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American ambassador McCarter ‘graduates’ to Sheng to fight corruption



When Kyle McCarter was announced as the new US ambassador to Kenya in March 2019, little was known about him except for his 10-year stint in US Senate as Illinois legislator. But his first tweet would open the space to spill at least his hidden side.

Mr McCarter typed his first tweet to Kenyans in fluent Kiswahili, informing them how happy he was to take up the new challenge and that he was eyeing partnership with Kenyan government for development.His knack and enthusiasm to learn the Kiswahili language can be traced on his twitter page where he engages his followers in a debate.“Just presented credentials to his Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Officially in place and ready to work side by side. Tutafanya kazi pamoja,” he said in a tweet he drafted on March 12, 2019 pledging to work with the government.

On Sunday, Ambassador McCarter dropped another paragraph sending Kiswahili speakers on debate mode. He did not only try to use plain Kiswahili, but he injected Sheng-a local slang- into a sentence, just to show how he is abreast with Kenya’s language culture.

While describing graft, he tweeted: “Corruption-ni Kama mbwa kubwa na nono. Anakuja Kwa Boma lako kila siku, anaingia ndani ya ghala lako na kukula chakula chako. Unampapasa kisha anaenda kwa boma nyingine. Na wananchi wanashangaa kwa nini wako na njaa. Lakini kama Thievery, mbwa huyo angekuwa Mg’ondi,

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What ensued was a debate with some followers applauding while others corrected some sentences.Nairobi lawyer Ahmednassir Abdullahi responded: “Honest, truthful, direct, frank and brutally forthright Bwana Balozi…”

Ali ‘Mwamvita’ Manzu also responded to him saying: “Ndugu Balozi, nina uhakika umeandikiwa au umebadili kupitia Google, hatahivyo si vibaya. Ila ilivyo sahihi, Mbwa mkubwa wala sio mbwa kubwa. Jibwa ndio kubwa. Samahani ila lazima urekebishwe kwa matumizi bora ya lugha na isiwe bora lugha. Kumradhi.

”Ali Manzu, a KTN News anchor emphasised to the diplomat that Kiswahili like any other language demands fluency and it is not just speaking for the sake of it.

“I am trying my best and learning from my friends. I am not fluent. To deliver this message in Swahili, even imperfect, some purpose is important. Understanding all the responses is challenging, but I will have to work on it,” Ambassador McCarter replied.This comes days after he trended with a satirical tweet on May 30, 2019, where he tweeted about the National Prayer Breakfast.

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He posted: “Kenyan leaders are praying and asking for forgiveness for the sin of thievery at the 17th annual National Prayer Breakfast. What a good start to take the nation on the path of prosperity the wananchi deserve. We must all do our part. #stopthesethieves.”

Attached to this tweet was a video clip of President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto and other leaders dancing with sticks, pulling moves of Maasai morans as the crowd cheered.

Again here, he was engaged in a discussion as Political Analyst Prof Makau Mutua took him head-on and warned against being duped.“Balozi, don’t be fooled. They do this every year and don’t mean a word of it.

This is pure hypocrisy on display. Most of those in the picture should be in jail for what you call “thieving,” Prof Mutua tweeted and added: “Balozi (ambassador), what you are witnessing in that dancing caravan of thieves is an orgy of deception. Reminds me of a satanic cult of benighted and ghoulish characters yo-yoing over a carcass, in this case, Kenya.”

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Fire destroys building at Starehe Boys



Fire damaged a building at Starehe Boys’ Centre in Nairobi County Saturday night.

Acting Director Josphat Mwaura said it started in the workshop and then spread to the study block.

He said two Nairobi County engines were sent to the scene.

Mr Mwaura said they were conducting a head count of boys who remained at the school during the half term break.

No casualties had been reported by press time.

A mysterious fire destroyed two beds in a dormitory at Upper Hill Secondary School in Nairobi on February 6.

Principal Peter Muia said no one was injured and that the fire was put out immediately.

The principal said the cause of the fire was not established but assured parents of their children’s safety.

In November 2019, a Form Three student died in a dormitory fire at Bahati PCEA Secondary School in Nakuru County.

Nakuru North deputy divisional police commander Francis Mwangi said the girl was the only one in the dormitory when the fire started.

The officer said all other students at the school were accounted for.


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Sonko’s first born daughter Saumu Mbuvi is expecting her second child



Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko’s first born daughter, Saumu Mbuvi, is expecting her second child.

The mother of one shared a picture of herself with a fan on Instagram revealing her protruding belly.

Saumu recently started dating Lamu Senator Anwar Loitiptip, but the two have been silent about the nature of their relationship even as she has in the past shared posts expressing her adoration and love for the youthful senator.

Saumu parted ways with Ben Gatu, the father of her first born daughter, in March 2017, only days before she delivered her first born baby, claiming he was using her for political mileage.

Months later she started dating another man but she went the extra mile to hide his identity. The relationship lasted only ten months.

News of her new love interest, the Lamu Senator, started spreading like wildfire in June 2019, when the two were rushed to hospital after being attacked by unknown assailants at a popular nightclub on Thika Road.

Later Saumu started sharing post hints on social media on the rosy relationship she has with Loitiptip.

This included pictures of herself with Loitiptip locked in a tight embrace and in one photo she captioned “Hi Future, Thank you for putting your life before mine, For standing by me, Advising me and always being there for me …you will forever be my Best friend. Wishing you quick recovery hun.”

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While in another she wrote, “Hisia hazifichwi..kipendacho roho hula Hata nyama mbichi. Hi Future.”

by NN

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Shock as drunk Class One pupils stagger to school



In what has stunned many, pupils of Itithini Primary School, in Ukia ward, Makueni County reported to school drunk.

School headteacher Joel Mutua Mwongela blamed the development on parents who prepare local brew dubbed “Karubu” without considering the safety of their children.

Teachers realised all was not well after a section of Grade One, Two and Three pupils started acting in a weird manner when they arrived in school.

On interrogation, the learners admitted that they took alcohol which they found in a bush. Yesterday, authorities convened a meeting in the school to deliberate on the matter.

However, they declined to address the media but insiders said several people have been apprehended following the incident.

“We got a report that a section of pupils from Grade I to III found local brew hidden in a bush and they shared it. We had to call their parents and we provided guidance and counseling as a school and also instructed the parents to talk to their children at home,” Mr Mwongela said.Abscond

He added: “When I was posted to this school last year, I called for a meeting with parents after learning that the area is notorious for local brew. That seems not to have yielded any fruit.”

Most affected villages are Wanziu, Ua, Itithini and Kaseveni.Bernard Kyalo, a parent, blamed alcoholism in the area to idleness among many locals.

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“These pupils took alcohol until it was hard to arrive at school. This region is located at the border between Mbooni and Kaiti constituency and we have been sidelined. Let the government teach the people here how best they can use sugarcane other than using it to prepare traditional brew. We want a market for our sugarcane,” Mr Kyalo said.

Kaiti MP Joshua Kimilu asked the government to intervene and arrest the brewers.He noted that most of the pupils abscond school to help their parents in the illegal business.

Women have complained that their husbands do not provide for their families because they spend time in the drinking dens.

They blamed conflict in homes for alcoholism which has claimed many lives.Recently, a man killed his 2-year-old baby before hanging himself in what locals attributed to domestic feuds fueled by illicit brew in the region.

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