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Wife, daughter and Baba Yao’s millions probe



The anti-graft agency has told a court how Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu, his wife and their daughter might have pocketed millions in kickbacks for contracts awarded by the government.

In an affidavit before a Kiambu court, Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) accuses the governor of receiving kickbacks through his bank accounts and accounts of companies associated with him, his wife Susan Wangari Ndung’u and their daughter Monica Njeri.

The affidavit by EACC investigator Regina Ng’ang’a details how two companies the commission said are owned by the three, received up to Sh30.6 million from a firm awarded a tender to construct roads late last year and early this year.

EACC said Testimony Enterprises Limited, which had been “irregularly” paid a substantial amount “without producing certificates required to show the work done”, received Sh180 million between April last year and last April.

Investigations showed that the company’s account was opened on March 27, last year by its managing director Charles Chege and Beth Wangechi Mburu, being the directors.Between July and October last year, Testimony Enterprises Ltd paid Sh25.4 million to Saika Two Estate Developers Limited, which is owned by Waititu and his daughter, according to EACC.

Between October 2018 and January 2019, Testimony Enterprise Limited paid, from its bank account Sh5.2 million to Bienvenue Delta Hotel that is owned by Waititu and his wife, EACC said.  The commission said this emerged during an analysis of statements received from an Equity Bank account held by Testimony Enterprises Limited. It showed numerous transactions on various dates.

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The investigator told court their inquiries from Registrar of Companies revealed Waititu and his daughter are the directors of Saika Two Estate Developers Limited.

EACC also said according to the Registrar of Companies, Waititu and his wife are the directors of Bienvenue Delta Hotel.

“An analysis of evidence reveals the governor received kickbacks through his bank accounts and accounts of companies associated with him and his family members for contracts awarded by the county government,” reads the affidavit.

Testimony Enterprise Limited was awarded a tender to construct eight roads on March 8, last year at a cost of Sh588 million.Mr Chege, on March 9,2018, accepted the tender.

The detective indicted that the company had so far been irregularly paid a substantial amount of money. “The money paid was thereafter transferred to accounts of company directors and later to the account of the governor, his wife, daughter and companies associated with the county chief,” Ms Ng’ang’a said.

EACC said money paid to Testimony Enterprise Ltd was transferred either directly or indirectly to the top county officials, their companies or relatives.

“This therefore points to use of proxies for personal gain,” read the affidavit.Ng’ang’a told the court that on May 23, 2019, EACC executed search warrants where crucial documents were seized.EACC says it is based on this background that it is opposed to granting anticipatory bail to Waititu and Chief Finance Officer Faith Njeri Harrison.

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In the case, Waititu and Ms Harrison are named as applicants, while the Director of Public Prosecutions, the Director of Criminal Investigations, Inspector General of Police, EACC and Banking Fraud Unit are named as respondents.Last week, Kiambu Principal Magistrate Brian Khaemba granted the two a Sh500,000 bail each.

Before the anticipatory bail was given, the governor had been arrested over corruption allegations.A statement by EACC chief executive Twalib Mbarak said the commission was investigating Waititu for the irregular award of tenders valued at Sh588 million to companies associated with him and his immediate family.

Mbarak said investigations showed contractors paid money to senior county officials, their companies or relatives through proxies. He said investigations would also cover the fraudulent acquisition of public funds, conflict of interest and money laundering.Waititu has denied any wrongdoing and blamed his woes on political rivals.

Ng’ang’a told court the money was irregularly paid to contractors and county officials in the 2017/2018 financial year.She informed court that the commission started investigations and obtained documents relating to the probe from the county government.An analysis of the documents revealed a Cabinet paper dated January 24, 2018 on the proposed improvement of County Gravel Roads to bituminous standard using soil stabilisation technology.

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The investigator said the purpose of the Cabinet paper was to seek approval and allocation of budget for improvement of 21.35 kilometres.The roads included a two kilometres Kimuchu-Corner 3 to Muthaiga road in Thika, one-kilometre Full Gospel-Githunguri Primary School road in Ruiru and the 3.7-kilometre Rainbow Hotel Eastern Bypass Road in Ruiru.

There is also 2.6-kilometre Kahawa Wendani Nakumatt Supermarket to Kwan Ng’ethe road in Ruiru, the two kilometer Thika highway-Maraba junction and Witeithie town road in Juja, and Igegania health centre-Igegania Primary road measuring 1.05km in Gatundu North.

Others are four-kilometre Kamirithu-Ngenia and Ngarariga shopping Centre Bibirioni Primary School road in Limuru, the two-kilometre Gathanja-Muchatha road in Kiambaa and the two-kilometre Karura Ka Nyungu road in Kabete.The affidavit shows the cost of constructing the roads was estimated at Sh600 million.

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Covid-19: US gives Kenya Sh5bn



The US says it will provide Sh5 billion to support Kenya’s Health sector and economic recovery.

Through the US Agency for International Development (USAID), Washington announced the support for Kenya’s Covid-19 response and recovery efforts to meet immediate and longer-term challenges that the virus is posing.

US Ambassador to Kenya Kyle McCarter said that they are focusing on ensuring resources get to the counties and local communities.

“The American people have always been generous to those in need around the world, and today Kenya is facing the compound challenges of Covid-19, flooding and locusts,” he said.

Nearly Sh610 million of this cash will ensure children are educated through distance learning, young people gain jobs in emerging areas, and citizen-responsive governance helps mitigate possible conflict, violence, and civil unrest.

USAID Mission Director Mark Meassick said that the funds will directly benefit Kenyans.

“We partner with the Kenyan government, NGOs, civil society and local organisations and institutions to support the Kenyan people. The US requires our partners to adhere to rigorous reporting requirements and standards,” Mr Meassick said.

To date, and with support from the US, more than 1,600 health workers have been trained in 35 counties.

272,000 Ministry of Health posters on the prevention and symptoms of Covid-19 have also printed and distributed across 23 high-risk counties, personal protective equipment (PPEs) repurposed from the Ebola outbreak to protect health care workers and labs provided with diagnostic and capacity-building support.

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Expensive electricity bills to continue for 15 more years



Official contracts have tied consumers to high electricity bills linked to thermal generation for up to another 15 years, records show.

A listing of the active diesel-run power generators shows that the longest power purchase agreement runs till 2035, leaving consumers with a longer wait before the expensive energy sources end. The Energy ministry last year began shedding the diesel-run power generation units by letting their contracts expire to reduce the burden on consumers.

Data from the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (Epra) show that there are eight thermal power plants with a combined installed capacity of 660.82 megawatts supplying the national grid.

Energy Cabinet Secretary Charles Keter said the option of waiting for the expiry of the production agreements would be the easiest as terminating them early would be costly.

“We are slowly retiring them by not renewing licences when contracts expire. This is based on our grid analysis, which show that technically, they can be decommissioned without negative impacts to the quality and security of supply of electricity,” Mr Keter said. The Epra list show that the Triumph Power Generating Company was the latest company to be signed for thermal power supply in July 2015.

The firm’s 83MW plant has a 20-year contract expiring in February 2035. Others like Coast–based Gulf Energy with 80MW and Thika Power with 90MW will expire in 2034.

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Switching off thermal plants is part of the government’s gradual phase-out plan of expensive diesel power generators as it moves to provide cheaper and cleaner energy.

Last year, Iberafrica’s 54MW thermal plant was dropped off the grid after 15 years with the expiry of its power purchase agreement.

The use of thermal power has been blamed for keeping Kenya’s electricity relatively expensive compared to countries like Egypt which largely uses hydro sources retailing at Sh3.23 per kilowatt hour (unit) on average compared to thermal’s Sh18 per unit.


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PHOTO: Zeddy exposes the Churchill Show official driving comedians into depression



Comedian Zeddy is fed up of seeing her colleagues die of depression; yet no one in the Churchill show is doing anything to ensure this stops.

So far Njenga Mswahili, Ayieya poa poa and now Kasee are said to have passed on; after months of battling with depression after losing their jobs at Churchill show.

However what we didn’t know is that the director identified as Victor Ber was the reason why some of the big upcoming names never perform in the show despite showing potential of growth.

Zeddy spills it all!

In a detailed post shared by Zeddy who is a mother and a wife, the lady went on to narrate exposing some of the hardships comedians go through in the hands of Victor Ber.

She went on to write;

Victor Ber accused of pushing comedians into depression

Long post alert!
Ndio huyu mzizi wa fitna @VictorBer24 creative director wa Churchill Show “Depression maker”. Kama ushaiwai enda auditions za Churchill show, hakika unajua huyu msee.huwa hearltess, roho chafu kuliko ya Firaun (farao) yaani atakuthalilisha na maneno yake makali kuliko moto wa jehanam (hell) Atafanya ujidharau maisha yako yote! Kwa wale hawajui, ndio perform Churchill lazima uende rehearsal 3days so Ber hatakwambia day one hajafeel jokes zako.Atakufanyisha P.E hadi siku ya kurecord show,kama bado 2hrs anatoa program ya wale wata perform. Ukiangalia list ya performers unapata jina lako haliko. Ngai hapa ndo unaonga msanii ameanza kupata stress coz umekam three days umetumia fare, ukabuy nguo ya kuchapa show ama ata ukakopa,unapata msanii amefanyiwa hivi like three months.Imagine, wewe kama msanii, bado unarudi juu comedy ni inborn; unaskianga tu kuperform. Ukipata bahati upenye alafu uanze kushine, Ber anaanza kukuua pole pole; utaenda rehearsal ataskiza kila mtu kama umekaa hapo amke na aende bila ata kukuambia lolote, unabaki na viulizo. Unaeza enda rehearsal akuite akuulize leo ni when, ukimjibu anakwambia ukam next year siku kama ya leo na hujamkosea ata!

Njenga Mswahili’s suffering

She went on to reveal how Njenga begged Victor Ber for a chance to perform; but since he held the power of deciding who would perform during the live recording.

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The comedian went on to expose the director adding how he has reduced most comedians to nothing thanks to his dark heart; And since Zeddy will not watch another comedian die of depression. She put it all in black and white saying;

The late Njenga Mswahili laid to rest

Anaeza pata umeandikwa kwa program tayari umepakwa makeup na akutoe bila sababu,yaani Ber hua ameweka wasanii na baridi utadhani tuko(Netherlands)anataka umuabudu laa si utakipata,wasanii hulamba huyu msee hadi kale kachumvii ka🍑 si eti mimi ni shujaa zii ni vile nimekaa makaburi miaka 5 nikajua hii dunia si mama ya mtu; story for another day reason naandika hii ndio upcoming wale wanakam wasipitie yale tumepitia Ber, Njenga alikulilia hadi siku ya mwisho ndio mauti yamfikie? Alikol mara ngapi?After nimepost natafuta Kasee mlimtafuta mkampumbaza siku chache ukamchocha atakua anachapa show alikuja rehearsals mara mingi sana lakini wapi ukamwambia ataperfom show ya Machakos. Kufika huko ukamyima show. Swali ni,je, utaumiza wasanii hadi lini? Wasanii waitaishi na Depression hadi lini. Pliz Comedians msicomment hamtawai pewa show mimi nishachoma,lakini, ile siku mtajua Mungu ndiye hupeana riziki hamtawahi lamba mtu makwapa.

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