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Musician dies in plane crash while travelling to girlfriend’s birthday party



Latin pop star Gabriel Diniz has died in a plane crash at the age of 28.

According to local media, Diniz had jetted off from Sergipe, Brazil to celebrate his girlfriend Karoline Calheiros’s birthday when the plane went down on Monday afternoon.

Diniz was killed in the crash along with two other people.

The singer had made three studio albums and was nationally known for his hit song ‘Jenifer’ which topped the charts and has reached over 235 million YouTube views.

Confirming the tragic news, Diniz’s management team said in a statement: “It is with a lot of pain that we confirm the death of Gabriel Diniz and the plane’s crew.”

Diniz was a close friend of Liverpool forward Roberto Firmino, who paid tribute following the shock news.

Firmino shared a message of condolence on his Instagram page alongside a video of Diniz singing at his wedding in 2017.

The Reds’ forward wrote: “There are things that are hard to believe, the sheet doesn’t fall.

“The message of love and joy you left here on earth was amazing. Thankful I could have met you rest in peace.”

Firmino’s wife, Larissa, also shared a touching tribute, writing: “Earlier today I searched for a photo to post and gave up only I wouldn’t imagine later this photo was left for me to post.”

Larissa continued: “He participated in the happiest day of my life, he was there giving the best of you, everyone knows that of my words he was praised the most.

“You know that energy that infects, that light that comes from inside? There are few words to try to explain.”

Brazilian footballer Lucas Levia also shared: “What a tragedy man! May God have him. Rest in peace!”

Diniz’s producer said: “Luan Promotions, family members, fans, friends and team are all very upset with this sad news that caught everyone by surprise. With great regret we confirmed the death of Gabriel Diniz.

“The singer was in a twin engine that fell in the south of Sergipe state in the beginning of this afternoon.

“Your joy will be forever in our hearts! We will never let you lose your irreverence, you have conquered a nation with your work and charisma!”


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HILARIOUS VIDEO: Woman offers herself to be married by President Kenyatta at BBI Launch event



A woman who spoke at the BBI Launch on Monday caused prolonged laughter when she said she was ready to be President Uhuru Kenyatta’s ‘mpango wa kando‘ (which loosely translates to second wife) and that Deputy President William Ruto should be the Best man in their wedding [watch the video below].

 Last week, Kenyatta tickled the audience in Kisumu when he joked that he would ask his wife if she would let him get a second wife from there.

On a more serious note though, there is indeed a  law that went into effect in Kenya in 2014 makes it legal for a man to marry as many women as he wants.

President Uhuru Kenyatta signed the polygamy measure into law formally recognizing what has long been a cultural practice in the nation.

The bill initially allowed the first wife the right to veto the husband’s choice of additional spouses. Male members of parliament successfully pushed to get that clause dropped.


“Marriage is the voluntary union of a man and a woman whether in a monogamous or polygamous union,” Kenyatta said in a statement. “The Marriage Act 2014 defines various types of marriages including monogamous, polygamous, customary, Christian, Islamic and Hindu marriages.”

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Immigration News

Deep-Dive Analysis: Studying Master’s At University Of Central Florida




Have you ever wondered what it takes to study your master’s in America?. Well, in this episode of Success With Bob Mwiti Show, I take a deep-dive analysis of taking your master’s at the University of Central Florida. If you like my work, please subscribe to my YouTube channel.

A Little Bit About Me!

I am a former international student in USA and I am a senior IT consultant in the areas of Oracle EBS Financials and Robotics Process Automation (RPA) here in USA. I am the programs director of Appstec America – A consulting company based in Tampa, Florida, USA.

I’ve been blessed to have learned a lot in my career as an IT consultant. My life has truly changed, and I’ve made it my mission to give back and serve others beyond myself. Whether that be helping you to relocate to USA as an international student, train you as an IT consultant, help you start and build your own online business, creating your financial freedom, motivating you to pursue your goals and dreams, to being more productive, to inspiring you to constantly improve yourself.

My mission is to get you to wake up to the unlimited potential within you and achieve what you’re truly capable of through my various self-development training programs.On the internet, I openly and passionately share my life experiences and all of the very best concepts, strategies, tools, and resources that I continue to discover that have made a measurable difference to my life, and will do for you as well.

Keep your dream alive and never give up! To learn about my company’s amazing programs, please go to; or

Contact me at;
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‘I was jobless and about to be kicked out’ Tedd Josiah on how Kenyans came through for him after losing his wife



Kenyan Music producer and JokaJok founder Tedd Josiah has thanked Kenyans for coming through when he lost his wife Reginah Katar.

Katar passed away just months after welcoming her daughter Jay.

Since then, Tedd says strangers became family and he is forever grateful.

‘To our beloved IG family, To say thank you doesn’t ever feel like it’s enough.

I was broken (am still in repair) and lost.

2017 Oct was all about cliffhanging in PAIN, learning how to raise a baby girl 3 months old ALONE! No nanny, no relatives, no one just baby and I walking the toughest walk I’ve ever had to.

Tedd Josiah

Guess who came through for us with baby clothes, with baby milk, with words of encouragement, with prayers and more prayers and more prayers…? Our IG FAMILY that was at the time only 20k at the time.

When JayJay’s 1st birthday 🎂 came along I was scared and very jobless about to be kicked out of our home.

People from as far as China sent JayJay gifts 🎁 and cakes 🎂 and so many other things. You made it bearable.’


‘When we launched mama’s idea of a bag company JOKAJOK you embraced us and have continued to build with us from day one.

Now we not only feed ourselves but we feed 11 other families through employment and we empower single mothers and fathers in our company.

Our head of leather studio is a lady feeding and fending for 3 children alone, all our other staff also have children to fend for and we’ve managed to come this far with you our IG family and build a legacy company.

Tedd Josiah

The road ahead is even longer and only God knows were it leads.

Sometimes strangers become closer than family and love you in a real way they will pray, fast, love and support you.
We don’t take that for granted at all and we want to thank you.

Let’s keep building the bear 🐻 family but also let’s build other people who maybe in need.



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