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Ugandan Woman who has been serving food to Kenyan men in a restaurant while kneeling is making some women envious



Stella Mteyo, a 23-year-old waitress from Mbale in Uganda, is reportedly driving Kiambu men crazy with her charming manners.

Mteyo runs a hotel, Stella Vienyanjas, in the heart of Kiambu town where she serves customers her specialty food of Ugali with Omena, which goes for Ksh70 and Ugali with fish, which she sells at Ksh100.

All this she does while kneeling and her amused male clients flock the joint just to receive her king-like treatment.

Mteyo revealed that she once worked as a housegirl but her boss kicked her out because she thought she was snatching her husband. Her employer did not like the idea of her serving her husband food while kneeling.

A file image of Stella Mteyo serving her customer while kneeling

However, she maintained that in her culture, a woman can’t serve a man without kneeling down because to them, it shows disrespect.

According to one regular customer, Aston Mutembei, he is addicted to Mteyo’s eatery considering the fact that she appreciates her clients.

“She makes you feel like you are in charge. She is not like other women who just throw your food on the table without caring if you will eat or not.

“This is how it’s supposed to be, a man should be treated like a king. For sure she knows how to cook, I always feel pampered and well taken care of,” Mutembei confessed urging women especially from Kiambu to emulate Mteyo.

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Another customer, Richard Ngige, also applauded Mteyo noting that she was beautiful and courteous. He added that when he is at the hotel, he feels cherished and loved unlike when he is at home.

Mzee John Wainaina, one of Mteyo’s loyal customer, praised the Ugandan culture stating, “Ugandan women are very respectful compared to our women. In Kikuyu culture, women used to respect men and they would bring you food covering themselves with shuka or wearing a long dress to show respect, but today, they no longer do that.”

But Joan Wambui is not amused. She tweeted: “Sasa mzee wangu akionyeshwa mambo haya, atarudi nyumbani kweli?”

Jennifer Akinyi says: “I really don’t have the time for that nonsense. Kwani ni Mungu? Huyu mama anataka kutunyang’anya wazee wutu. Shindwe!”

A woman kneels before her husband during a Ugandan wedding

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Mystery murders, abductions baffle families, police



When Thomas Ochieng, who runs an eatery in Kisumu left work to meet a caller about two weeks ago, he was optimistic that he would strike a business deal.

The 41-year-old father of five, commonly known as ‘Chuks’, confided in his friends that the caller wanted him to provide catering services for his 40 guests for three days.

Mr Ochieng hired a boda boda rider, to take him to a hotel in Milimani where he was to meet the guests.

He asked the motorcyclist a friend, to accompany him to the hotel, where they met three people.

Later, they went to a night club in the Central Business District and parted ways after agreeing to seal the deal the following morning.

On Wednesday at 8am, Ochieng left his house to meet the clients.

Recovered from the lake

His family and workers were looking forward to seeing him later in the day.

Little did they know that Ochieng would join the statistics of people who have mysteriously gone missing only to be found brutally murdered days later.

The mysterious disappearance of people in the region has baffled security agencies as no suspects have been arrested. Several people have gone missing, including a teacher and his driver who are yet to be found.

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About three days after Ochieng’s disappearance, the body was found lying at the Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital mortuary with deep cuts and some body parts missing.

The body was taken to the mortuary by Kenya Coast Guard Service officers after they recovered it from Lake Victoria.

The family has started burial plans for the businessman even as they plead for justice.

The deceased’s cousin, David Guya, said they now live in fear as they do not know the motive of the killing of the man who led a peaceful life in Dunga.

“We do not know why our brother was killed. We are only hoping that his killers will be brought to book,” said Mr Guya.

But the family is not alone, a few metres from their home the family of a teacher who was also brutally murdered and dumped in a sewage lagoon is yet to come to terms with his death.

The decomposing body of Joseph Onyango was found floating in a sewage lagoon a few days after he mysteriously went missing from his home. The body had deep cuts and the family suspects he was tortured before he was murdered.

When the Sunday Standard visited his home yesterday, the widow, Mercy Otieno, was attending to their five-year-old child.

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“He was our sole bread winner and his murder has completely destroyed our lives,” she said as she battled tears.

Onyango was a primary school teacher in Nyakach sub-county.

“He did not have any issues with anyone and we are still wondering why he had to die that way,” she said.

In the past one month, three cases of people who have gone missing only to be found murdered have been reported in the region as pressure piles on security agents to bring perpetrators to book.

Other cases have been reported since the year began, including the brutal murder of a 42-year-old NGO worker in Riat.

Caren Anyango’s body was found in a pool of blood in an office block where she worked as a support staff and caretaker for Community Initiative Action Group (CIAG-K) and Transparency International (TI).

Yesterday, Chris Owala, a colleague, said no suspects have been arrested.


A nurse, Ferdinand Ongeri, 40, was abducted by unknown people at Riat dispensary. His body was later found dumped in a forest in Nandi, several kilometres away.

A post-mortem report indicated that he died due to excessive bleeding after his throat was slit and mouth slashed with a sharp object.

In August, the body of a teacher who went missing a few weeks after she was interdicted was found dumped by the roadside at Tido.

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And as concerns grow over mysterious deaths, several families are also struggling to find their kin who have gone missing.

In Nyamasaria, the family of Enock Odhiambo, a primary school teacher, is yet to find him and his driver, more than a month after they left home to attend a burial in Migori.

His car was found abandoned a few metres from Sondu. Yesterday, his wife Milka Oyoyo pleaded with police to help locate her husband.

“My children have been asking me where their father is, but I do not know what to tell them,” she said.

Spent a fortune

The family said they have spent a fortune in an attempt to locate the two.

Activists have challenged police officers to resolve the cases and ensure justice is served to the families.

Yesterday, County Commander Ranson Lolmodol said they were yet to arrest any suspects as investigations continue.

“We have already launched investigations into the murders. In the case of the missing persons, we have opened a file and we are doing our best to trace them,” said Lolmodol.

On Friday, activists led by Audi Ogada presented a petition to security agencies in Kisumu to push them to bring the perpetrators to book.


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Families in pain as case on children’s deaths goes cold



With obvious misery lingering in his mildly teary eyes, hands on his cheek, and downcast face, heartbroken Stephen Mulinge speaks in a faint voice.

Mulinge talks haltingly about an arduous couple of months following the shattering discovery and burial of his daughter, Alvinah Mutheu.

From the sitting room, one can clearly see that Mulinge’s home seems to have been barely occupied in recent days. The kitchenware is neatly in place, the floors spotlessly clean and the air quiet, despite the chaotic noises outside the house.

“We don’t live here anymore, but we still pay rent. I just came to check the condition of the house,” Mulinge says.

And perhaps, he says, the apartment his young family once called home may never feel like it again, the same way his family will never be whole again.

On June 11, Alvinah, 3, along with her friend and neighbour, four-year-old Henry Jacktone disappeared while playing outside the residential building where they lived with their families, just next to KMC Estate in Athi River.

But in a shocking turn of events that stunned the country, the decomposed bodies of the young children were discovered on July 1, in a car that the Athi River police officers had towed to the police station’s yard in March, after an accident. The parents had earlier reported the disappearance of the children at the same police station.

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Months after the unsettling deaths and burials of Alvinah and Henry, their grieving and desperate parents have fled the haunting and burdensome memories that still hang over their homes, from where their young children vanished, never to return alive.

Mulinge says life will never be the same again for his family, with the unexplained death of his daughter leaving a lifelong scar on their once blissful lives.

“Alvinah’s death derailed us. We left everything behind after her demise. We have never returned to live here since we travelled for the burial in Machakos. We are still figuring out what to do,” Mulinge said during an interview from the apartment where the family used to live.

Mulinge adds that the tragedy plunged them into confusion. For now, he says, all they can do is while away their days in their upcountry home as they think about how to pick up the pieces, even though they do not know how to.

“I am deeply hurt but I have to pull myself together for the sake of our other child,” said Mulinge’s wife, Catherine Musembi, via a phone interview from Machakos.

Catherine further said she opted to remain in Machakos with their older child, since bringing him back to the house in Athi River so soon could be traumatic for him.

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A relative of Clinton Odhiambo and Fenny Aoko, the parents of Henry, who declined to give his name told The Standard that the loss had severely impacted the boy’s parents.

“We are trying to help the family forget. We don’t want to keep bringing up the issue,” the close relative said, noting that Henry’s death had absolutely devastated his parents.

Like Alvinah’s parents, the family member said, the haunting memories of Henry’s death have made his family to move from the building where they lived.

He said Henry’s parents moved to another residence within Athi River after the incident.

What exacerbated their pain, the family member said, was the fact that the trail suddenly went cold. As both families reveal, the authorities who were handling the investigations, including Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) officers and officers from Athi River Police Station, went silent on the progress of the investigations.

But still, the affected parents want to know what happened to their children so they can get closure.

“At least if we get answers and know what happened we will brace ourselves and try to move on,” Mulinge says. “You just feel alone. We are still in darkness two months later. We don’t even know where to begin.”

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When the postmortem examination results were released, Chief Government Pathologist Johansen Oduor told the media they were inconclusive as the state of the bodies hindered a proper analysis. He said the cause of the children’s deaths could not be determined following the damage caused by the decomposition of their remains. However, the pathologist also noted that the bodies did not exhibit obvious signs of physical injury.

“I just avoid thinking about it. The police said they would collaborate with a mobile phone company to pursue the identities of the individuals who called us asking for ransom after our children disappeared, but we have not heard anything. No one from the police station has bothered to talk to us ever since they gave us our child’s body,” said Catherine.

DCI Head of investigations John Kariuki said yesterday the matter was still under investigation.

“What justice will come out of the media reporting the plight of the families? Will it bring the children back to life,” the relative of Henry’s parents asked.


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