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I now want a wife, man who built road in Murang’a says



A 45-year-old man who hit the headlines after singlehandedly digging a two-kilometre road in Murang’a has revealed that he is a reformed bhang smoker and is now ready to get married.

After building the village road using farm implements, he has turned out to be a community hero and has attracted the recognition of corporates and well-wishers who have rewarded him for his selflessness deeds.

Mr Nicholas Muchami from Kaganda village in Kiharu Constituency dug the steep hilly bushy road by hand using farm tools to ease the burden of the elderly, the sick, women and the school children who previously trekked for four kilometres to the nearest shopping centre and to school.

Although his deed was selfless and for which he expected no pay, Mr Muchami’s action attracted public attention, earning him respect and recognition from people in Kenya and abroad.

The man was previously despised and looked down upon by some of those who knew him due to his past record, having served a jail term for fracturing his father’s hand in a quarrel over an avocado fruit in 2005.

After serving time in jail two years, he was again found guilty of being a perennial bhang smoker in 2015. He was convicted and sentenced to a non-custodial sentence of one-and-a-half years.

With this background, Muchami says he had not imagined that he would one time be respected and honoured by his own community, leave alone corporates.

A reformed Muchami decided to give back to the society expecting no favours and recognition. His main concern was just to save fellow villagers from the agony of a tiring circuitous journey due to lack of a quick access road.

Speaking after he received a dairy cow and animal feeds which will last him for six months from the ABC Bank on Tuesday, Mr Muchami said he can only attribute the unfolding events to God.

“I have smoked bhang and all sorts of things but since I mended my ways and got saved at the ACK Kaganda church, God has been with me all through. I dug the road without any clue of what would happen later but my efforts have made me famous and I now have a donation of two grade cows, animal feeds and a tap water,” the jovial Muchami said, adding that he will endeavour to speak to drug users to mend their ways.

Mr Muchami, who now works as a guard at Kaganda Primary School, said that due to his past record and poverty, he has never married.

Muchami poses for a photo with staff from ABC Bank led by Managing Director Phillip Wambua. The bank has given him two dairy cows and animal feeds to last him for for six months. PHOTO | NDUNG’U GACHANE | NATION MEDIA GROUP

But he said he is now ready to marry in order to have a companion with whom to look after the God-given wealth.

ABC Bank’s Treasury and Financial Institutions General Manager Phillip Wambua said they have given Mr Muchami tips on dairy farming, assisted him to open an account with a local bank, adding that they will ensure that he earns a decent living through dairy farming.

“This is the second cow to Mr Muchami and the idea is to ensure he earns a living through dairy farming. We will supply him with animal feeds for six months and follow up on the progress of the insured cow to make sure that all is well,” he said.

He urged government to honour the man and name the road he built “Muchami Drive” in recognition of his efforts in serving the community.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jane

    June 12, 2019 at 5:38 pm

    May God bless him and fulfill the desire of his heart,it doesn’t matter his past but he will be is a hero

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Blogger Robert Alai arrested



Police have arrested the controversial Nairobi-based blogger Robert Alai for allegedly sharing pictures of policemen who were killed in Sunday’s terror attack in Wajir. Alai has been reportedly driven to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations Headquarters for questioning.

On Monday, Police Spokesman Charles Owino warned internet users against circulating the images terming the act unpatriotic and supportive of the actions of Al-Shaabab.

A statement from the police read in part: “The unfeeling act of posting pictures of our fallen heroes is online by one blogger is very unfortunate and inhuman. This is glorification of terror which is tantamount to supporting the same. It is also a cold-hearted display of insensitivity to families of the deceased, the NPS fraternity and the entire nation of Kenya.”

This was then followed by a warning by the National Cohesion and Integration Commission which called on Alai to pull down the graphic pictures of the dead police officers.“Whereas Mr Alai has the freedom of expression, such publications can be interpreted as propaganda for war which is not protected under the Constitution of Kenya,” The NCIC noted.

However, Alai  yesterday accused the government of neglecting the police. He vowed not be silenced by the criticism.He tweeted: “I will continue to speak out for the poor police officers who are neglected and their allowances taken by “wakubwa.” We must give our men and women who die wearing uniform, respect, dignity and honor they deserve. We shouldn’t treat our cops like dogs. I am angry!!”He also slammed the NCIC for not fighting for the plight of the police officers.“Ever seen NCIC condemn ethnic appointments in govt? Even seen them address the real issues preventing cohesion like the now fights in Marsabit? They are after silencing people addressing real issues. Police officers have asked me to help highlight their issues,” he added.

Alai burst into fame after he published graphic pictures of people making love in Kakamega’s Muliro Gardens. Over the years, Alai and has stepped on many toes through his fearless exposure of social evils.At one stage, his uncompromising tenacity compelled State House to rope into its communications whereupon he became a familiar figure during President Uhuru Kenyatta’s open forums at the big house on the hill, awarding him Head of State Commendation for raising pertinent social issues.

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US announces new approach to reduce Green Card, Citizenship applications backlog



The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has announced a new strategy it says will decrease processing times of green card and citizenship applications in some locations.

USCIS on Monday said it will shift caseloads between different field offices in a bid to decrease processing times in some locations. USCIS says with the new strategy, some applicants may be scheduled to appear for an interview at a field office outside of their normal jurisdiction. Biometrics appointment locations will not change, and applicants will still be scheduled at their nearest application support center.

The new strategy of scheduling applicants to a field office outside their jurisdiction affects Form N-400, Application for Naturalization and Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status.

USCIS says an increase in processing times at some locations has been caused by an upsurge of the volume of applications received, with FY 2017 applications received being up 15.6% from FY 2016. FY 2016 receipts were 25.5% higher than FY 2015. Since the increase in volume has not affected all field offices equally, this has “resulted in some disparity in the processing times among field offices.”


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Larry Madowo pens emotional message to his late dad on Fathers’ Day



Celebrated media personality, Larry Madowo joined many other Kenyans in the Father’s day celebration marked on Sunday 16 June with an emotional message to his late dad.

Taking to his Instagram, the BBC Africa Business Editor expressed how his dad loved them despite the short time he spent with his family, while hoping that his father would be proud of what he has become.

“It’s been 25 years since my dad left this world. I was just a little boy but I knew he loved us and he spoiled us rotten. It was almost as if he understood that he wouldn’t be with us for long. The years after weren’t always easy but I think we’ve made him proud #HappyFathersDay,” he wrote.

The former NTV journalist’s fans joined in to help him celebrate his late father with messages of condolence and encouragement.

Bucketlistcess He’s smiling from heaven, you’ve definitely made him proud. Happy father’s to the dads in heaven too.

Briankisuke 25 years so short for a loved one not to be around. You have never let his light dim.

Eva_soila So sad,take heart.A time like that is the hardest. Lost my Dad 3 months ago and still in denial. Hoping il recover soon.

Joemacha_ Happy father’s day to the handsome dad, he still had his thick hair haha

Dorothykinyakir I thought u should be sending happy father’s day to him cuss i trust he s still watching over you. But all in all sorry for that you arr not the only one take heart we r many in this…sorry again larrys

Warria.teddy You come from a strong stock! May you keep his fire alive and well. Peace and Blessings. #HappyFathersDay

Marabisimon You have turned out great…Your dad looked like that guy of Uko flani…wanafanana sana.


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