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UoN broke, heavily in debt: auditor



The University of Nairobi is technically broke and cannot meet its financial obligations unless it receives support from the government and lenders, according to the latest audit report tabled in Parliament.

According to the audit report, the university’s statement of the financial position as at June 2018 reflects current liabilities totalling Sh5,724,377,000 and current assets worth Sh4,288,628, resulting in a negative working capital if Sh1,435,749,000.

In the period under review, Auditor-General Mr Edward Ouko noted in his report tabled by majority leader Aden Duale, the university was unable to meet its financial obligations.

In particular, Mr Ouko said, UoN was unable to remit several payments – Sh282 million (Pay As You Earn), Sh3 million (National Social Security Fund), Sh10 million (National Hospital Insurance Fund), Sh204 million (Chuna Sacco) and Sh1.5 billion (Higher Education Loans Board).

The report says UoN’s management attributed the debts to a decline in capitation from the parent ministry, a decline in module 2 student enrollment, strikes by academic staff and the prolonged presidential elections, which led to the closure of the University.

“The university therefore is apparently facing financial problems and its continued operations as a going concern will continue to depend on the support of the government and lenders,” reads the audit report.

Mr Ouko further said that outstanding students debts for the last one year stood at Sh871, 067,587 and expressed concern about recovery of the debt.

The report warned students that section 8.1 of the university’s financial regulations states it shall withhold any and all services, examination results, conferment of any degree, certificate or award until all outstanding fees are settled.

The auditor also raised concern that the public may not get value for money for the stalled students’ hostel at the Lower Kabete campus.

Mr Ouko pointed out that the project began in 1990 and stalled in 1992, and that the contract was mutually terminated in 2000.

At the time of termination, the university owed the contractor Sh50 million, which remains unpaid to date. The contractor has since gone to court and claimed the Sh50 million plus interest and costs.

Auditors who visited the project site found visible cracks in the columns and beams, as well as chemical and physical damage.

“Completion of this project would provide secure accommodation for students currently seeking accommodation in surrounding areas,” the report states.

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The interviewee who hated me





6 years ago a guy looked at me face to face, and boldly told me; “I don’t like you!”

I immediately fired a response, I asked him that day; “Thank you for the honest feedback, but those that you like, how has it made their life better? How does your liking people pay their bills or take a bank loan? My brother keep your like, I need God’s like And that’s what guarantees my future.

Today I joined a CEO friend of mine in an interview Panel to recruit some new staff, it was a long session, as we returned from a coffee break to continue the hectic interview session, here was this same guy walkING in with his grey jacket and CV coming for the interview.

Our eyes kissed by fluke, we immediately recognised each other; “the world is indeed spherical”, I soliloquized.

He felt very uncomfortable through out the interview, one could clearly see the volcanic eruption ongoing in his whole nervous system, he even mistook his date of birth for his last date of employment. It wasn’t yet my turn to ask him questions so I allowed everyone to take their turns with him and deliberately opted to interview him last.

When it got to my turn, the first thing I said was, “I LIKE YOU so much, you look to me like a brilliant and intelligent person, but it seems you are not doing well now because something bothers you, true?”

“That’s very correct Sir!” He responded.

“Ok look at me straight in the eye, I was never offended that day, it is very normal that sometimes as humans you just don’t like certain people, but I wasn’t bothered either, because whether you liked me or not, it was inconsequential to my life and my success path – as you can see, fate has brought you to my lair”

I stood up and beckoned him to come and embrace me, everyone on the panel at this point were at sea – wondering if we had expeditiously recast an interview session to a Hollywood movie scene.

He hugged me so long and deeply that I felt it. Then I told him, “now get your confidence back bro and answer the questions like a Pro Shark that you are, we all burst into laughter, everyone suddenly liked him and the room became livelier – the interview became more like a discussion, well to cut the long story short, he got the job!

~ Be careful how you treat people when they appear to be in their vulnerable state, your next level may be hanging in their balance; somewhere in the future.

~ If you dislike someone, it is not their fault, it is YOUR FAULT, work on yourself to find good in people and reinvent your Mind to see everyone as likeable.

~,Don’t spew hatred vocally just because it came into your heart, you may say it to someone who will keep it forever and use it against you when you find yourself in your own low moments and need them.

~ Learn to forgive, overlook people’s dislike and hatred for you, dont punish people just because you have the position and privilege to do so, bless them rather – that’s how you court God’s blessings, favour and protection.
#BestVersionOfYou #prayloveinspire #TransformingNations

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UK retracts travel ban to Kenya hours after issuing it



The United Kingdom has denied that it had issued a warning to its citizens against the risk of kidnapping in the country following an updated travel advisory on Tuesday.

The UK Ambassador to Kenya Nic Hailey, just hours after the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) had listed Kenya among the global kidnapping hotspots, said that it was false and not true.

“The UK has not issued a new travel advisory for Kenya. We keep our Travel Advice regularly updated but today’s reports of new warnings or restrictions are false,” said the Ambassador through a tweet.

The UK had in a fresh travel guidance expanded the areas where her citizens should be vigilant for kidnappings to include Kenya’s top conferencing, safari and beach tourism destinations.

“There’s a heightened threat of terrorism, including terrorist kidnappings, across Kenya, including to people travelling in or through Nairobi, the coast and resort areas around Mombasa and Malindi, the towns of Narok, Naivasha, Nanyuki and Meru and their surrounding areas, and the northern border counties,” the FCO statement read.

The advisory lists places frequented by foreigners such as hotels, bars, restaurants, sports bars and nightclubs, sporting events, supermarkets, shopping centres, coastal areas including beaches, airports, buses, trains and other transport hubs as possible areas which could be targeted.


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Two years after getting married, Adele shares dating advice that some Kenyans definitely need



Kiss FM breakfast show presenter Adelle Onyango has been married for two years now after walking down the aisle with Falgun Bhojakis at a secret wedding at Redhill heights, Limuru.

So far, she has learned a lot about marriage. It’s not a bed of rose flower but it can be as soft and green as grass if you are dedicated and tender to it.


Adele recently shared how people should fall in love saying that no one should be desperate when looking for love.

“When you keep looking for love you will find the wrong people but when you’re alone just in your own space like going to the gym, yoga, love will find you there. join a group for cyclists and cycle in Karura” said Adele.  

Well, it’s a simple advice that will probably will work.


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