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Radio girl Kamene Goro gives up on marriage after hubby dumped her via WhatsApp



Gorgeous NRG radio presenter Kamene Goro has given up plans of remarrying after being dumped by her former husband via a WhatsApp call.

In a recent Interview with K24, Kamene said marriage is no longer one of her goals.

“You know the way you have your goals and KPIs (Key performance Indicators), marriage is not one of my KPIs and goals. If it happens great, although it’s not something I can say I am actively working towards” Kamene told the host Betty Kyalo.

She got dumped last July via a WhatsApp call while she was at the French Embassy waiting to get her visa to go watch the French Open tennis tournament.

The ex-hubby, who was in South Africa at the time, called  informing that he didn’t think their marriage was working at it should.

In the K24 interview, Kamene said that despite being a public figure she doesn’t see any problems discussing her private life.

She claimed to have dumped yet again after her marriage failed.

“In the last two years, I think just about two. My ex husband and now this one when I had just started the show (NRG) but that one we were just dating… Relationships go sideways all the time, I don’t know why we make it such a big deal”

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Citizen TV actor Abdi discharged from hospital following road accident



Radio Citizen Presenter and Inspekta Mwala actor Munai General aka Abdi has been discharged from hospital following a road accident that left him admitted. While speaking to The Standard Entertainment and Lifestyle, Abdi revealed that he was heading home along Murang’a Road when the vehicle he was in overturned.

“I was on my way home when the front tyre burst and our vehicle overturned. Luckily I did not get any fractures but I had several injuries. Doctors performed a number of tests to ensure there were no internal injuries but I had to undergo grafting since I had several scratches on my skin.

“I am feeling much better and I will continue recuperating at home,” he said. Earlier, there was an appeal on social media asking well-wishers to assist him in clearing a Sh2.5million balance but Abdi clarified that his employers settled the bill. He further stated that his insurance cover catered for Sh1million and thanked all those who came through for him in cash and kind.

This comes just days after Daniel Ndambuki aka Churchill advised creatives to build their brands and remain grounded. Speaking during the burial of the late Othuol Othuol, Churchill warned creatives against calling their fans ‘families’ saying social media can be brutal when things go south for actors and comedians.

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“Stop waking up and telling them what you are eating, what you are dressing on, and know that you have a life and your family is your mum, your sibling and relatives. Stop frustrating them. The moment you stop being funny, the social media fans stop following you and being your family.

“Blogs are earning through your stories. Grow your fans and money will follow you. And when you make your brand, grow it, be disciplined enough,” he said. In recent weeks, there has been talk about creatives not making enough money and being ridiculed for living an ‘average life’. Online sensation Flaqo also weighed on the topic the other day saying Kenyans should stop piling pressure on creatives as it can result in depression.


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Cuddling has saved my marriage, Rufftone’s wife Krystal reveals



Gospel musician Krystal has revealed that cuddling was one of the major reasons that has enabled her six-year marriage to fellow gospel singer Rufftone to flourish.

Even after being together for more than half a decade, Krystal said, her husband has never stopped showing her affection just like when they first met.

Krystal noted that she was aware that affection among couples tends to wither after being together for many years as people get too used to each other.

But in her case, she revealed, Rufftone’s affection towards her has never changed and for that reason, it had been easier to keep their marriage flame burning.

“He is very warm. He never minds holding my hands in public. If we are watching TV, he insists I should always sit very close to him and he does that every day. As a woman these are things that I really value,” Krystal opened up in a recent radio interview.

“I know of women who complain of their husbands not wanting to cuddle them every time,” she added.

She stressed that the cuddling played a key role in strengthening their marriage which she admitted was never a bed of rose.

“Because of this, even when there is a disagreement between us, it won’t last. We will end up solving the issue very fast. This is something that has really played part in our marriage,” She added.

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Rufftone and Krystal wedded in 2014 and are blessed with two children.

The lovebirds have been together for 15 years since they first met in 2005 and started dating.

At the time, Krystal was 19 years old and an upcoming gospel musician while Rufftone was already setting trends with mega gospel hits.


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Polycarp’s wife Lady Mandy talks about her pregnancy journey for the first time



Sauti Sols Polycarp’s wife Lady Mandy has for the first time talked about her pregnancy, just 2 months after welcoming their bouncing baby boy.

August 26, 2020, the cry of a baby was heard for the first time in the power couple’s home as baby O got officially introduced to the world.

Lady Mandys pregnancy journey

2 months in and the new mom has finally gained the courage to tell her story as it is, a blend of adventure and fun times in the middle of a crisis.

“Friends , I truly enjoyed my pregnancy 🙆🏽‍♀️ yo,” she started off.

Lady Mandy stuns in baby bump shoot

“I felt the most confident, beautiful, at peace and probably most positive I have ever been in all my adult life. EVEN in the middle of a whole pandemic,” Lady Mandy beautifully confessed.

Being her first time as a mom, the Burundian melanin-skinned beauty could not get over her pregnancy journey which she best describes as a ‘bliss-filled event’.

Lady Mandy months after welcoming newborn

However, unlike it would be the case for many women and mothers, hers was exciting. Something she forever remains grateful for, with numerous baby bump photos, that have proven too much for her to deal with.

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“Y’all will have to endure me sharing them with you 🤣🤣🤣,”she frankly told her social media fam.

Lady Mandy serving hot body goals months after welcoming newborn

A rare confession that has been warmly received with love and light from her fans who could not help but admire the African Queen, known for her unique blend with the African culture.


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