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Kilimani residents to build Sh350 million modern station for police



Initiative has been hailed as a first and trendsetter on community policing across the country

There are people who like supporting police work, then there are Kilimani residents. Here, the residents’ association has been so keen on helping police serve them that they are now planning to construct a new Sh350 million station.

This, they believe, will create a structure befitting the station’s status as the centre that serves State House, major embassies, several ministry headquarters, major hospitals and universities, among other installations.

“This is probably the most important police division in the country but its facilities are run down,” Mr Karanja Kabage, chairman of the steering committee for construction of the new station, told the Saturday Nation.

So far, the residents have dug a Sh6 million borehole at the station that was established in 1914.

Area police boss Michael Muchiri said the borehole has “transformed the lives of a lot of police officers within the camp”.

They have also conducted several clean-up activities, including the removal of damaged accident cars from the station.

Kilimani residents also have open days with the police, enjoin the police in the Kilimani Street Festival, have conducted tree-planting sessions at the station and have held events where they dine with the police, among other initiatives aimed at strengthening their relations with the police.

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Ms Leilah Juma, a member of the steering committee for the rehabilitation of the station, said the residents are doing this because they understand the importance of security.

“If anything happens in my house today, God forbid, the person I go to is the police officer. And if I’m not on good terms with them, how then can I walk into that police station and report what is happening? We have to have that relationship,” she said. “If we were to befriend the police, I believe, crime would come down.”

Construction of the station, Mr Kabage said, is expected to start on June 15. After that, he noted, it will take 18 months to completion if everything goes according to plan.

“Our intention is to put up a ultra-modern police station with modern facilities.

“There is also going to be a community policing office within the station,” said the businessman.

“We are also going to have conference facilities, a research centre for the office, a shopping area for the police and also playing facilities for kids,” he added.

Mr Kabage was moved to start the idea after holding a meeting with former area police commander Peter Katam.

In his early days in Kilimani, Mr Katam invited Mr Kabage for a meeting and said he wanted to hear from “his customers”.

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“I thought that was a very different perspective of policing. How often do you hear them talk about ‘customers’? That surprised me,” Mr Kabage said.

The insurance investor then got more interested in the environment police worked in and noted that it looked haggard from the outside.

“I decided that maybe I need to talk to a number of private sector leaders so that we can rehabilitate the station to a condition befitting its status,” said Mr Kabage.

Funding for the project, he said, will come from private companies and from individual contributions.

According to Mr Kabage, some of the institutions willing to support the project include the Chinese embassy, the Nairobi county government, the National Police Service and the Kenya Private Sector Alliance Foundation. The Public Works department has also joined in, he said.

“We have also been able to get the ICEA Lion Group, which has made a firm commitment. We also have got Safaricom Group, which has also committed, in principle,” he said. “A huge amount of money will be coming from the private sector.”

As Mr Kabage is engaging the private sector in his bid to have a station that is “probably the biggest in the whole of this region”, others like Mrs Juma are prepared to mobilise residents through “Buy-a-Brick” initiative.

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“Initially, our bricks started from Sh1,000 but we’re willing to take whatever anyone has, even if it is Sh50 or Sh100, to put into the kitty,” she said.

Mr Muchiri said the plans have made the police “very excited”: “Kilimani residents decided on their own accord that it is time to invest in police welfare for better security.”

source:Daily Nation

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NTSA boss singles out Subaru boys over spike in road accidents 




The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) has put Subaru drivers on notice after the spike in road accidents in the country.

Speaking on Wednesday the 28th of October 2020 during the launch of National Safe Roads Programme in Upperhill, George Njao, NTSA Director-General, noted that young people caused the most road accidents in the country.

Njao further explained that young people after graduation always want fast cars like Subarus. Consequently, he revealed the NTSA would closely work with universities and Technical and Vocational Education and Traning (TVET) institutions to curb the accidents.

“We have got the youth community. we would like to work with the tvet and the universities. Those who are graduating from the university, what is the first thing a student does with his second salary?

“They buy a car. If you look at the number of fatalities that we have had, it is in the youth category of new cars, the Subarus. These new cars that our young people are driving are causing a problem for us,” Njao said.

Interior CS Fred Matiang’i also noted that most road accidents involved youth who are in their prime years, further affecting the economy.

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The CS also urged elders to mentor young people to be responsible as it is the only way the country can curb road accidents.

According to a recent NTSA report, the country has recorded a 1.3% increase in road fatalities with 2,689 deaths this year from 1st of January to the 30th of September compared to 2,655 deaths last year.

However, a section of Kenyans felt that Njao was out of context seeing most young graduates can’t afford Subarus.

The netizens further noted that other cars such as Probox cause more accidents than Subarus.

However, Subaru drivers have numerously been under fire for their speed driving, hooting and overlapping while on the roads.

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The ocean is my moneymaker



For Mohammed Abbas, a fire was sparked as a child when he would accompany his father, a sailor, on his trips on the Indian Ocean. This boating hobby he started at 10 years old has now turned into a full-blown investment.

“I would go fishing with my father when I was a small boy at the creeks in Mtwapa and many other spots. I also learnt fishing from practising and hanging out wiht different fishermen. I started sport fishing as a hobby and soon after, I started getting inquiries from friends interested to try it out, because they were interested in water sports activities. At first we would pool resources and go out into the sea just for fun, until last year when I decided to venture into it as a business,” he shares.

Recreational fishing, also called sport fishing, is fishing for pleasure or competition rather than for survival.

While Mohammed’s first boat was a small fibreglass canoe 15 ft, five years ago, he bought the Tiara SST 31 Fishing Boat for offshore sport fishing, powered by two Turbo engines, with a maximum cruising speed of 20 Knots. Among the reasons he selected this boat is that it comes with many strong features that make it the best for sport fishing, including a GPS Tracker, VHF Radio, Toilet, Ice boxes [so clients could be served soft drinks), rods, reels and tackles amongst others. .

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Besides monetary reasons, Mohammed ventured into boating and sport fishing out of an urge to show more people the sea life.

“There is so much to explore and we are happy to take people to it. It is also a prideful activity because we don’t have it anywhere else in Kenya, and we are lucky that as beneficiaries of the Indian Ocean, there are very many species of fish and other life to see. We have the big five catches [which include; the blue Marlin, Stripe Marlin, Black Marlin, Sail Fish and Broadbill), the Wahoo, Dorado, YellowFin Tuna and Kingfish. We tag and release the big five. We allow customers to take the pelagic fish home or it is served to them as the catch of the day if they are residents at the hotel,” he adds.

He also got into this business to create employment opportunities in the tourism industry, with the aim of making Diani the watersport hub. He has created employment for over nine people, who are all well trained in deep sea fishing, jet ski, wind surfing, kite surfing, kayaking and other motorised sports.

Being in this line of work is fun and pays off as it has been embraced both by international and local tourists. But also is not left without its own challenges, the biggest being non-licensed operators.

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“While safety is the most critical part of the sporting activities, unlicensed corporates do not adhere to many safety regulations. They are not a competition as such, but a threat to the business because once something goes wrong, then all the practising companies are categorised under one and we have to carry the blame and sometimes even at threat of being shut down. For instance, sometime back, there used to be skydiving in Diani, until there was an accident and someone died and the activity was completely banned here. Not only for the “unlicensed business owner” but for all of us,” he explains.

Despite presence of many boards in boating activities, the director shares that the government has not been doing much to get rid of unlicensed operators from the sea.

Just like many other businesses, Mohammed’s company has also been faced with Covid-19 challenges. However, unlike many businesses that were letting go of some staff, Mohammed could not lay off his staff because all of them depend on the activities for their income. Forced to take a loan to make ends meet and ensure that his staff are catered for, Mohammed is requesting for the government’s intervention to help businesses get back on their feet.

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While business has been highly dependent on international tourists, he is pleased that more local tourists are starting to embrace big game fishing and encouraging more people to experience and make memories. The boat can carry a maximum of six people, excluding the boat crew, and can go up to 48km on the sea. While the rates are not constant, the average rate is Sh16,000 for the day, which is negotiable. Also since the boat is located at Baobab Hotel, you could get your catch prepared for lunch at the hotel.


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PHOTOS: Actress Shiro from Aunty boss steps out in bikini



Shiro aka Nyce Wanjeri has lately been reaching out to her fans through her YouTube show; especially now that the Local TV series came to an end.

Just like the rest of the cast, Shiro has been trying to remain relevant in the entertainment industry; and this means keeping up with what fans want or rather would like to see.

When everyone else was sharing their bikini photos online the actress chose to hold back as she awaited to drop bomb bikini photos that have left tongues wagging on social media.

Aunty boss aka Nyce Wanjeri

Judging from the photos shared on her page just recently; we can all agree that the lady has the perfect body for tiny bikinis; and for this reason we cannot blame her thirsty fans for wanting to see more of these pictures.

Nyce Wanjeri

Silprosa’s bikini photos

Nyce Wanjeri however joins the likes of former Aunty boss actress Silprosa who brought the internet to a stand still with her swimsuit photos.

Having the young lady parade her thick curves on social media was the beginning of her new journey on social media! Many of her fans went on to praise Silprosa for embracing her imperfect imperfections that brought nothing but the best out of her.

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And with these swimsuit photos, the actress ended landing a job with Akothee Safaris; something she never dreamt of even in her wildest dreams! Anyway, let’s just say that 2020 was Silprosa’s year!


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