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DPP Drops Murder Conspiracy Charge Against Obado in Sharon’s Killing



The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions has shelved Migori Governor Okoth Obado’s charge of conspiracy to commit murder in the case of Sharon Otieno.

Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions Jacob Ondari, told People Daily that the Millimani High Court where the case will resume on Tuesday, cannot hear Obado’s conspiracy charge at the same time as the actual murder charge also mounted against his personal assistant Michael Oyamo and County Clerk Caspal Obiero.

He added that Obado’s conspiracy case could be revisited at a later date as all murder-related charges can only be handled by the high court.

Obado’s lawyer Cliff Ombeta told that the governor still has to answer to two murder charges.

Apart from the conspiracy to commit murder, Obado had also been charged with double homicide which DPP Noordin Haji clarified that he was keen on pursuing.

An undated photo of murder suspects Casper Obiero (L), Michael Oyamo (C) and Migori Governor Okoth Obado in court
Sharon’s family has protested the decision through a letter to the Directorate dated April 29, 2019.

They objected the failure by the DPP to include the charge on conspiracy to commit murder, terming it as “a deliberate move to weaken the case by creating a loophole for the suspects to navigate their way around.”

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Deputy DPP, however, assured that the case was watertight adding that he had lined up 30 witnesses and the recent move didn’t hamper the proceedings.

He explained that the case was complete and it did not matter whether the suspects actually killed or someone else did it on their behalf.

The governor’s aides are expected in court on Tuesday as they prepare to defend themselves against double homicide charges because Sharon was pregnant at the time of her death.

The deceased is reported to have been Obado’s mistress and was expecting his child at the time she was murdered.

Migori Governor Okoth Obado embraces his lawyer Cliff Ombeta in court.


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Kamene Goro slams Aisha Jumwa for dating married man 




Kiss FM radio presenter Kamene Goro has lashed out at Malindi Member of Parliament Aisha Jumwa for being in an affair with a married man who happens to be her bodyguard.

Speaking during her morning show which she co-hosts with renowned comedian Jalang’o, the former NRG radio presenter stated that she was disappointed with the news given that Aisha Jumwa’s bodyguard already has a wife.

Goro went on to wonder why a married man would go out of his marriage when his responsibility is to protect it.

“I am disappointed in Aisha Jumwa because the man she is dating already has a wife. My problem is that the duty to protect marriage is upon a man but most do not do that. If you wanted all sorts of ladies why get married?” she posed.

Jumwa is said to have been in an affair with her bodyguard identified as Geoffery Otieno for close to six years.

However, her co-host Jalang’o defended the sharp-tongued MP stating that the legislator has all means to know if her bodyguard was married.

He added that Geoffery’s wife knew of the affair stating that maybe the two had already officiated their union.

“Aisha Jumwa has all the instruments to know if her bodyguard is married or not. The relationship has been going on for six years so Aisha knew the guard is married, the bodyguard’s wife knew and so does everybody else. Who told you that Aisha and the bodyguard had not officiated their union?” Jalang’o asked Kamene.

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Jumwa’s relationship with Geoffery became public after the court was told of their affair during their hearing where the two were charged with murder over the death of a man in 2019.

According to a pre-bail assessment report presented to the court, Geoffrey is also married and a father of two.

Otieno has been working as Jumwa’s personal assistant and security manager since 2016.

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Zawadi Mudibo confirmed as Larry Madowo’s replacement at BBC 




BBC Africa on Friday October 30 confirmed Zawadi Mudibo as the new Business Editor following Larry Madowo’s exit.

Through an internal memo, Newton Ndebu, BBC Africa Programmes editor, revealed Mudibo would fill the position for one year.

“Zawadi has been holding the position in an acting capacity and following a competitive process, is now confirmed to the role for the next 12 months. He is a talented and dedicated journalist, with over a decade’s experience reporting Business News in Africa.

“I would also like to express my gratitude to the BBC Africa Business leadership team who, have alongside Zawadi, led the BBC Africa business teams through a protracted leadership transition,” reads the memo in part.

Zawadi Mudibo, Claire Muthengi and Peter Wakaba led the Business team on rotation during the one-year transition period.

Last year in July, Larry Madowo took a sabbatical leave where he went to study economics at the University of Columbia.

After completing his studies, he returned to the BBC but as the US correspondent working for both TV and radio.

He could not contain his excitement on rejoining the BBC team as he took to his social media announcing his first piece would be in a Covid-19 ICU ward.

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Besides furthering his studies at the Columbia University, Madowo also won the 2020 Philip Greer Award for financial writing courtesy of his thesis on the aftermath of an e-commerce firm, Jumia’s listing on the NSE stock exchange.

His successor, Zawadi Mudibo is a successful bilingual journalist with experience in reporting news for the African audience.

Before he joined the BBC, Mudibo worked at K24TV as a deputy business editor, senior anchor and reporter.

According to reports, Madowo allegedly poached Mudibo from local TV stations to strengthen BBC Africa’s business team.

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Kenyan Man Serving in US Army Conned of Sh450,000 in Fake Car Deal



A Kenyan man who serves in the US Army has revealed how he and his brother were conned of close to Sh500,000 in a fake car deal in Kiambu County.

Nicolas Kuria who serves in Afgahnistan told a Nairobi court that he had returned home for a short holiday when his brother Bernard Kahembe sought to purchase a vehicle for commercial purposes.

The two went to Kangundo Road where they met one Kasera Calvin Oloo, alias Johnson Oyugi who claimed he had a car and was seeking to sell it.

Kuria proceeded to withdraw Sh450,000 from his bank account and gave the cash to his brother to pay for the vehicle.

Appearing before senior principal magistrate Sharon Maroro of Kibera law courts, Kahembe said he was driving the car after purchasing it when police intercepted and arrested him.

“The officers asked me to explain to them where I got the car and I told them how I bought it. I even showed them my logbook, which they said was fake,” he told the court.

He added that Oloo promised to refund the money in installments but had only given him 10k.

He told the magistrate that he and his brother went to Kagundo Road where they found a man who said he had a car for sale.

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