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Sonko’s 30-day notice to CBD landlords on repairs, paint jobs



Punzi lane in the city centre. PHOTO | FRANCIS NDERITU

City Hall has put on notice owners of buildings without the necessary approvals, saying their property risks being demolished.

The warning comes after the Nairobi County government began inspection of buildings across the capital, with Governor Mike Sonko saying he would no longer allow construction of structures that have not been approved by the county’s City Planning Department.

He said the move would go a long way in getting rid of substandard buildings, which have been blamed for tragedies witnessed in the past.

“We will take stern action against those who construct sub-standard houses in Nairobi. Most of those houses end up causing tragedies, leading to loss of lives and property,” said Mr Sonko.

He was speaking at Kabiro in Kawangware, Dagoretti North Constituency, where he was condoling with victims of a recent fire tragedy in the area.

He donated household items and foodstuffs to the victims.

He further promised to fully cater for funeral expenses for an infant who perished in the inferno.

“I did not come here because of politics and I am not the type of politician who comes here during the election season because I don’t do politics with people’s lives.

“I came to console the fire victims and also look into ways of stopping such disasters in future,” added Sonko.

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At the same time, he gave assurances that the planned redevelopment of different estates and informal settlements across the capital would proceed as planned despite the delays witnessed so far.

Mr Sonko said property owners in the Central Business District (CBD) had been given 30 days to paint and carry out renovations on their buildings as per the Nairobi City County by-laws.

The governor said his administration would start taking action against individuals who fail to comply with the order.

“County laws require that property owners repaint their premises after every two years to maintain healthy and quality standards. Those who have not complied with the by-laws should do so before we start taking action,” he said.

This is the second time owners of buildings in the city centre have been directed to repaint their buildings.

In January 2019, a similar directive was issued for building owners in the city to repaint their structures as part of an ongoing beautification project in the city.

Source:Nairobi News

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Kenyan man accused of rape by his Uber customer in California denies charges, seeks financial help




This fundraiser is meant to secure freedom  for one  Keneddy Wambua  Masila. Our son Ken, who is only 24 years old was arrested on June
10th, 2020 on allegations that he sexually violated a female passenger in his car
while working as an uber driver.

We believe these charges to be a complete  fabrication and that our son Ken has been wrongly accused.  According to Ken, on that fateful night he received a ping from the uber  system to pick up a passenger. Ken drove to the pickup location where he picked  up a lady who seemed to be intoxicated.

Just like he always did, he drove his  passenger to her destination and dropped her off. Ken has assured us that during  this trip nothing happened and that it was just one of the many trips he had  completed that day. He was later arrested on the aforementioned accusation.

We strongly believe that this is one of the many schemes perpetrated by individuals who allege sexual assault with the aim of suing Uber for damages. Our son is barely getting situated here in the United States. He was working two jobs to support his family and also going to school to secure a promising future for
himself. He has been falsely accused and his promising future put in jeopardy.

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We have retained an attorney for Ken. Attorney cost is $12,500. His bail is set at
$20,000. Join us as we stand united with Ken.  We need funds urgently to pay for his bond  and retain the attorney. The funds will be a game changer for Ken who is now in custody and for his parents especially the mother who is currently ailing.
*We will not cease this fight until justice for Ken prevails!*

Please donate here:

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Kenyan business community lauds President Kenyatta for lifting the lockdown




The government has lifted the lockdown imposed earlier on major cities following the eruption of the Covid 19 pandemic. The announcement by President Uhuru Kenyatta on 6th July 2020 came just three days after Optiven Group CEO George Wachiuri called on the government to lift the lockdown. Wachiuri who was speaking in Kiambu County said this was imperative if the economy was to grow.

He added that, “while we support every effort to keep our people in good health, we have seen a large number sinking in to depression for lack of jobs and basic needs. The number of families seeking intervention for daily upkeep through the Optiven Foundation has grown tremendously in the last three months.

Wachiuri who is the chairman of the Optiven Foundation was referring to beneficiaries of the Spreading Hope campaign that was launched at the onset of the eruption of Covid 19. To date the Optiven Foundation has supported over 200 families under the campaign with beneficiaries domiciled in Kajiado, Machakos, Nairobi and Nyeri among others.

The eruption of Covid 19 pandemic has contributed to a rundown of the economy, affecting majority of sectors including health, manufacturing, education and many others.

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With the pandemic came rising cases of infection and other unforeseen challenges that saw the government seeking partnership with stakeholders to mitigate the situation. Optiven Limited was among the first respondents with the company donating a quarter of a million to the national kitty. Wachiuri says, “as an investor in business in Kenya, Optiven felt this was our call to make a difference.

We believe in what the taskforce is doing to better the situation”. Through the award winning Foundation, the company has in 2020 continued to offer psycho-social support while adhering to the Ministry of Health and World Health Organization recommendations on engagement.

5 Key Facts On the Lifting of the Lockdown

  1. Cessation of movement in Nairobi, Mombasa and Mandera lapses on 7th July 2020
  2. Curfew extended for 30 days
  3. Government to revert to lockdown if situation deteriorates or Covid 19 cases surge
  4. Vehicles traveling to and from areas that were previously restricted to be certified by the Ministry of Health
  5. On air travel, local travel to resume on 15th June 2020 while international travel to resume on 1st August 2020

Quote: “I urge all Kenyans to take personal responsibility and avoid unnecessary contact”.
Uhuru Kenyatta, President of the Republic of Kenya

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Thoughts by

George Wachiuri: A Leading Entrepreneur, a Published Author, Philanthropist, Youth Empowerment Enthusiast, a Family man and CEO of Optiven Group

Contact Optiven Group: 0790 300 300

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Panic over possible contacts of MP’s dead spouse



Panic has gripped Mogotio town, Baringo County, after it emerged that the husband of Woman Rep Gladwel Cheruiyot (pictured), who allegedly succumbed to Covid-19 on Saturday, had spent considerable amounts of time in the area recently.

This came as ministry of Health officials started tracing his last movements, particularly in Mogotio township, where he operated a petrol station and at his rural home in Kapkiamo, Baringo North subcounty.

An official who spoke to the People Daily newspaper on condition of anonymity said a “pilot” sample had been taken from one of the workers last week.

“We are waiting for testing kits so that we can do more tests in the targeted areas,” he said. But speaking separately, Baringo County Commissioner Henry Wafula and Mogotio MP Daniel Tuitoek said there was no cause for alarm, noting that the businessman may have died of other causes and not necessarily coronavirus.

“I am the chairman of the County Coronavirus Response Committee. I am not aware of any case in my area. The businessman died in Eldoret; that is all I can tell you,”said Wafula.

Shift responsibility

On county preparedness, Wafula appeared to shift the responsibility to Governor Stanley Kiptis, saying: “He was given Sh220 million. Ask him what he has done with it.”

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The commissioner has appealed to residents to stop speculating on what might have caused the death of Isaac Cherogony, 58, saying health is a personal issue.

“Who said he died of coronavirus? Health is for the family to talk about, not me.” Mogotio MP Tuitoek, on the other hand, has urged locals to strictly exercise self-discipline by obeying rules set to curb the disease spread and avert loss of lives.

The legislator called for calm, and called on the residents to continue wearing masks, washing hands with soap regularly and keeping social distance especially at public places.

Dr Tuitoek said he had been tested at the National Assembly and his samples turned out negative. He said he presented himself voluntarily for testing.

“There is nothing to fear. I received my results via SMS on Sunday evening,” he said. Baringo is one of the six counties that have not reported a case so far.


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