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VIDEO: You must respect my wife, Pastor Ng’ang’a declares



Controversial Pastor James Ng’ang’a has threatened to close Neno Evangelism Church branches, claiming the bishops do not respect his wife.

In a video that has gone viral, he is seen telling the bishops that he would eject all of them if they do not heed his warning, since the “church branches have become kiosks”.

“This time round I will show you my power…. Any woman who will not respect my wife…… You found me here with your wives, you have enriched yourselves from my efforts. Stupid…. arrogant…….. I was preaching on a cart…. I swear before God I will show you who is Ng’ang’a…..”

Here is the video:


The angry pastor tells the bishops it is ironical for them to brag about the riches they acquired in his church yet they do not respect him.

“I want to address you bishops, if you don’t respect my wife I will kick you out of my ministry. It doesn’t matter who you are,” the agitated Ng’ang’a said.

Ng’ang’a said he has reached an elderly age that demands automatic respect from all the bishops.

“When I cough, you must respond,” he said.


“When I sneeze all bishops must respond fast since I picked them when they were nothing. You came to me in tattered clothes, now you have made small money and think you can overturn me……useless”

-Pastor James Nganga

The pastor said he is facing such battles because Satan wants to bring the ministry down.

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“Satan is fighting me because he wants to bring me down, there is nothing you can tell me…. I am Neno that’s why I am being fought….. I will not allow you and your wives stress me more…..,” he said.

“If you want to call yourself a bishop, think about where you came from, how dare chest thumb before me and you came to me in tarters ……… I will chase all of you takataka,” he went on.

Ng’ang’a said even politicians who don’t respect their parties are expelled and for him to eject the bishops it will not be new.

“I am targeting you bishops, I swear before God that if I don’t bring you down then I am not called….The money you are bragging with I am the one who made you…. I demand full respect,” he said.

Pastor Ng’ang’a and his wife on their wedding day. FILE PHOTO

He said if his caution will be adhered to, he would close all the branches and remain with the main headquarters.

Ng’ang’a described his bishops as petty, stupid and people who don’t respect him as the person who empowered them.

“They must toe the line or else I will personally go to close the kiosks to remain with main church based in Nairobi. I am the founder of Neno,” he said amid cheers from the worshipers.

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Ng’ang’a said that his bishops at the kiosks are untouchable but they should know that he was the chief commandant.


-The Star

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PHOTOS: Former K24 journalist lands plum government job months after mass firing



If you are good at your job, your skills will sell you and that is not far from the truth for recently axed K24 journalist.

End of June 2020, Mediamax employees could only cry foul after the corporate swept clean its entire newsroom team, from editors, to reporters, to news anchors…they were all shown the door.

This is after the media house’s previous mass firing in late October 2019 with a solid 160 editorial staff asked to exit and at least 10 editors affected, citing hard economic times.

Mediamax building

Some have had a soft landing including the former K24 Kiswahili managing editor and TV anchor, Franklin Wambugu who has bagged himself a plum role in government.

Divulging finer details to a local publication, Frank revealed he was now Communications and Public Relations Officer at Kiambu County Government, a role he landed barely 2 weeks ago.

I am here to showcase what Kiambu County has to offer in terms of service delivery especially with it being the second-most populous county and attracts a lot of interest.

Former K24 saa moja co-anchors Franklin Wambugu and Isabella Kituri

Despite his vast experience in the field of communications, Mr Wambugu believed he was here to work with a team of professionals and not to start from scratch.

I am not going there to reinvent the wheel. I am going to work with people who are very talented.

His new role holds him responsible for the formulation, implementation and coordination of Information and Public Communication policies as well as advising on the same.

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VIDEO:How Maureen Waititu’s untimely pregnancies sacrificed her career in Law



Maureen Waititu became expectant barely weeks into her Kenya School of Law exams when she had to choose between motherhood and finishing school.

Divulging details during their Mamiz show, Milly Chebby recalled her childhood of an ever-present lioness of a mom.

She was a present and commanding mom although at one point she became a single mum.

Popular content creator, Milly Chebby

And unlike for Milly, Maureen Waititu only had the privilege of seeing her mother after every 3 months.

My mum was always working and away but it never made me lose my vision as a mum. I’d see her after 3 months and at the time, I was like a really little girl.


Maureen’s parents separated just like she did with baby daddy, Frankie Just Gym It and for her, her past had prepared her enough.

I’ve never heard my mum talk ill about my dad and despite having my reservations about Frankie, I will never tell it to my kids.

Former couple, Frankie Just Gym It and Maureen Waititu with one of their sons

However, unlike her career mother, Maureen vowed to be a present mum for her boys, forcing her to put a stop to her career in Law, to care of her sons.

For some reason, I knew I’d always have boys and always wanted to be a more present mom for my boys. That’s why I never went to practice Law.

Turns out the babies came before she sat her exams at Kenya School of Law so she kept postponing.

I got my baby [Lexie] 3 weeks before KSL exams but I was ready for the exams. However, my son got Jaundice and I had to postpone my exams. Kai Kai on the other hand was an oopsie baby, I was on birth control at the time but it failed me miserably. Either way, I love them to bits!

Maureen Waititu with her two boys

Her confession, left Milly Chebby envious of her, wishing she could also bare a son with hubby Terence Creative.

Can we exchange places so that I get a second born who is a son?

Milly Chebby with daughter, Milla Netai

This saw the two burst out with laughter, as Terence kept mum after his wife’s confession.

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VIDEO: Milly WaJesus misty after husband’s big surprise on her special day



The WaJesus family is one couple that has proven marriage can still work, with the love flame still burning bright, promises living to be fulfilled and romance only getting sweeter by the day.

A couple that has become an envy to many but one that has lived to give hope to those looking forward to one or in despair that with God in it, it is very possible.

Milly was turning a year older yesterday and her romantic husband, Kabi spared his time to plan all through it and it emerged a beautiful success.

Milly Wa Jesus

Blindfolded, Milly was driven to an undisclosed location, seemingly a rural kind of place, quiet, beautiful greenery, away from the city.

Once she was unmasked, what stood before her was a beautiful romantic picnic setup in what many would term the middle of nowhere but what stood out most was the certification Kabi was about to hand her.

The WaJesus picnic on their just purchased piece of land

The ground the couple had been standing in was a piece of land Milly had prayed to God about for so long, she knew they could not afford it but always trusted in God.

The unveiling

Finally, Kabi had made her dream come true on his wife’s special day, handing her a title deed, certified and with her names on it.

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Overwhelmed, the mother of one, broke to tears, weeping uncontrollably, running around insanely and Kabi was just grateful he could make it happen.

Milly Wa Jesus acquires her title deed

For Kabi, his wife deserved everything good because since day one she believed in him, even when he had no vision, she stood by him and for that, he would give up everything for her.

Kabi used his last savings from his previous company to make his first step towards purchase of the land by 20th July, and worked day and night to fully ensure the land was in his wife’s name.

The WaJesus just purchased piece of land

A piece of land they seek to settle in as their first home and for their family. It was a beautiful late afternoon, dancing, singing, crying, popping champagne, eating and drinking the evening away.


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