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The making of Young Muiru



Andrew Young Muiru, son to raspy-voiced televangelist pastor Pius Muiru of the famed Kuna Nuru Gizani show is a clear testimony that an apple does not fall far from the tree. He tells us of his journey to the pulpit and furthering his father’s dream

My upbringing was strict with limited TV time. We prayed, but it was not imposed on us. However, with all these liberties, it was mandatory that we went to church,” says 38-year-old Andrew Young Muiru, son of renowned televangelist Bishop Pius Muiru.

They had a wall unit where the family TV was kept under lock and key by Andrew’s mum, Lucy Muiru. “I would go out and play with my friends. Sometimes I would visit our neighbours so as to watch movies or exchange them,” he adds.

He was born and raised in Nairobi, but went to school at Sawa Sawa Academy in Meru where he sat for his Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) before joining Dagoretti High School in 1993. This is where his creative side was nurtured. He joined a music group and within no time became a leader of the brass band (a brass band is a musical group consisting entirely of brass instruments with a percussion section).

Peer pressure

But while his talent was being nurtured, on the other side, he would succumb to peer pressure. He would rave and smoke, but never got into women or alcohol. However, his parents never found out until later in life when he confessed as he preached. He changed his ways soon after high school when he decided to live the life of a Christian believer.

Many would remember Andrew leading Maximum Melodies Evangelistic Kids as the group danced to gospel songs during his father’s crusades. He recalls with nolstagia how the music group was formed. “One day, my parents were hosting dinner for some church members. There was a song playing in the background and Andrew mobilised children present to dance to it. The parents liked it and his mum encouraged them to perform a dance in church in the next Sunday service. We danced to the song in church and the crowd went crazy. The following week, we met on Friday and on Saturday, perfected the dance moves and danced again. The response was overwhelming,” he recalls.

They would go on to dance to new tunes. Andrew ended up becoming the choreographer and eventually the leader of the group, which danced during his father’s crusades. By 1997, the group has grown to 37 members as a result of estate crusades. “We performed for the former President Daniel Arap Moi many times, especially at Nyayo Stadium. I loved Maximum Melodies Kids. As the leader of the group, I had to learn to play almost all the instruments such as the clarinet, trumpet and saxophone,” he says.


Andrew and his wife Edna Wairimu. PHOTOS: COURTESY

As the group grew in numbers, so did the church’s popularity and people’s expectations of him as a pastor’s child, which restricted his freedom. “I found that people had high expectations of me. I couldn’t go anywhere or be seen with anyone. My life became peoples’ business,” he recalls.

He couldn’t hold a woman’s hand or go to a movie theatre as that was

considered sin. He is glad that this has changed and he can now go to Westgate and catch a movie.

And because of discipline issues and individual band members getting opportunities elsewhere, the group went down to 12 members. In 2004, they released their first album Mwamba. “I had a Nokia 3310, which could only record a voice tag. I got the chorus, recorded it in my phone and gave it to Billy Frank because he knew how to play the keyboard. I wrote one verse, while another member wrote the other verses, and we went to a recording studio.” Andrew says. Music producer. Gideon Kimanzi assisted them in perfecting the track. The video was shot at the coast. It became a major hit and won many awards.

“We won the Kora and Kisima awards in 2005. We went to South Africa to receive the award and were so late that by the time we entered the hall, our names had already been called out. Esther Wahome received the award on our behalf,” he remembers.

Career and family

” Winning the awards encouraged them to do work harder and win 1 more awards. They ref leased other albums such as Emmanueli in 2007 and Ebenezer in 2008.

In 2007. Andrew’s father declared his intention to vie for presidency. Despite Andrew being abroad launching his album while his father campaigned, it was a tough period for the family. “To assume that people would understand his decision was the hardest part. People would look at us and call us watoto wa president,” he says.

Even after Bishop Muiru failed in his presidential bid, the family kept preaching. In 2016, Maximum Miracles opened a church in Mombasa and Andrew was appointed to take charge of it. Though he attended Bible School, he never anticipated the call in his life. Later on, in 2017, they launched Nuru TV. Andrew oversees the production of various documentaries, preachings, features and talk shows.

He met his wife. Edna Wairimu on social media. As he recalls, they used to like each other’s photos and later on exchanged contacts. They would later on establish their friendship and after eight months, Andrew decided to take the relationship a notch higher and proposed. His wedding held on June 9, 2018 attracted media attention some questioning the source of the money to fund such a lavish affair.

“I’m a grown up. So, nobody should talk about my father spending cash on my wedding. People supported us. You can’t stay in God’s vineyard and not have people support you,” he says.


■ Andrew Muiru pursued Mass Communication before studying theology for two years.

■ He founded Maximum Melodies Kids.

■ Once, GSU band desired that he Join them. However, when they contacted Andrew’s mum, she refused as she didn’t want him to become a policeman.

■ He is married to Edna Wairimu, and they are expecting their first child.

source:People Daily

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