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Githae transferred from Washington DC to Vienna, Austria



President Uhuru Kenyatta on Friday transferred Kenya’s envoy to Washington DC, Robinson Njeru Githae, to Vienna, Austria, where he will replace embattled former Sports CS, Hassan Wario.

Githae’s post in DC will now be held by Larazus Ombai Amayo, who was in 2018 transferred from London to the UN Mission in New York.

Mr Githae was appointed the ambassador to the United States by Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta on August 14, 2014, and  presented his credentials to U.S. President Barack Obama on November 18, 2014. It was his first diplomatic posting.

“I have received the communication to that effect from my boss. I have played my part and it is time to go and serve my country elsewhere,” he told Kenya Satellite News Network on Friday evening.

News of his transfer was contained in a statement released by Foreign Cabinet Secretary Monica Juma, which also announced several other changes in diplomatic postings around the world.

In changes affecting several women and elevating career diplomats, the President nominated Michael Mubea, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Ethics and Anti-Corruption, as ambassador to Dublin in Ireland.

Mr Mubea will replace Richard Opembe who will move to the Kenyan mission in Madrid, Spain, which had been headed by Severine Luyali.

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Dr Wario, once a Sports Cabinet secretary, is fighting to clear his name in Kenyan courts as he was charged with offences related to misappropriation of funds for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

The changes reflect a proposal that Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary Monica Juma filed in March, to improve implementation of foreign policies.

But they could also represent the desire to change Kenya’s image as most of the replacements have occurred in embassies where Kenyans in the diaspora had consistently complained of poor service.

Long-time philanthropist Mwende Mwinzi will head to Seoul, South Korea. Ms Mwinzi, famed for her Twana Twitu children’s orphanage, lost the race for the Mwingi West parliamentary seat in the 2017 general election.

The President replaced Dr Joseph Sang in Stockholm, Sweden, with Diana Kiambuthi and appointed Ms Jackline Yonga as head of the mission in Rome, Italy.

Harriet Nduma had been serving there in acting capacity.


The President signalled opening of a diplomatic mission in the Swiss political capital of Bern by nominated Andrew Kihurani.

The decision to open the mission in Bern follows a promise he made when Swiss President Alain Berset visited last July.

Kenya’s former ambassador to Sweden, Purity Muhindi, who had been serving as Director for Africa will head to Dakar in Senegal, one of the new diplomatic missions opened this year.

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Dr Juma, who announced the changes in a statement on Friday, congratulated the appointees.

Unlike those transferred, new entrants in diplomatic service as ambassadors will have to be vetted by the National Assembly before they can report.

Also, as is tradition, new entrants will have to be trained on diplomatic courtesies, a process that often takes at least 60 days.

Njambi Kinyungu will head the Kenyan mission to the UN-Habitat in Nairobi, a position last held by Prof Sam Ongeri, who is now Kisii senator.


The others appointed are:

  1. Kariuki Mugwe – Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  2. Peter Katana Angore – Algiers, Algeria, to replace John Lanyasunya
  3. Barine Eliphas Mugendi – Accra, Ghana
  4. Lamarron ole Kaanto – Berlin, Germany
  5. Purity Muhindi – Dakar, Senegal
  6. John Mwangemi – Djibouti
  7. Mwendwa Musembi – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  8. Njeri Njiiri Karago – Los Angeles, California, US
  9. Flora Karugu – Lusaka, Zambia, to replace Sophy Kombe

The statement from Foreign Affairs CS Monica Juma.



Ms Juma also announced that the President had approved the promotion and appointment of 15 serving officers to the position of ambassador in the ministry.

They include George Orina Morara (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia), Joshua Mugodo (Brussels, Belgium), Kennedy Mokaya Gekonde (Kampala, Uganda), Washington Oloo (Doha, Qatar), Lucy Njeri Kiruthu (Geneva, Switzerland), Hellen Adhiambo Gichuhi (Paris, France, Unesco), Stella Mokaya Orina (Vienna), David Kahiro Gacheru (Washington, DC) and Esther Mungai (Berlin).

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The other, who are based at the headquarters, are Michael Kiboino, Salim Salim, John Tipis, Arthur Andambi Amaya, Catherine Bonareri Mogaka and Mohamed Guyo.

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Kenyan Men from all over the US to gather in Atlanta on June 29 for 2019 KEMEN Summit




KEMEN Summit 2019 and dinner will take place in Atlanta Georgia on June 29, 2019 starting with Workshop and Networking from 10.00 A.M. to 1.P.M.

This is a special rare occasion to brush shoulders with a diverse group of visionary Diaspora leaders chosen from business, Mentorship, Financial guidance, Literacy, Motivation, Immigration experts, Education, Health, Wellness and many other key speakers with a wide range of topics.

These are men who clearly understand that change and effective progress are only possible with a good vision, determination and ambition,.. therefore your actions and attendance counts greatly as you may be impacted and be part of that change.

In the evening, the program continues starting from 4 P.M. to 11 P.M.

There will be Panel discussions, various speakers, formal dinner and ending with KEMEN awards.

We need you to be the architects of a sustainable future and as Diaspora men that are looked upon as men of impact in all fields, a large representation will make the occasion to arouse the much needed awareness that can make this noble movement a force to reckon with.


KEMEN aims at empowering men to believe in themselves equip them with tools of knowledge through workshops and conferences to enable them attain the grandest height possible.
Men empowerment is the core to sustainable development, wellness, stability, and progressive societies anywhere in the world and as such KEMEN are on track.

Women are now breaking the glass ceiling and as the number increase, men though not competing, should be on the forefront in welcoming them to a world they have already dominated.
The only way to do that, is to remain on top and empower more and more men so that their role as head of households cannot be shaken or taken for granted.

We need all men to work together to pursue a sustainable path that leads to economic growth of the communities that we reside in here in America and still, even extend the same to our motherland.
While doing so, there are many challenges as we have to be the custodian of social justice, economic, health, education, wellness and even political stewardship.

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We live in volatile times and hence we should always be on top to make great advances towards eradicating poverty, ignorance, corruption, moral decay and diseases as these are the ills of any society, and the same can only be achieved if we work together as a team.


We all the same must be aware that inequality persists but that can be narrowed to prevent it’s growth.
Real impact presents many challenges but as a united front, we are confident that we can meet them to yield change and the much needed progress.

Most of us grew up in a country that had many problems ranging from unable to get clean water, education to even starvation hence the need to make sure that those issues are addressed and if possible show our leaders back home how it can be achieved.

We live in a




developed nation where we see things done in a more perfect way and as Diaspora men that are looked upon, we owe a duty to our children so that they may never go through some of the injustices we had to go through.
When we formed KEMEN we were aware that change does not simply happen by itself for the same has to be pursued with vigor and by all in society.

We hold family conference calls and also conference calls which are not limited to men as ladies also join us to discuss diversified issues.



We in KEMEN will not accept an aircraft that only allow a few to board while leaving the rest behind and that is why we are appealing to all to join our movement and act as ambassadors for the common good to encourage others to join for that is the morally correct thing to do.

It is the smart choice to do to avoid being left behind in this sustainable journey that we all need to take as it is in everybody’s best advantage and interest.
We all know that people in the Diaspora are busy and hence it may somehow demand long-term sacrifice but in the end it will bear fruits.

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Everyone therefore has a role to play in empowering men and bring Diaspora men to the table as key partners and to do that, it embodies the spirit of shared responsibility that is essential for achieving a better world.
During the 2019 KEMEN Summit in Atlanta successful businessmen will deliver speeches of great topics that can have a great impact in your life so do not miss this great chance.

We will also honor such men and others nominated in order for them to continue impacting and empowering men in the Diaspora and beyond.
KEMEN will later diversify and touch other areas that can affect the empowerment of men such as Human rights abuses, poor working conditions, health, immigration, discrimination, and even corruption and decision making to determine best suited leaders back home.





We will do that as we strongly feel that the mentioned issues can affect both our long-term investments and growth prospects.
All participants are requested to get involved in KEMEN agenda and also consider how you can use your expertise and resources to help promote and impact all members that have joined and will continue joining.
We need you to advance innovations and forge collaborations with others that have already made great impacts on some of the toughest common issues we face.

KEMEN is firmly committed to the power of partnerships, working with businessmen, scholars, Health experts, Tax experts, immigration lawyers, insurance, Religious men, talented men and women and in short all key stakeholders to enhance progress on all our objectives.

The immediate challenge is achieving the required impact to show a total change that will flow to all our members may it be financial, wellness, benevolence benefits but at this stage we all can boast that we have made great progress.

Much has been achieved since inception as we have held several successful meetings, direct conference talks, and social gathering all with the purpose of impacting men and not leaving behind our women in the Diaspora.
Even though our ladies have been identified as a strategic player in reaching some of our goals, there has been no clear role for combined business in our objectives but where man succeeds, the woman will always be there and with that in mind KEMEN has a UNIVERSAL agenda.

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We do hope that after the summit, there will be urgent actions towards a new dynamic movement to push forward our set up goals.
We will need your support though and your attendance, mentorship and participation will be greatly appreciated as we move forward from summit holders to an all financially stable action group that can effectively realize our set up goals.

In KEMEN we will connect the dots in the ever-growing field of responsible business initiatives, Wellness while impacting our men.
We therefore appeal to all to work together on an entirely new gigantic scale – collaborating and co-investing, share risks, realize opportunities by networking here in America and later globally to engage in business by simply using the potentials God has given us.

We have seen how powerful such collaborative efforts can achieve great things and ours is just the beginning and sky is the limit statement is just an understatement for we can go beyond.
KEMEN has helped generate a major shift in Diaspora mindset from the time it was initiated for as of today our members of great impact are now becoming role models of a better world.

Help us to respond to the urgency of our many Diaspora challenges to build a better tomorrow that will be of great impact to our children that we are raising here and the same to be extended to our brothers and sisters back home.

Doctor Clive Bosire will talk about health and wellness.

Pastor Dennis Mutuma will talk about Marriage difficulties and success in diaspora and Pastor Peter Ndumbi about Parenting.

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Help Atlanta-based Kenyan woman in immigration custody fight for her freedom



Well wishers and friends are appealing for your help in an attempt to secure the freedom of their compatriot who was taken into custody in Atlanta and could be facing deportation. Here is her story:

On the night of April 7th Veronica was on her way home from work when she was pulled over for a minor traffic infraction. Unfortunately In the process of completing her paperwork, her immigration status came up. This led to Veronica being taken in to custody.

We as her friends have come together to help Veronica and retained an attorney to  represent Veronica on the immigration case. We need your help to enable Veronica afford the opportunity to appeal her immigration case, gain her freedom and continue living in the US.

We are reaching out to you appealing for your compassion, goodwill and financial support to assist in raising funds towards Veronica’s attorney fees and immigration fees. The total needed for both the attorney and immigration fees is $8,000. This will help Veronica get the representation she so desperately needs and get her out of custody.

Please help bring Veronica home to her loved ones. Help us make a difference in Veronica’s life. Help her gain her freedom. Let us show that humanity and compassion still exist and thrive.

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Any size donation is greatly appreciated as we come together to bring Veronica home and help her overcome this hardship.

Your support and kindness is very much appreciated and will never be forgotten.

Donations can be sent to:
1. Cashapp: +16782056692 ($dnkatha)

2. Gofundme

For more information contact:
Dianah: 6782056692
Lucy Karuri: 6784787804

May God bless you abundantly

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VIDEOS: Amb Githae lauds Kenya USA Diaspora Sacco for “contributing over Sh 300M to Kenyan economy”




Outgoing Kenyan Ambassador to the United States Robinson Githae has commended the Kenya USA Diaspora Sacco for its role in supporting the economy back home.

Speaking at the 6th Annual General Meeting of the  Sacco  in Boston, Massachusetts, Githae challenged other  Kenyans living and working abroad to join societies and pull resources together in order to realise bigger goals.

“I am happy to announce that the outfit has pumped over Shs300m into the Kenyan economy,” said the envoy.

The SACCO Chairman, Mr Simon Kariuki Nyaga, said that the members are, “without a doubt, glad they invested their money in the organization.”

“We have different ways through which members are benefiting. Many of them are already owning homes – especially through our signature project, Fadhili Homes – after borrowing their own money from the Sacco and repaying the same at very affordable rates,” said Mr Nyaga, a Nairobi based businessman and a Diaspora returnee.

Embu Governor Martin Wambora, who represented the Council of Governors (COG) at the event challenged Kenyans abroad to partner with county governments and invest in programs geared towards achieving the Central government’s Big Four Agenda.

“The Sacco has already signed Memoranda of understanding (MoUs) with six counties and is ready to invest  in housing, manufacturing, agriculture and tourism, among other sectors,” he said, adding: “In Embu we have set aside 16 acres of prime land  for development right in the heart of Embu town.”

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Many of the founder members present expressed optimism that the Sacco would be an example of unprecedented success stories coming from the Diaspora.

“We want to be a conduit. We want the Kenyan government to recognize our efforts,” said  Raphael Kilondu, the Honorary Secretary to the Sacco.

“We plan to venture into projects which will make real sense. We will get involved in infrastructural development and even create employment for the youth,” he added.

This comes at at a time when some Kenyans in the Diaspora have lost their money after investing through unscrupulous individuals or organizations which have ended up swindling them. Read: FBI now invited to probe Kenyan firm that promised investors the moon but delivered false hopes.

According to information posted on its website, the Kenya USA Diaspora Sacco seeks to promote investment opportunities and savings among Kenyans residing in the United States of America “so that they can have a reliable and organized way to invest, access to affordable credit, carry out projects, build businesses, or meet personal and family needs in Kenya.”

According top data posted on the Kenya’s Central Bank website, Kenyans in the diaspora send home more than $2 billion annually but most of it goes to charities and family support obligations such as school fees, medical bills and general philanthropy. Watch:

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