys I’ve ever dated would’ve taken the time to know even half of this about me. This kinda stuff doesn’t happen often enough.”



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Mum shares honest photos of post-baby body to help other mothers



These brutally honest photos have been shared to help new mums embrace their figures and understand it’s “okay to hate the way they look” after giving birth.

Chantelle Donnelly posted the pictures online of her own post-baby body which she called “disgusting”.

And she wrote on Instagram, women shouldn’t “have to feel great” about the way they look.

“Why should I have to love my body? Because it grew two humans?

“Yes, I’m very proud of my body because it’s been through so much in the last few years,” the mum posted.

“But does being proud of my body mean that I have to love the way it looks? Hell no. When I look in the mirror I don’t love what I see, but I’m not sad about that.

“You don’t need to feel pressured into loving your body and it’s OK if you don’t. Love your body? I’m so happy that you do.

“But don’t love your body? That’s alright too.”

Chantelle, understood to be from Australia, also wrote a heartwarming post on her blog The Losing Mumma , in which she admitted she has ” cellulite , stretch marks ,loose skin breastfeeding boobs and a mum tum”.

But the blogger stressed it is “absolutely fine” to hate all these things and mothers don’t need to pretend not to.

Readers have admired Chantelle’s honesty and posted their support on Instagram.

“Your body is not disgusting – it is beautiful and amazing,” one woman wrote.

“I fully support this,” said another. “Posting pictures of my body is something I could never do. You are beautiful for that.”

source:The Mirror

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Kanze Dena narrates how she used to wash clothes, dishes to earn a living



State House spokesperson Kanze Dena on Wednesday revealed that she has done several menial jobs before getting to where she is right now.

Speaking during an interview on Ghetto Radio, Dena urged youths not to be choosy when it comes to jobs, noting that most people start from humble beginnings.

She further stated that she once worked at her grandfather’s cafeteria where she used to peel potatoes before scaling up to become a waitress.

“There are a number of opportunities for the youth in our country. The Government is emphasizing on technical training to ensure the youth have the skills required for various jobs.

“There are various projects the Government is undertaking under the #Big4Agenda across the country. These projects require skilled labor where our youth can get job opportunities, even as the Government works on a long term solution,” she said.

Dena had good news for the youth as she revealed that the government was in the process of creating a database where young people will be linked up with jobs that fit their qualifications.

“The Government is also creating a database through the National Employment Authority where the youth can register so that they can be linked up with jobs that fit their profiles whenever these jobs come up,” she added.

On the employment opportunities created by the Standard Gauge Railway, the State House spokesperson noted that many youths got jobs inside the trains and as taxi operators from the two main termini.

“President Kenyatta has the best interest of the youth at heart. He is working hard to ensure the right policies and environment for the youth to prosper,” she remarked.


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