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One-sided love that caused Wangechi her life



The Sh14,000 he sent her for a birthday party could have been the last straw that led Mr Naftali Njahi Kinuthia to kill the woman of his dreams.

Speaking to detectives on Wednesday, Mr Kinuthia said he was angered by Ms Ivy Wangechi’s adamant refusal to be his girlfriend, although he had sent her money on several occasions.

Speaking at the High Dependency Unit at the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital (MTRH) where he was admitted after he was attacked by the public after killing her, he said he sent Ms Wangechi Sh14,000 last week for her birthday party, which should have been held on Wednesday.

“He said he was angry that she continued to ignore his calls, saying it was not the first time he was sending her money, and that he was not happy to be denied a chance to celebrate her birthday,” said Eldoret East Directorate of Criminal Investigations Officer Ali Kingi.

Mr Kingi said Mr Kinuthia pestered Ms Wangechi for a meeting but she was reluctant and at some point switched off her phone.

“He said he felt disrespected after all the love he had shown her and decided to go and buy an axe in town and sharpen it as he prepared to attack her,” added Mr Kingi.

He then monitored her movements before striking at around 10.30am on Tuesday.

Eldoret East OCPD Lucy Kananu said: “He attacked her from the back and then descended on her, killing her. The axe was so sharp and heavy she did not have any chance of survival,” said Ms Kananu.

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The detectives also confiscated some drugs found in his car for testing to ascertain what they were and whether he had taken them before attacking Ms Wangechi.

The two, who were childhood friends, grew up in the same area and went to the same primary school.

Their parents, who know each other well, arrived in Eldoret on Wednesday to follow-up on the matter but refused to comment.

But detectives said the parents said they were aware of the friendship between Ms Wangechi and Mr Kinuthia.

Ms Wangechi, who joined university in 2012, was due to graduate this year with a bachelor’s degree in medicine.

The former Alliance Girls High School student scored straight As in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education, earning herself easy admission to study medicine, which was her first choice.

The Dean of the School of Medicine, Prof Lukoye Atwoli, on Wednesday described Ms Wangechi as a good, hardworking student who was progressing well in her final year.

“She was an A student. She was hardworking. We normally rate our students as either pass or fail and Wangechi was doing well,” he said.

He also urged people to stop spreading rumours about her and appealed to them to be considerate to her family and her friends.

“I would like to tell people who are writing and sharing those lies about her to stop. We are urging people to be sensitive to her family, her friends and those close to her,” Prof Atwoli told the Nation.

Former classmates of Ivy Wangechi, who was killed in Eldoret on Tuesday, hold a vigil at Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital on April 10, 2019. PHOTO | JARED NYATAYA | NATION MEDIA GROUP

Her classmates who spoke to the Nation on Wednesday painted a picture of a student who was serious about her studies and was keen to graduate and become a doctor.

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Away from class, the ever-jovial woman liked socialising with colleagues and was open with them.

One of her close friends said she was not the kind of person to keep a problem to herself.

“She was our classmate. She was beautiful and brilliant. She did quite well in school,” said Ms Vulavu Serena, the class representative.

Her friends said they were shocked by the stories being spread about her on social media.

“The Wangechi we know as our classmate is sociable, considerate and always ready to listen and help. I feel sad when I see people talk so badly about her,” said Mr Rodgers Abidha, another classmate.

Another friend who requested anonymity said he enjoyed supper with Ms Wangechi a fortnight ago in a hotel in Eldoret town, and she confided in him that a man who had been stalking her had threatened to kill himself if she continued to reject his advances.

“She did not appear scared, but I told her not to dismiss such threats. I told her people who threaten to commit suicide might do something sinister before doing so,” he told the Nation.

The student said that after she told him about Mr Kinuthia’s threat, she became reclusive and started avoiding her colleagues.

“We always chatted freely and she was so lively but for the past two weeks, after she told me about the suicide threat, she became quiet and withdrawn. I would text her and she would only reply hours later, unlike before,” he said. His attempts to find out what was bothering her were fruitless.

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Before she became withdrawn, she had shared with the friend how the man had become so obsessed with her that he had travelled to Eldoret on a number of occasions to meet her.

He said Ms Wangechi told them she had refused to see Mr Kinuthia but he would wait at the gate for hours and leave without seeing her.

Mr Kinuthia is also said to have sent her money on several occasions, even after she asked him not to.

The friend said that early this year, Ms Wangechi told him that Mr Kinuthia had sent her an expensive perfume and a mobile phone with a note expressing his love for her.

“It was an expensive perfume, that is what I remember Wangechi telling me. The phone must have cost about Sh10,000,” he said.

MTRH Chief Executive Officer Wilson Aruasa said Mr Kinuthia was operated on the head to save his life after he was stoned by the public.

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Ex-KRA boss Njiraini, Murugi shortlisted to head National Land Commission



Former Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) Commissioner General John Njiraini is among the 11 candidates shortlisted for the chairperson of the National Land Commission.

Njiraini, who had sat at the helm of  KRA since March 2012, left last month after his term expired.

Former Nyeri MP Esther Murugi has also been listed as a contender for the NLC Board top seat that fell vacant when Mohammed Swazuri’s tenure ended.

Swazuri’s tenure was tainted with controversies and culminated in several arrests and subsequent arraignment.

On Tuesday, an advertisement in the local daily also named other candidates shortlisted for NLC Board Chairperson as Mwenda Makathimo (Executive Director of the Land Development & Governance Institute); prominent lawyer Gershom Otachi; Naomi Wagereka (former Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA) Chairperson); Robert Kilimo, Patrick Adolowa, Humphrey Njuguna, Paul Wambua, Tiyah Ali (Isiolo County MP) and Gershom Bw’Omanwa.

According to the National Land Commission, the above candidates were shortlisted from 117 applications which the commission received.

Notable personalities who were shortlisted for membership positions include Francis Nderitu (Ndaragwa MP), Prof Gitile Naituli and Adan Abdi Mohamed (former National Cohesion and Integration Committee (NCIC) commissioners), Boniface Otsyula (Bumula MP), Alex Muthengi (former Tharaka MP) and Omingo Magara (former South Mugirango MP).

The candidates are required to appear before an interview panel starting 7:30a.m on Monday, July 29.

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Upon interviews, two qualified applicants for the position of chairperson will be shortlisted and 16 for members, then forwarded to the President.

The President is then expected to nominate the chairperson and eight members within 14 days, then forward to the National Assembly for vetting within 21 days.

Should Parliament approve the names within seven days, they will be again forwarded to the President, who will then appoint them through a Gazette notice.

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Meru grandpa who dug his own grave 19 years ago, finally dies



A 77-year-old businessman who prepared his own gravesite together with that of his wife in 2000 was on Saturday granted his wish and laid to rest at his Milimani home in Isiolo county.

Samson Mwongera had also prepared his eulogy and that of his wife in preparation for his send-off.

His widow, Eunice Mwongera said her late husband called elders and informed them of the decision.

“The elders rejected and said that he ought to be buried in Kibirichia he agreed but later he called them again and insisted on his decision and the elders finally agreed and he was very happy the next day he called a mason who worked on the structure,” he said.

She said after the 40th anniversary for their wedding at there home he called all his children and showed them where he will be buried.

She said the children cried but he did not reverse his decision.

She said that they had written eulogies and even printed and children were shocked when I told them that during the funeral announcements.

Mwongera younger brother Gilfred Murithi said Mwongera was the firstborn in the family of six said they were opposed to Mwongera plans and wanted him to be laid to rest in Kibirichia but later agreed with the decision.

“I asked him if he wanted to be like Martin Shikuku and he told me yes. It is against Meru tradition for one to dig their own graves and if one does so he was forced to be fined a white sheep by the elders but now times have changed and we did not fine Mwongera,” Murithi said.

His son Munene Mwongera, said his late father prepared his own grave in 2000. He also prepared his eulogy in 2003.

“He had just retired from his workstation at the Isiolo Law Courts, he was diagnosed with diabetes and that is when he decided to prepare for his send-off,” he said.

He, however, said that the disease did not trouble his father much.

Munene said after he prepared his grave his father called the family and said he wanted to rest there and the family did not object.

“He had prepared us on what to do and how to share property in case he died. He prepared his eulogy in 2003, he prepared the tribute he will read to our mother in case she died before him and asked our mother to also write the tribute he will read in case he died first,” he said.

Munene said that the ailment might not have mostly contributed to the bizarre decision by his father.

“He used to tell us that life is a journey and a person might die any moment it is just like a Matatu if you reach your destination you alight and another person boards. He said he does not know where he will alight but if he died he should be rested at the graveside he had decided to avoid arguments on where he would be buried,” he said.

He said his father said instructed that when both of them (Father and Mother) are laid to rest there they should build a stone-like structure on top and write there eulogy and tributes and anything else we want to write.

The grave was constructed like a wardrobe to the effect that whoever dies first between the two would be buried at the base, and a concrete slab used to cover it in order to create room for the spouse to be buried on top when they finally die and a house constructed.

Munene said his dad was hardworking and lived a good life despite his uniqueness in the send-off.

He said at first they were shocked with the incident but later came to terms with his decision.

“he gave us examples of his friends who have died and we accepted his decision,” he said.

He hailed his father’s decision and said he will follow his footsteps as it had made it easy for the family to conduct the funeral.

The late was granted his wishes despite some varying opinion from some family quarters that he ought to be buried at his late father’s farm in Kibiricha- Meru County


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Meet Lilian Muli’s youthful mum



This past weekend Citizen TV’s new anchor was joined by family and friends to celebrate her second son’s birthday at an undisclosed area.

Among those invited was her young looking mum, Peninah Muli Mwende. Judging from the photo shared by the anchor it’s obvious to note that Lilian Muli definitely got her fine looks from her mama.

Although Mama Liam prefers to keep her private life on the low seems that this time around she couldn’t help but flaunt her hot mum.

Lilian Muli and mum Peninah Muli Mwende | PHOTO| COURTESY


By Ghafla

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