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Kilimani residents to build Sh350 million modern station for police



Initiative has been hailed as a first and trendsetter on community policing across the country

There are people who like supporting police work, then there are Kilimani residents. Here, the residents’ association has been so keen on helping police serve them that they are now planning to construct a new Sh350 million station.

This, they believe, will create a structure befitting the station’s status as the centre that serves State House, major embassies, several ministry headquarters, major hospitals and universities, among other installations.

“This is probably the most important police division in the country but its facilities are run down,” Mr Karanja Kabage, chairman of the steering committee for construction of the new station, told the Saturday Nation.

So far, the residents have dug a Sh6 million borehole at the station that was established in 1914.

Area police boss Michael Muchiri said the borehole has “transformed the lives of a lot of police officers within the camp”.

They have also conducted several clean-up activities, including the removal of damaged accident cars from the station.

Kilimani residents also have open days with the police, enjoin the police in the Kilimani Street Festival, have conducted tree-planting sessions at the station and have held events where they dine with the police, among other initiatives aimed at strengthening their relations with the police.

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Ms Leilah Juma, a member of the steering committee for the rehabilitation of the station, said the residents are doing this because they understand the importance of security.

“If anything happens in my house today, God forbid, the person I go to is the police officer. And if I’m not on good terms with them, how then can I walk into that police station and report what is happening? We have to have that relationship,” she said. “If we were to befriend the police, I believe, crime would come down.”

Construction of the station, Mr Kabage said, is expected to start on June 15. After that, he noted, it will take 18 months to completion if everything goes according to plan.

“Our intention is to put up a ultra-modern police station with modern facilities.

“There is also going to be a community policing office within the station,” said the businessman.

“We are also going to have conference facilities, a research centre for the office, a shopping area for the police and also playing facilities for kids,” he added.

Mr Kabage was moved to start the idea after holding a meeting with former area police commander Peter Katam.

In his early days in Kilimani, Mr Katam invited Mr Kabage for a meeting and said he wanted to hear from “his customers”.

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“I thought that was a very different perspective of policing. How often do you hear them talk about ‘customers’? That surprised me,” Mr Kabage said.

The insurance investor then got more interested in the environment police worked in and noted that it looked haggard from the outside.

“I decided that maybe I need to talk to a number of private sector leaders so that we can rehabilitate the station to a condition befitting its status,” said Mr Kabage.

Funding for the project, he said, will come from private companies and from individual contributions.

According to Mr Kabage, some of the institutions willing to support the project include the Chinese embassy, the Nairobi county government, the National Police Service and the Kenya Private Sector Alliance Foundation. The Public Works department has also joined in, he said.

“We have also been able to get the ICEA Lion Group, which has made a firm commitment. We also have got Safaricom Group, which has also committed, in principle,” he said. “A huge amount of money will be coming from the private sector.”

As Mr Kabage is engaging the private sector in his bid to have a station that is “probably the biggest in the whole of this region”, others like Mrs Juma are prepared to mobilise residents through “Buy-a-Brick” initiative.

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“Initially, our bricks started from Sh1,000 but we’re willing to take whatever anyone has, even if it is Sh50 or Sh100, to put into the kitty,” she said.

Mr Muchiri said the plans have made the police “very excited”: “Kilimani residents decided on their own accord that it is time to invest in police welfare for better security.”

source:Daily Nation

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Here’s how DP Ruto’s Daughter Performed in 2019 KCPE



  • Deputy President William Ruto is one proud dad after his daughter, Abby Ruto, emerged as one of the top candidates in KCPE 2019, with 406 marks.Speaking to, Abby’s mother, Prisca Bett, was overjoyed beyond words, going on to state that she was very proud of her.
  • “Abby was confident about the results but she kept telling me that the Kiswahili paper was really hard. I knew she’d do well,” an ecstatic Prisca narrated.

    She was a candidate at Greenvalle Academy in Uasin Gishu county.

    Deputy President William Ruto. His daughter Abby was among the top performers emerged in KCPE 2019.

    She went on to reveal that her daughter’s preferred school was Kenya High School and that she was also overjoyed by her results.

    DP Ruto came clean about his daughter Abby back in 2017, going on to acknowledge that he was her father and had always ensured she had his full support.

  • The release of the national examinations came barely 17 days after 1,088,986 pupils took part in the annual exercise.

    Magoha announced that the Form One selection process was set to commence on Tuesday, November 19.

    “By December 2, every child who sat KCPE 2019 will know what school they will join. Ksh 8 Billion has been put to improve infrastructure in high school and primary school,” Magoha announced.

    Abby Ruto (l) and her mum Prisca Bett (r) pose with a Masaai.
    Abby Ruto (l) and her mum Prisca Bett (r) pose with a Masaai

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Nyeri man, 88, who killed son freed



An 88-year-old man suspected to have shot and killed his son with arrows following an altercation has been released by the High Court on a Sh500,000 bond with a similar surety.

Mr Francis Mwangi Karebe was released by Justice Abigail Mshilla after a favourable pre-bail report indicated that his family and neighbours were willing to accommodate him and pay for his bail.

Mr Karebe is accused of murdering his 42-year-old son, Simon Macharia on October 13, 2019 at their home in Peter Ciira village Mathira East sub-county, Nyeri.

The pre-bail report filed in court by Ms Faith Nzivulu indicated that there was a long-standing strained relationship between Mr Karebe and the deceased, who was alcoholic.

“The victim had separated with his wife and it was not the first time they had an altercation but it was never suspected it would take the ugly turn. The accused lost his wife five months ago,” stated Ms Nzivulu.

In the report, the family said Mr Karebe’s continued stay at the police remand and his subsequent absence at home caused them sleepless nights.

“They are willing to accept him back, his absence is causing them sleepless nights,” the report stated.

The villagers described the accused as a peace-lover and a mediator. “Mr Karebe is aged and ailing, he has blood pressure and is currently on medication. He is not a flight risk,” said Ms Nzivulu.

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The prosecution led by Ms Emma Gicheha did not oppose the bail application. The state counsel also indicated that the accused was unlikely to interfere with the prosecution witnesses.

 “The accused is hereby advised to observe timeliness on both hearing and mention dates of the case. He should not interfere with witnesses and must be of good conduct during the bond period. On breach of the terms the bond will be cancelled,” said Justice Mshila.

The trial will start on February 10, 2019.


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Why Amos Wako was banned from setting foot on US Soil



The US has banned Busia Senator Amos Wako, his wife Flora Ngaira and son Julius from entering the country and doing business with it over corruption allegations while he was attorney-general.

In a statement, US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo also banned Mr Wako’s wife Flora Ngaira, and son, Julius Wako.

This means that Mr Wako, wife and son will not be allowed to visit America or transact any business in that country with companies affiliated to Americans.

“Today (Monday), the Department designates former Kenyan Attorney General Amos Sitswila Wako due to his involvement in significant corruption,” said the statement that was released on Monday evening.

Mr Pompeo said the designation was made under Section 7031(c) of the Department of State, Foreign Operations, and related programs appropriations Act, 2019 (Div. F, P.L. 116-6), as carried forward by the continuing appropriations Act, 2020 (Div. A, P.L. 116-59).

Section 7031(c) provides that, in cases where the Secretary of State has credible information that officials of foreign governments have been involved in significant corruption, those individuals and their immediate family members are ineligible for entry into the United States.

The law also requires the Secretary of State to publicly or privately designate such officials and their immediate family members.

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“Today’s action sends a strong signal that the United States is a valuable partner in Kenya’s fight against corruption.  Economic prosperity for all Kenyans is only possible by defeating the scourge of corruption, which also requires a functional, fair, and transparent criminal justice system,” said Mr Pompeo

He added that the United States will continue to stand with all Kenyans as they strive to curb and punish corruption in Kenya.

Mr Wako may still be allowed onto US soil if he visits as a member of the Kenyan delegation to the UN meetings or if the UN invites him, even though his movement could be restricted.

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