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The family property thorn in Eugene Wamalwa’s flesh



Devolution Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa has been in the limelight over mistreatment claims against his elder brother’s children.

Although he has dismissed the claims as fake news, part of the late Kijana Wamalwa’s family has accused the CS of abandoning them.

Kijana Wamalwa’s son Derick Mboya has in the past accused Eugene of not playing his role and stepping up following his father’s death in 2003.

He did not leave a will.Part of Mboya’s complaints is the fact that he and his sister Michelle Nafuna, also known as Chichi, are being asked to leave their house.

Once their mother Yvonne Wamalwa died, the two moved in the Karen home after she was granted a letter of administration. The home is part of the feud that threatens to drive Chichi and Derrick out into the streets.

Willie Big, Willie Small, Alice and Yvonne. [Photo, Courtesy]

But Eugene’s allies have further defended him, saying when Yvonne came back to Kenya all misgivings were cleared.“The issues were minor.

They later met severally and had regular talks on the phone. It became a mutual friendship till her death,” the aide said.The source says the relationship with the children had been sour even while Yvonne was still alive.

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“Willie Big and Willie Small, her steps sons, were not in good terms with her previously. They felt abandoned when she went to live in Australia.”

Yvonne is said to have worked on her relationship with the children, which was sustained until her death.

Yvonne and Eugene at a social function. [Photo, Courtesy]

Eugene’s aide adds that as Yvonne’s health deteriorated, women from the Wamalwa family travelled to Nanyuki to Yvonne’s sister Stephanie’s house to visit, claims Willie Small agrees to.

Eugene is said to have once paid Sh800,000 hospital bill at Aga Khan, where Yvonne was being treated.Eugene allegedly organised to have Yvonne’s younger sister Jacqueline given a job in Australia so that the children are cared for.

Speaking to Standard Digital, Willie Small on Friday said Chichi was not thrown out of school as claimed.

“She was taken out of school. They wanted to take her to Australia but a few things got in the way,” he said.Willie Small further revealed that he and his brother Willie Big were out of school for seven years.When they reached out to CS Eugene, only two semesters at USIU were paid for in 2015-16.

Asked why he didn’t come out with the information and feud earlier, Small said, “we didn’t want to expose ourselves and our family to public ridicule”.

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The family seemed to paint a picture of an even bigger rift that goes beyond paying for education.

Small told Standard Digital that Chichi took out a Restraining Order against a number of the family members, including Eugene, in February 2019.Eugene’s aide says Chichi’s fees was paid to GEMS School directly and faithfully.

CS Eugene Wamalwa and Chichi at GEMS School. [Photo, Courtesy]

Following Yvonne’s death in January 2018, Chichi believed she would leave for Australia, but none of that happened.It is reported that Chichi and Derrick have not availed themselves at the Education ministry to clear details before travelling to Australia.

“Yes there is property at stake but all the children are equal and all should benefit equally,” the aide says.




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Why Zahra Moi declined appointment to Nairobi Hospital board



Zahra Moi has explained why she turned down her nomination to be a director at the Board of Management of Kenya Hospital Association, the owners of the Nairobi Hospital.

Zahra, who is the wife of Baringo Senator Gideon Moi, has expressed her reservations regarding the nomination through a letter sent to the Nairobi Hospital Company Secretary.

“It is with regret, however, that I must decline your invitation. Due to time constraints, my schedule simply will not allow me to participate meaningfully on your board at this time,” Zahra explained in her letter.

“I have immense respect for the work you do, and fear that the demands on my time will prevent me from giving the KHA the attention it deserves,” she explained further.


She also noted that she did not participate in any of the meetings leading to her nomination, nor did she offer herself for election.

Zahra said she had not been at the Nairobi Hospital in recent times, contrary to media reports on the recent change of guard at the facility.

On 17th April there was a standoff at the Nairobi Hospital as the newly-elected board members tried to access the premises.

The current board members said that they were still running the hospital as they had been given a court order barring the elected members to assume office pending hearing.

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“We are happy to inform you that the court has issued an order restraining those purported to have been elected from assuming office pending inter-party hearing,” the board members said in an advert in local dailies on Friday.

“We wish to assure you that the validly elected Board of Management continues to run The Nairobi Hospital and is making the best efforts to implement strategic decisions to enhance the governance and operations of the hospital,” read the advert.

Last month, Tourism Cabinet Secretary Najib Balala reappointed Mrs Moi to sit in Tourism Research Institute Board, a post she has held since 2016.

“In exercise of the powers conferred by section 54 (1) (h) of the Tourism Act, 2011, the Cabinet Secretary for Tourism and Wildlife re-appoints Zahra Bahwela Moi to be a member of the Board of Tourism Research Institute, for a period of three years, with effect from the 1st June, 2019,” the notice read.

source:Nairobi News

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Kenya to deport foreigners in betting



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More to follow…

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