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Woman accused of killing husband to wait longer for share of vast estate



Jimmy Paluram Jagatrum Baburam, a weapons expert who supplied the Kenya Defence Forces with ammunition and related hardware, was found dead in a swimming pool at the luxurious Medina Palms Resort in Watamu on July 26, 2015.

He was a sick man. Aside from chronic kidney disease, Mr Baburam had cerebral oedema — an accumulation of fluid in spaces inside and outside the brain cells.

The former KDF supplier was due to return to South Africa for further treatment when he was found dead.

A post-mortem report showed that he died as a result of drowning and chronic kidney disease.

Mr Baburam and his family were on vacation when death struck. But his demise took a sharp twist one year later when his wife Amina Shiraz Yakub was charged with the death of her husband.

Adopted a third child

Just five days to the first anniversary of his death, Mr Baburam’s father — David Baburam Jagatram — filed a case at the Milimani High Court seeking to delay appointment of administrators and distribution of wealth.

The senior Baburam is a retired KDF officer.

Jimmy’s Will listed his wife and father as administrators. While the couple had two children, they had also adopted a third child. At the time of his death, the lastborn was in kindergarten.

Things, however, took a fresh twist three months later when Ms Yakub was charged with the murder alongside an American citizen identified as Jacob Schmalzle and Sergeant Abdi Sheikh — a Watamu-based police officer who was accused of concealing evidence to botch the murder investigation.

Ms Yakub and Sergeant Sheikh have also been separately charged with conspiracy to defeat justice, with prosecutors arguing that the police officer received a bribe to disrupt the murder probe.

Ms Yakub is out on a bond of Sh10 million but was also ordered to get two sureties of the same amount. She also has to report to Gigiri Police Station’s commanding officer once every week until the trial is complete.

The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions had opposed Ms Yakub’s release, arguing that her frequent travel outside Kenya made her a flight risk and that she had a pending application for US citizenship.

Ms Yakub, however, held that she has never been charged with any other offence and that she attended all inquest sessions before the trial.

A petition she filed seeking to quash the murder and conspiracy charges was dismissed last July when Justice Weldon Korir ruled that there was no sign of malice by the DPP’s office in charging her with both crimes separately.

Mr Schmalzle is now a fugitive wanted by Interpol as he was charged in absentia.

The court case followed an inquest into Jimmy Baburam’s death, which was attended by both Ms Yakub and Mr Schmalzle.

Mr Jimmy Baburam was a wealthy man, but the full extent of his assets is yet to be publicly disclosed. Sh60 million that Jimmy Baburam had in cash is now part of a bitter succession feud between his father and the widow.

Last Friday, Justices Erastus Githinji, Fatuma Sichale and James Otieno-Odek refused to suspend a High Court ruling, which delayed distribution of Mr Baburam’s assets until Ms Yakub’s criminal case has been determined.

“In making the order for a third administrator, the (High Court) judge exercised her discretion in determining the best interest for the estate taking into account the existing murder charge against the applicant, the alleged bad blood between the joint administrators and their filial relationship. This court has oftentimes stated it will not interfere with the exercise of discretion by a trial court,” the appellate court judges ruled.

The ruling followed Ms Yakub’s application to allow distribution of her husband’s estate. Her father-in-law maintains that sharing should only be done after determination of the criminal case.

The ruling means the money can be deposited with an asset management firm even as Ms Yakub’s appeal and criminal trial proceed.

Last year, Senior Baburam asked the High Court to suspend execution of administration authority given to both him and Ms Yakub until the murder case is concluded.

Source: Daily Nation

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Suspected chicken thief killed by angry mob in Kenya



Angry members of the public have killed a 32-year-old man suspected to be a chicken thief after he tried to escape from Ngegu Police Station in Rangwe on Sunday evening.

The man, identified as Edward Okoth, is said to have been arrested after residents of Kaura Sub-Location complained about “his habit of stealing chicken”.

It is reported that that he had allegedly stolen 14 chicken on Sunday last week.

Villages found Mr Okoth with the birds as he was trying to sell them at a local market.

He then abandoned the chicken and fled to Sindo town in Suba South.


Assistant Chief John Owino said the suspect was arrested after police officers in Ngegu liaised with their colleagues in Sindo who found him with some chicken.

After his arrest in Sindo, Mr Okoth is said to have been taken back to Ngegu where his case was being handled.

Witnesses said the man told police that he wanted to respond to a call of nature when they arrived at the station.

“The officers who escorted him were kind enough to allow him to relieve himself but he took advantage of this to escape from police custody,” said the witness.


“He tried jumping over the fence of the police station. He was later cornered by villages who stoned him to death,” Mr Owino said.

Mr Owino told members of the public not to take security matters into their own hands and instead report them to police.

Homa Bay County Police Commander Esther Seroney on Monday said that she had sent her officers to the area to assess the situation before issuing a comprehensive report.

The man’s body was taken to the Homa Bay County Referral Hospital mortuary.


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Pregnant Kambua reacts to numerous congratulatory messages by fans on social media



Kambua has been married for seven years to her pastor husband Jackson Mathu and since she confirmed her pregnancy on Friday (17.05.19)  with a photo on Instagram showcasing her growing baby bump, her timeline has been filled with messages of love, support and positivity.

“Thank you SO MUCH for the outpouring of love, my heart is so so full. God bless you all, and may He continue to lift our hearts and renew our hope in ways that only He can.
Nawapenda, k.” she posted.

‘Njoo’ singer has been keeping news of the pregnancy under wraps for weeks now. She has in the past expressed her anguish over constant questions by strangers on social media as to why she had no baby.



On Friday morning, in an appearance on Citizen TV’s Breakfast Show, she narrated how at first constant grilling from strangers broke her. “I could tweet about anything and then someone will ask, utazaa lini?”

“There’s nothing I haven’t been told, from you must have aborted many children, go get yourself checked, ulirogwa na nani?” Kambua added.

Her husband,  who rarely shares pictures of his family, on this special occasion took to Instagram to thank God for their beautiful blessing in a touching message to his wife.

He posted a picture of Kambua holding her beautiful bump with a quote from the book of Isaiah 60:22 that said,
“The smallest family shall multiply into a clan; the tiny group shall be a mighty nation. I, the Lord will bring it all to pass when it’s time. #AnatimizaAhadi,”

The social media influencer with over 700,000 Instagram followers said in a previous interview people need to be sensitive when asking about motherhood because they do not know what people are going through or God’s timing.

source:The Sauce

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Kenya Prison cells where life is as in luxurious hotels, complete with Cable TV and flush toilets



Every time the fortified metallic gates clang shut, they are supposed to confine an estimated 3,000 convicts and remandees in a world where all but the most fundamental freedoms are upheld.But in this world, our investigations have established, convicted criminals and remand prisoners who dare to dream and have access to cash, can live like kings in self-contained cells kitted with satellite TV services and flush toilets.Welcome to the contradictions of Kamiti Maximum Security Prison where some form of luxury is available to a few while thousands wallow in misery and want.

When he was hauled back from Britain to face charges of child trafficking in 2017, controversial televangelist, Gilbert Deya was shocked when he was locked up in the facility.After his experience at the Woolworth Prison in West London while fighting extradition, what hit Deya at Kamiti was shocking.One, he had to relieve himself in a bucket, in full view of other inmates, and empty it. When he appeared in court, he took a bucket he had been using in the cell as evidence.“I was detained at the Punishment Block at Kamiti where some famous politicians such as Kenneth Matiba and Raila Odinga had been locked up.

After my problems with the bucket, I wrote to the prison authorities and requested them to allow me install a flush toilet in my ward and they agreed,” said Deya.Besides installing the flush toilet in his ward, he had nine others put in the adjoining wards, giving Kamiti a feel of a luxury in jail, where prisoners could now answer the call of nature in dignity.Today, Deya believes Kamiti, where he spent nine months until he was released on May 23, 2018, is better than prisons in Britain. Prisoners too have fond memories of his stay. “Deya also introduced DSTV in prison. This was unheard of but he somehow negotiated with the prison authorities until he was allowed a set,” an inmate says.The changes he pioneered, known as VIP, have cascaded to other wards. Although the famous former Vice President Moody Awori’s reforms in 2003 had provided TVs for prisoners, they were all smashed up during a riot in 2008.

Our investigations found that there are at least 50 TV sets in Kamiti, which are distributed in the various wards. Block A, which has 10 wards has an equal number of TVs while block D has four sets followed by E with two, while F, G and isolation have one set each. In the wing where terror suspects are remanded, there is one TV.At the VIP wing three former police officers, a hit man and a highly connected former court clerk are all serving life sentences and death for murder.

They all enjoy the services of pay cable TV programmes.However, in the other wards, the inmates have found alternatives.“We have subscribed to a lower digital service TV where we pay about Sh1,000 a month. The accounts were opened by prisoners who are in Kamiti. I pay mine every month using mobile money transfer,” says a prisoner.The prisoners say some TV packages were preferred because they do not require satellite dishes but instead rely on aerials.However, inside their cells, the inmates still have to contend with thin and tattered mattresses, which are shared  by because of a serious shortage.“Some inmates share mattresses because the prisons do not have enough.

The same case applies to uniforms and sweaters where inmates have to pay for their own uniforms or walk around in rags,” says an inmate. A prisoner on death row says, “It is normal for the bus to carry at least 120 inmates and prison officers. At times we are ferried to courts using leased lorries, which are equally uncomfortable.


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