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Baby’s hand, foot amputated at KNH after bungled vaccination jab



Mr Peter Gitonga and his wife, Ms Leah Waithira, cuddle their two-month-old baby to ease his pain following a recent operation. They are angry and disappointed, saying the surgery was occasioned by negligent medical staff.

Baby Austin Njoroge is in constant pain. Doctors at Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) were forced to amputate his leg at the ankle and left hand at the wrist after what his parents said was a complication that developed in a botched BCG vaccination.

Ms Waithira, a first-time mother, delivered the baby by caesarean section at Kihara Hospital in Gachie, Kiambu, on February 7.

She was discharged after three days, and says the baby was fine, “since any complications would have been indicated in the discharge sheet”.

Doctors advised her to return the following morning so that the infant could get the BCG and polio vaccinations. He got the BCG jab in his left hand and the polio vaccine orally.


But Ms Waithera says that when she returned home, she noticed that the baby was very uncomfortable. He had difficulty breathing, was crying a lot and had refused to breastfeed.

At midday, she noticed that the spot where he had been injected had become cold and numb, although she did not take it very seriously.

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But as time went on, the baby showed signs of being unwell and at around 9pm, she and her husband rushed him to a local clinic, where they were advised to take him back to the facility where he had been vaccinated.

Back at Kihara Hospital, the doctors assured them the vaccination could not have caused such complications, and ran some tests on the baby.

The first one, on his sugar level, required the doctor to extract a blood sample from his fingers.

“The doctor pricked one of the fingers in the left hand but there was no blood. He used the same needle to prick a toe in the right foot, and after the test he informed us that the sugar level was too low, and that the baby was dehydrated. He insisted that the baby be admitted,” a devastated Ms Waithira told the Nation in an interview at their home in Ndenderu village, Kiambaa.

The following day, the mother noticed that part of the affected hand had turned dark blue and quickly alerted a nurse, who advised her to report to the doctor on duty.

But by midday, the condition had disappeared, and she heaved a sigh of relief.


Then, at 2pm, the condition recurred, this time also affecting the right foot from which the blood sample had been drawn.

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The doctors said they needed to run tests to establish whether the baby was bleeding internally but before they could do that, he was referred to Kiambu Level Five Hospital for advanced treatment.

The referral sheet, dated February 13, indicated that the baby was diagnosed with “neonatal sepsis”.

At Kiambu Hospital, the couple was immediately referred to Kenyatta National Hospital.

In the referral sheet, Kiambu doctors indicted that “currently child is alert, looks dehydrated” and that he had been referred to a “paediatric surgeon … and possible amputation.”

At KNH, where the baby was treated for one and a half months, the affected hand and foot developed swellings with fluid inside.

After the swellings burst, the hand and foot started rotting, leaving amputation as the only option to prevent the infection from spreading.

Although the doctors tried to convince the couple that the vaccination was not to blame, they believe it is and keep asking why the baby did not develop any problems in his left foot, from which doctors at Kiambu Hospital also drew blood.

Contacted for comment yesterday, Kiambu health executive Mary Kamau said she had not been informed about the matter but would comment after talking to the relevant people.

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Ezekiel Mutua opens up on medical condition that has given him sleepless nights



Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) CEO Ezekiel Mutua on Monday opened up about a heart condition that has been giving him sleepless nights.

Through a post on Facebook, Mutua stated that last week he checked into hospital for a checkup but doctors told him that he had a serious condition and needed to see a cardiologist.

“My BP was 157/86 against the normal of less than 120/80. My heart rate was 115 beats per minute against the normal of 60-80.

“A flurry of tests would follow and the medical team attending to me recommended admission and a subsequent heart operation.

“It was the scariest news I had ever received,” he said. Adding that he thought about his family and all those who depended on him.

He, however, vowed to remain strong but also sought a second opinion from medical professionals.

One of his friends who happens to be a doctor referred him to Dr Saleem Bagha, a Consultant Physician/Cardiologist at the Aga Khan University Hospital Doctor’s Plaza.

“I gave him a call and he asked me to go over to his clinic right away. A man of impeccable integrity and professionalism, Dr. Bagha has managed me in a way that I know God is using him. He has restored hope where others planted fear.

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“He has put professionalism before money and with his calm and assuring demeanour has been used by God to save my life. I am grateful to have a second chance.

“This is the kind of experience that makes one to have an introspection on what truly matters in life,” wrote Mutua.

He also thanked all those who supported him through prayers and assured the public that he is stable and Dr Bagha is taking good care of him.

“People like Dr. Bagha represent the best of humanity. They use their expertise to give hope and not fear. I am grateful to have ended up in his hands.

“I am being attended to as an outpatient and in two days there’s so much change. Dr. Bagha has even become a family friend, the kind you want to keep for life. May God bless him for me!” he said.


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Eagle-eyed Kenyan has noted something interesting about this picture



A sharp-sighted Kenyan on social media has noted something interesting about a picture from the awkward moment DP William Ruto met his archrivals ODM leader Raila Odinga and Industrialisation CS Peter Munya.

The three met on Monday during the official opening of the Kenya Trade Week and Expo 2019, Kenyatta International Convention Centre, Nairobi County.

Pictures shared on Dr Ruto’s social media show him sandwiched between Mr Odinga and Mr Munya.

The DP has publicly accused Mr Odinga of seeking to wreck Jubilee Party and Mr Munya of planning to assassinate him.

A video from the event shows the DP chatting with Mr Odinga and the CS at different times.

But what has caught the eye of one social media user, John Riaga was the number of water bottles placed in front of each leader.

In the pecking order, DP Ruto would ideally be the most senior leader on the table. But while Mr Odinga had three bottles of water, Dr Ruto has two and CS Munya one.

Mr Riaga shared his observation on his Facebook.

It attracted various comments from his friends.

Edward Ochieng said: “Donge I wish Kenyans could be creative in matters of development like in social media. We could have joined the league of G8 countries.”

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Okumu Kennedy noted: “Ruto had the longest day sitting between Aman he attacks daily and another he accused of planning to kill him or assassinate him.”

Sharon Gerald quipped: “Ahahahahaha… Kumbe it’s that serious?! Mpaka maji?!”

Ken Arek said: “A bottle of water, two bottles of water and three bottles of water. Sasa wewe.”

Absalom Ochuka added: “Eyiii. Un keen to details…”

By Nairobinews

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Bongo actress ‘makes it rain’ at media briefing – VIDEO



Popular bongo actress Irene Uwoya on Monday caused a stampede at a media briefing in Dar es Salaam by bribing journalists with a rain of money.

Uwoya, flanked by other top bongo actors walked in late for the press conference at Hyatt Regency DSM.

She had convened the media briefing  to make an announcement on the launch of a new Tanzania movie service called Swahiliflix,  a new channel that intends to market and sell bongo movies online.

The official launch of the Swahiliflix is set for August 31 at Mlimani City Plaza in Dar es Salaam.

“Tarehe 31 ni siku ya kumbukumbu kwa wasanii sisi bongo movie, haijawahi kutokea hiyo kitu itakayotikea Mlimani City itaweka historia, itakuwa ni red carpet ya funga mwaka. Kwa hiyo ndugu zetu waandishi mjipange hata kwenye kuvaa mjipange. Msituangushe sasa mje masuti nini msije kama hivi tulivyozoea,” Uwoya urged them.

Uwoya also apologized to the journalists for keeping them waiting.

And as she stood to leave, Uwoya reached out in her hand bag, pulled out a bundle of cash and started throwing it towards the journalists.

She said its was a small incentive to appreciate their support.

“Na nisiwachoshe sana nimewaweka muda mrefu, swahiliflix ni mambo moto lazima tusalimiane na ndugu zetu waandishi wa habari, nawatuza na kitu kidogo.”

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Journalists present shoved each other as they scrambled to grab the notes from the air.


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