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Former street boy beats all the odds to pursue a degree course



His story is an inspiration that with hard work and a positive attitude, the sky is definitely the limit

Job Achochi Makori, 30, faced a multitude of challenges while growing up. He however turned these obstacles into a fountain of motivation to create a better future for himself.

After completing high school in 2007, Mr Makori, then aged 17, says he travelled to Nairobi from Nyamira County, where he comes from, in search of any opportunity that could transform his life.

His dream of getting a job never came to be. Without any specialised skills or knowledge on what to do, he became a street boy around Khoja, where he stayed for two years. The streets were his life, his home and his all.

“I stayed in the streets for one year, frustrated and sleeping on pavements. It was a tough life in the streets since violence was routine. Life in the streets also meant playing hide-and-seek with the police, as most of the times we were the main suspects of crime within the Central Business District (CBD),” he says.

This means that in case of a crime by any street child, he would share the consequences at the hands of the police and city council askaris, which included being chased from the CBD.

To beat the hurdles he faced in the streets, Mr Makori started looking for odd jobs and luckily, he landed one at Kasanga Security Company as a guard.

This opportunity changed his life for better, as he eventually settled in Mukuru Kwa Njenga slums in Nairobi’s eastlands, starting life from a humble level. He says it was a great improvement, as he now had peace of mind, which was missing in the streets.

“While working at Kasanga Security Company, I was lucky to get a better job at Pluto Security Company as a supervisor of 10 security guards. I worked there from the year 2009 to 2012. These were greener pastures for me, as I could now pay my Sh1,500 rent and meet other expenses, such as helping my family back at home,” he says.

Mr Makori adds that he believes in personal growth, which he passionately says pushes him to advance his life and look for better opportunities.

Eager to realise even more personal and financial growth, he never got tired of seeking jobs. In 2015, he says he got another job as a cleaner at Lounge Elena in Machakos County. His pay was Sh10,000 per month.

“This job gave me a platform to save money, which eventually enabled me enrol for a boda boda driving course, a desire that I had since childhood. During this time, I was determined to do all it would take to thrive and eventually support my family and join university. In 2016, I met the love of my life Christine Nthenya, who has been my greatest support especially when I feel discouraged. We are blessed with a two-year-old son, Daniel Makori,” he states.

After obtaining a driving licence, Mr Makori says he leased a boda boda at a fee of Sh400 daily. Initially, it was a challenge to raise that money in a day because he was still new in the industry. To overcome this challenge, he saw the need to subscribe to the technology app, Taxify, which gives clients assurance of decent services.

“On a good day, I earn Sh2,000, which has been my target. From this I save Sh500 for my goal of pursuing a degree course in theology. Over the years, I have been preaching and my desire to be a pastor has increased tremendously,” he says.

He adds: “In March 2018, I joined Bugema University in Kampala to pursue a bachelor’s degree in theology. Due to financial challenges, I opted to pursue the course over the holidays,” he says.

Mr Makori, a staunch Seventh Day Adventist, says he travels to Uganda over the holidays for his degree programme. He says he opted for Bugema because the fees are affordable, compared to universities in Kenya that offer the same course.

“I am glad that I have managed to pay fees for two semesters, amounting to Sh120, 000. I believe in hard work and dedication and I am positive that I will complete my degree course,” he says.

He believes that the road to success is not easy to navigate, as it requires passion, drive and hard work.

Source:Daily Nation

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Uber plans blacklist of unruly customers to protect drivers



Taxi-hailing firm Uber has rolled out a new rider quality system that will see it blacklist Kenyan riders who consistently receive poor evaluation from its drivers.

Uber’s new policy follows a myriad of complaints from drivers over unruly customers who make their job harder to execute.

The firm Monday sent a message to customers notifying them of this latest change while noting that, where an account is marked several times for complaints of ‘unacceptable behaviour’ and failure to adhere to Uber’s community guidelines, a rider will have restricted app access as a result.

The unruly behaviour, according to Uber, can include asking the driver to break the law by, for instance asking him or her to ignore speed limits. It also includes causing damage to the vehicle by for example vomiting due to excessive drinking or spillage of food and drinks in the car.

It also includes the use of inappropriate, abusive and disrespectful language and clashing with a driver due to bad behaviour.

This latest policy, the US-based firm said, will see badly behaved customers receive a warning and be guided on how to improve their rating.

However, if they continue to get bad feedback from drivers after warnings, the next step will be to temporarily suspend the account for one week and if there is still no improvement, face the possibility of full deactivation.

“We have recently updated our community guidelines which extends the same behavioural standards to the riders that we have for drivers and we will be notifying a small number of riders that their behaviour needs to improve or their access to the app could be removed — which is already done with drivers,” said Uber Country Manager Brian Njao.

“Fostering a community of mutual respect matters to us and this change is about shared accountability on our platform and asking everyone using Uber to be respectful of one another,” he said.

Uber, while making the announcement, said that the move was part of the firm’s efforts- geared towards improving transparency, accountability and boosting the safety of its drivers and riders.

Drivers are also rated on a range of factors including the vehicle’s cleanliness, rider experience during the journey and overall mannerism.

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MAHIGA HOMES: We build and deliver homes fast, on very pocket-friendly terms [VIDEO]



Mahiga Homes Limited is a Real Estate Development Company which has become very popular with Kenyans in the Diaspora in the last few years. It was in the news recently following a colourful keys-handing over ceremony during which many investors, including tens from the US and Europe, took possession of their units.

How it works

Mahiga Homes offers decent and affordable housing to clients in different parts of the country. Generally, the homes are delivered within a period of 10-12 months (depending on the project), at an affordable rate, in secure and serene environments which are accessible from the Nairobi Central Business District (CBD).

Hand-selected by local experts, these homes – curated by design, amenities, and neighbourhood – provide a visual snapshot of the most sought after properties in town. Mahiga homes are affordable, luxurious and in modern designs. “We are passionate about quality of product/ service and meeting of set deadlines,” says CEO, Peter Mahiga.


Mahiga homes Ltd, having delivered and handed over 4 projects, namely: Cornerstone I Estate, Cornerstone III Estate, Cornerstone IV Estate and Kamulu Cornerstone Gardens, have become the talk of the town. Watch:

They now present to you Rockvilla III Estate Spacious 3 bedroom bungalows master ensuite located just 300 metres off tarmac at Joska.

It is 15 minutes drive from JKIA and 30 minutes drive from CBD. The offer price is Kshs 3.95m.  Deposit is Kshs 1.6m and you pay the balance in 12 monthly installments.

This is a beautiful gated estate in the heart of serenity. They are 3-Bedroom Bungalows and each unit is sitting on a 40×80 plot.


-Master Ensuite bedroom

-106 square metres

  -Master Ensuite bedroom

-Spacious Lounge and KitcheN

-Large windows for natural lighting

-In-built MDF wardrobes

-Cabro paved driveways

-Car park for 2 cars

-Green area

-Available borehole water for the estate

-Solar water heating system

-Perimeter wall all round the estate

We also present to you The RIVERFRONT Luxurious 3 bedroom bungalows, all bedrooms ensuite, located in Ruiru suburbs overlooking Tatu city, whose price is Khs 5.5m per unit. Deposit is Kshs 2m and you pay the balance in 12 monthly installments.


Cornerstone I Estate was handed over on 25th August 2018, The owners have moved in and living in them already.




Cornerstone IV Estate, handover on 20th April 2019 home owners are moving in

Kamulu Cornerstone Gardens, handover on 29th June 2019

Cornerstone I, III, IV and Kamulu Cornerstone Gardens are sold out.

To learn more, visit or call/Whatsapp +254 720 460 413

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Naikuni to pay Sh10m to ex-KQ employee he undressed at public event over Arsenal jersey



Former Kenya Airways Chief Executive Officer, Titus Naikuni, has been ordered by a Nairobi court to pay a sum of Sh10 million to an employee he unlawfully sacked.

According to the Employment and Labour Relation Court, the action by Naikuni against former Corporate and Communication Manager Kepha Bosire was unjustifiable.

Bosire was awarded Sh1.8 million being three months’ salary in lieu of notice, twelve months salary compensation, Sh1 million for compensation for undignified treatment of the claimant all  amounting to Sh10 million.

On Thursday during the judgment, Justice Nelson Abuodha said the former CEO was personally liable for the award granted to Bosire.


According to Moreno’s Lawyer Steve Mogaka, Naikuni removed Moreno’s t-shirt which he said did have the KQ logo. Bosire wore an Arsenal FC team jersey.

This happened in 2013 during an event that was held at the Lemek Conservancy.

According to the court, Naikuni would have looked for other ways of making Moreno leave the event.

The court also heard that Naikuni directed the Director of Human Resource at the company to fire Moreno which the lawyer argued was unfair as per the requirement of the Employment Act.

“The CEO embarrassed the claimant in front of his colleagues and other guests who were in attendance during event,” the lawyer told the court.


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