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Married couple who got engaged after one week of dating speak- Photos



A married couple who got engaged one week into dating and have a 25-year age gap are hitting back at haters who say they must be “kidding” about their relationship.

Areil Duncan, 28, met her beau, Steven, 53, on a dating website and initially thought the turf equipment technician was too old for her but they hit it off a few weeks later.After first meeting in December 2016, the couple became official on New Year’s Eve and were engaged just a week later.

They were married in May 2017 and have since built a life together – and are soon hoping to try for children.

However, during their two-year relationship the couple have received abuse on a daily basis in the form of judgemental glares, people asking if they are “kidding” when revealing their connection and even mistaking Steven for Areil’s dad.

Now the couple, from Pennsylvania, US, are sharing their story in hope that it will break the stigma behind age gap relationships.

Areil, a teacher, said: “I initially wasn’t looking for an age gap relationship as, even though Steven looked good for his age, he was too old for me.”But we eventually hit it off and have been together ever since – we are married and hope to spend the rest of our lives together, alongside hopefully trying for children soon.


“However, since being together, we have continually received comments about our relationship – we can tell that being together makes a lot of people feel uncomfortable.

“We get a lot of stares – some are angry, some confused, some curious – and we often get comments about our age difference.”We’ve had people saying that Steve is old enough to be my father, people asking if we’re ‘kidding’ about our relationship and that they didn’t think we would last.”But we try to ignore it, we’re both adults so age does not really matter.

“What is important is having great conversations, having similar morals, life goals and real love – which is what we have.”Despite having been together for almost three years, Areil admits that she was first put off by the age difference.

“We met online on a dating site – he messaged me first, so we exchanged greetings and he asked me what I thought about him,” she said.”I told him that he looked good for his age, but that we could only be friends and that he was a bit older than what I was looking for.

“He told me we could be friends, that was not his intention, but we continued messaging all the same.”On a day I was very down, he insisted I speak with him on the phone so I did and we had a long engaging conversation and by the end I felt a million times better.

“We met a few weeks later in person and have been together since.”

After meeting face-to-face in December, Steve quickly proposed weeks later in January 2017 and, after marrying in May that year, the couple have been settled ever since.

They are now looking forward to trying for children soon and hope that they can diminish any stigma behind their relationship ahead of growing their family.

Areil said: “We want people to realise that as long as you are both consenting adults, there is no reason that age should matter.”We are happy and we hope that when we do one day have children, they will not have to hear the comments that we do.”We have true love and that is all that matters – age is just a number and the stigma behind these sorts of relationships needs to be destroyed.”




  1. Adam Bryant

    May 12, 2019 at 6:13 pm

    What they say is true. My wife and I got married a week and a half after we started dating, we are the same age and we are extremely compatible in a lot of ways and met in person-not through a dating site. Our marriage lasted 10 months before falling apart, she ran off and remarried while we are still married. Age has no bearing on how a relationship will last, work or how people feel about each other. Neither does the swiftness of their marriage. I wish them all the happiness that they have that I was never able to find and I hope that people will also stop judging them because my marriage and theirs proves exactly what they are saying which is that those judgemental people are wrong with their concepts of a successful relationship.

  2. Addison

    May 12, 2019 at 10:33 pm

    People should mind their own business and concentrate on their own lives. As l8ng as it is not hurtling anyone, who a person chooses to be with should not be anyone else’s concern. I wish them well.

  3. Snja

    May 12, 2019 at 10:55 pm

    Who cares!!!!!!!

  4. Ashland

    May 13, 2019 at 1:03 am

    God bless you guys!

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