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You’d kill yourself if you knew my property, Waititu tells critics



Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu has told critics of sources of his wealth that they would go insane or commit suicide if they knew his property.

Waititu was responding to allegations that he has bought four buildings, some in Nairobi county, worth over Sh2 billion since he took over as governor.

“People should stop being jealous. When you hear someone has his own building, one should look for theirs. When someone is being elected for any seat they are not poor; they have their own plans and I had mine,” he said.

“My first building in Nairobi is not 20 years and if I took some of my critics to Nairobi they would become insane if they knew the buildings I own. I only wear a simple shirt and move forward. I do not like to talk about wealth because it belongs to the owner, his wife and children.”

Waititu said people should look into his history well as “the way he lives now is the same way he used to stay over 20 years ago”.

“I would be living in the old Muthaiga where those who got property long ago live. Ask those who know me well. I am lucky because some people look at my face and think I am not clever but I do not care. Then they get amazed at how I went to the other side,” Waititu said.

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He urged people not to judge harshly if they have no proof of what one owns unless the owner of the properties showed them.

If anyone doubts how he acquired his buildings, they can go to the Survey of Kenya and inquire or give information to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations, he said.

Waititu attributed the information circulating over his property to his political detractors who, he said, were keen to challenge him for the seat come 2022.

Residents who spoke to the Star over Waititu’s defence said he has started to brag and it will not end well for him. They told him to focus on delivering services to Kiambu people.

“Waititu should not start to defend himself in public over his properties as it is getting out of hand. By bragging, he is spitting on Wanjiku who has nothing to eat, no property, jobs no medicine in hospitals,” Kiambu town resident Esther Njambi said.

Mwangi Muthiora, a Githunguri resident, said Waititu is “drunk with power, is a perennial liar and his greed for wealth is insatiable”.

“Barely a week ago he was on camera admitting that he has bought several pieces of land in Eastlands from land grabbers, is that genuine wealth? His statements border on arrogance and insults towards hardworking Kenyans and the people of Kiambu who have earned their wealth in an honest and genuine way,” Muthiora said.

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Julius Kimore, a Thika-based trader, said, “Kenyans are not fools and this will not deter Kiambu people from asking hard questions on how their taxes are being utilised.”

“Besides, the rate at which he is buying properties is alarming regardless of his ability to access financial services,” he said.

source:The Star

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Flights to be delayed as JKIA, Wilson airports to be closed for an hour on Jamhuri Day



Flights to and from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) and Wilson Airport are expected to be delayed for an hour as the two airports will be closed on Thursday as Kenyans mark Jamhuri Day celebrations.

Flight 540 has advised its customers that the two airports will be closed for an hour between 11am and 12pm hence affecting the normal programming or causing delays.

“Due to Jamhuri Day celebrations, no flights will be allowed to take off or land at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport between 11am and 12pm. If you will be traveling with us on that date, your flight might be delayed,” read the advisory.

The notice also added that the passengers who will be affected with the closure will be advised accordingly, with a pledge that they will be contacted on the way forward.

This is not the first time JKIA is being closed for the celebrations.

In 2016, the airport was also closed for an hour, from 11.20am to allow the military to perform drills in preparation for the Jamhuri Day celebrations.

A similar incident happened in 2017 when JKIA was temporarily shut down causing delayed flights.

This years’ Jamhuri Day celebrations will be held at Nyayo Stadium in commemoration of 56 years of Kenya’s independence.

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US athlete who inspired ‘ice bucket challenge’ dies



A former US college baseball player who helped inspire the global phenomenon known as the “ice bucket challenge” to tackle a deadly neurodegenerative disease has died at the age of 34, his family said Monday.
A one-time college athlete from the Boston area, Pete Frates’ struggle with ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, was one of the inspirations behind the ice bucket challenge which took social media by storm in 2014.

Millions took up the challenge which involved dousing themselves with a bucket of ice cold water and posting the video online, before making a donation to medical research and daring others to do the same.

A galaxy of celebrities, high-profile personalities and entire sports teams took part in the challenge, including Tom Cruise, Steven Spielberg, Bill Gates and even former US president George W. Bush.

The campaign has reportedly raised more than $200 million to fund research into ALS, whose sufferers’ bodies slowly shut down as their nervous systems degenerate.

The condition, officially known as Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, is more commonly called Lou Gehrig’s disease after another baseball player who died of it in 1941.

“Pete passed away surrounded by his loving family, peacefully at age 34, after a heroic battle with ALS,” his family said in a statement.

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“Remarkably, Pete never complained about his illness. Instead, he saw it as an opportunity to give hope to other patients and their families, the statement said.

Frates’ friend Corey Griffin, a 27-year-old philanthropist who was instrumental in helping the fund-raising campaign go viral, died in a swimming accident shortly after the online phenomenon took off.


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VIDEO-Diaspora meet to address Big Four Agenda



Opposition leader Raila Odinga, who is also the African Union High Representative for Infrastructure Development, will be among prominent leaders who will address the Diaspora convention which is taking place in Nairobi between December 17, 2019 and December 19, 2019 at the Ole Sereni Hotel.

Speaking to the Nation in Nairobi, the President of Kenya Diaspora Alliance (KDA) Shem Ochuodho said among the keynote speakers will be Mr Siddharth Chatterjee UN Resident Coordinator, Danish Ambassador to Kenya Mette Knudsen and Mr Jerome Otieno, Group MD Life, UAP Old Mutual, East Africa.

Prior to the 2017 General Elections, Mr Odinga championed diaspora issues, especially voting rights for Kenyans living abroad.

Dr Ochuodho said the theme for this year’s convention is “Diaspora: The Big Four Agenda”.

On the recently launched Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report, Dr Ochuodho said despite its many flaws, it at least promises to address contentious issues contained in the dual citizenship clause in the Constitution.

“One is that they are talking of doing away with restrictions on dual citizens holding public offices, or to be State officers. Secondly, it is also talking about finding ways in which diaspora can be infused and incentivised to invest at home,” he said.

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