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Photo of Sonko’s daughter with Miraa and wine gets mixed reaction



Just like her father, Saumu Mbuvi has brought about mixed reaction after sharing a photo online with Miraa.

Saumu’s dad,  Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko, surprised many after sharing a clip enjoying a bunch of Miraa straight from Meru. The photo brought about mixed reaction as many didn’t understand why a governor would do such a thing.

Mbuvi, shared the photo on social media with the drug but it’s not clear if she was taking them.

Mixed emotions

The photo came with a lot of mixed reaction as Kenyans poured out their opinion as usual. While some were interested to see that she was carrying miraa, others rebuked her clamming that the drug is not for women at all.



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Passaris shows off more skin to the haters



After being subjected to many days of endless trolls from the haters, Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris has now taken the online bullies head-on.

On Saturday, Passaris shared a video of herself dancing to a rock ‘n’ roll hit with a male partner in what appears to have been some sort of a night garden party.

Dressed in a black knee length dress, Passaris rhythmically jams to the beats of the song.


As the song goes on the two dancers really get their groove with Passaris’ dancing partner twirling her around causing her dress to go higher revealing her thighs.

She repeats the move a few more times.

And just to take make sure the point get home, she captions the video with the hashtag #MyDressMyChoice.


The timing of the video is very telling coming just days after Passaris was viciously attacked online by tweeps who perceived her dressing from a past function as ‘indecent’.

Kenyans on Twitter, as expected, shared their varied reactions to the video.

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“Wazeeke pekee yao Awesome Mheshimiwa,” Faith Muema said.

“Beautiful! You still got the moves, and the legs look lovely as always!” Ms Kamaitha wrote.

“You’re losing focus now madam. We’ve already moved on,” Njoki commented.

“This is the reason why the position of women rep should be scrapped… hawana kazi… hawanaaaaaa,” Annochr said.

“Uko sawa mum. Wenye wivu itawacosti,”Vivian Mukeni commented.


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Why are you showing us your nakedness, Kenyans wonder over Passaris’ thy-exposing dress



Nairobi Women Representative Esther Passaris angered a section of Kenyans online after she defended her dressing, which was considered ‘indecent.’

In a tweet days after she was highly criticized online for wearing a see-through black maxi dress, Passaris noted that she is not ashamed of her beauty, adding that she was sent to the world without clothes.

“God sent me into the world without clothes who am I to be ashamed of my perfect being? Those with sin see my nakedness. Those redeemed by the blood of Our Saviours Jesus Christ see a beautiful child of God made perfect in His image. #NakedSoul #UnconditionalLove #IAmHisChild,” tweeted Passaris.

Online users slammed the politician for trying to use God’s name to justify indecent dressing.

Here are some of the reactions;

@CharlieWetu wrote: “Why show us your nakedness. I though you were married.”

@Irenemugo: “Is this how far you’ll go now to grab men’s attention? How pathetic!”

AliciaKariuki: “This is cheap. Na utamsikia akisema eti wanawake wanatukanwa.”

@OokoAmimo said:” Whatever English you use. There is no justification for being naked in the public.”

@Frankayub noted:”Don’t tag Jesus in your ratchet/ debauchery.”

@NzimbiHenry tweeted:”Thank you one term women rep.”

@ayatollasly1 noted:”And this is how the cookie begins to crumble,
Quoting God as justification for dressing immorally, Where does she think she is,garden of eden.”

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@Absent_Morris posed:”You do know you sound lame than a teenage girl going through teenage crisis? Smh.”

@WMutunga stated: “Don’t play God. You don’t own God.”

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Broke Kenyans beg Sonko’s daughter for help after she flaunts pile of cash



Broke Kenyans spent the better part of Friday afternoon begging Saumu Mbuvi to help them with cash after she flaunted wads of money on social media.

The first born daughter of Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko posted a picture of herself sitting in an office with a section of the desk piled with money.

She captioned the picture with a message about knowing her worth and not being afraid to walk alone.

“I know what I bring to the table, so trust me when I say I am not afraid to eat alone,” wrote Saumu Mbuvi.

The post attracted numerous reactions with most Kenyans telling her to be grateful of her fortunes in these harsh economic times.

Others went ahead to explain their tough financial situations including not being able to raise college fees

Ms Mbuvi later deleted the post but not after screenshots had been taken.


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