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VIDEO: You’re the ugly face of impunity-Ruto hits back at Raila



DP William Ruto has hit back at Opposition leader Raila Odinga over the dams’ scandal insisting he knows how much has been spent on them because they fall under the Jubilee manifesto.

Ruto accused the former Prime Minister of politicising the war on corruption saying he is in fact the “ugly face of impunity, [and] a known political fraud whose word means nothing.”

He said Raila is a notorious propagandist and incorrigible liar who can’t even remember the last lie he told.

The DP said the war on corruption will only be won if it’s fought using the correct tools.

He said Raila has neither the legitimacy nor integrity to lecture anyone on matters corruption or integrity.

“Yes, I have an interest in the construction of the dams, a major interest because with [President] Uhuru Kenyatta we put 57 dams to be constructed over the next five years,” Ruto said.

He went on, “As the deputy president of the Republic of Kenya, I would be reckless and would have failed in my job if I didn’t follow the numbers.

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The DCI is investigating the alleged loss of Sh21 billion in the construction of the Arror and Kimwarer dams in Elgeyo Marakwet county.

Ruto is on record as saying no funds were lost other than Sh7 billion paid in advance to the contractor.


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Dowry party turns tragic as groom’s mother dies of suspected food poisoning



A groom’s mother was among four people reported dead from suspected food poisoning at a dowry ceremony in Kieni, Nyeri county last Thursday.

Samuel Kariuki, the Assistant County Commissioner for Kieni West confirmed the four died after feasting at the ceremony that took place in Rodama village.

The groom too was treated at Kenyatta National Hospital where a cholera diagnose was ruled out.

Two other members of the groom’s family and one resident of Rodoma village were also reported to have died at the dowry ceremony.

Area MCA Joseph Nderitu was also among those who fell sick and rushed to hospital.


Several other guests at the party were rushed to Kariminu dispensary, with similar symptoms of food poisoning.

The residents who attended the ceremony are being treated at Kariminu dispensary with stomach problems and diarrhea.

Witnesses say the food was prepared by cooks hired by the groom from Gikomba in Nairobi.

by nairobinews

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Senator Mwaura to his wife’s rescue



Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura on Monday made it to court just in time to bail out his wife, Nelius Mukami, who had been found guilty of two traffic offences.

Ms Mukami had been arrested earlier in the day for driving without a valid driving licence.

The vehicle which the senator’s wife was driving also had an expired insurance cover.

She appeared before Milimani Traffic Court Magistrate Electer Rianyi and pleaded guilty to both offences.

The magistrate ordered her to pay a fine of Sh 20,000 or serve a four-month jail term for the first count.


On the second count, she was ordered to pay a Sh1,000 fine or serve a one-month jail term.

Thankfully, the senator played the perfect role of knight in shining armour with his timely intervention to save a damsel in distress.

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‘Buyer Beware’ admin arrested



Blogger Mildred Atieno Owiso, popularly known as Atty, who runs the popular online platform ‘Buyer Beware’ has been arrested over human trafficking claims.

According to the police, the controversial blogger was picked from her house in Umoja on Tuesday morning, but her followers claim she was picked from a house in Buru Buru.

The blogger is said to have published corruption allegations against Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko claiming that he was abetting corruption at City Hall.

Buru Buru OCPD Adamson Bungei however said that was not the reason for Ms Owiso’s arrest, insisting that the blogger was arrested on suspicion of human trafficking offences.

“We realised that in the same facility that the lady was occupying there were some traveling documents (Passports) of other people and after being questioned, she was not able to justify why she had the documents of the alleged victim,” said Mr Bungei.

He added that the victim had alleged that she had requested to travel abroad for employment which is linked with an international body and that the police are establishing if Ms Owiso has a legal licence to run a business of recruiting people for employment abroad.


According to the police, the blogger will also be charged with causing disturbance after she tried to escape from a lawful custody and causing a scene at the station.

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At the same time, Governor Sonko has said he has filed his complaint against Ms Owios with the police.

“It is a very interesting coincidence that only a day after this infamous blogger who I had never heard of before Saturday crawled from the woodworks and attacked me without justification based on year ending June 2017 to June 2018 audit report which I addressed sufficiently in numerous posts on social media, in National Television on Side Bar at NTV and at Senate PAC Committee which was aired live only for her to be arrested the next day over Human trafficking allegations,” Sonko posted on his Facebook page.

by nairobinews

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