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Inside Monica Kimani’s apartment after the gruesome murder



The attention and curiosity of Kenyans have been held hostage by the ongoing trial into the murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani at her posh apartment at Lamuria Gardens.

Monicah was known for living a luxurious life, anything she ever wished for, she got, from visiting exotic locations to driving expensive machines.

In court, the scene of crime police officer Jennifer Sirwa showed the court pictures of the gory murder scene.

Monicah’s neck had been slit from ear to ear. Her mouth was taped shut, her hands tied at the back. Her feet were also bound.

One of the images, produced in court was that of Monica dressed in a green nightdress in a bathtub. Her feet were raised and a six-centimetre slit on her neck is visible.

On her henna-tattooed arms were white sealing straps. A length of tape covered her mouth.

Sirwa said she suspected that Monica was killed in the living room and the body dragged to the bathroom.

“There was a towel soaked in blood which we suspect could have been used to wipe the blood from the living room,” she said.

Defence lawyer Hassan Nandwa (for Joseph Irungu) claimed that Monica could have died of starvation since the postmortem examination did not indicate any food in her stomach.

Nandwa asked pathologist Peter Ndegwa: “Did you open her oesophagus to ascertain the food Monica took that day? Did you open her stomach? Could we suggest that the cause of her death was as a result of starvation because there was no food in the stomach?”

Monica Kimani
The late Monica Kimani

The lawyer had also said the cut on Monica’s neck could have been inflicted when she was already dead.

Ndegwa said, “There was bleeding. Dead bodies do not bleed. She had a visibly slit throat and blood oozing from her nose.”

The postmortem was done on September 24 at Chiromo mortuary.

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Monica, according to the pathologist, died as a result of a wound caused by a sharp object. He body had bruises on one of the wrists. Both wrists were bound with a sealing tape.

“The body belonged to a 28-year-old, in a wet, bloodstained maroon and white bed cover. She was dressed in a blue and green free flowing dress,” Ndegwa said.

There was a light moment that prompted the judge to ask the packed room if “they were there for a soap opera or a Nigerian movie” shifted drastically when the second pathologist presented the gory pictures.

Before the gory murder, Monica shared photos of her posh apartment on her Instagram.

Monicah Kimani


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Witchcraft or magic? Mysterious fraudsters causing panic in Limuru



Residents of Limuru are a perplexed lot following the emergence of mysterious group of defrauders.

The conmen are one-of-a-kind and are using peculiar techniques which can rival top-of-the-chart crime blockbuster series.


Fraud is not a new concept in the vibrant town in Kiambu county, which is only few kilometres from Kenya’s capital city.

But it is the puzzling incidents of residents who have been robbed – no, freely given out – their valuables to strangers in broad daylight, only to realize later when it is too late that is a cause for alarm.

It is little wonder then the normally welcoming, full of life residents, are now wary of greeting, let alone talking to strangers.

Nancy, a receptionist at a law firm, is incredulous when we visit her in her office.

She is still in denial that it actually happened to her!

These were things she has been reading on social media and brushed them off as mere chit chat.

“They were two men. It was in the afternoon and they wanted to deposit money and some legal documents including stamping. I calculated the cost which amounted to Sh30,000. They gave me the go ahead and paid in cash. I even counted the money a second time to ascertain it was the correct amount then put it in the cash drawer,” she recalls.

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How she snapped out the stupefaction minutes later and realized she had actually received Sh40,000 old bank notes, remains a mystery.

But it was too late as the two strangers had already disappeared.


Kagendo, a house help, is at pains to narrate how she lost her entire savings of more than Sh20,000, including her phone, when she met the defrauders at Limuru market.

She had been sent by her employer to purchase groceries when she met the two women, who seemed to have sprouted from nowhere, as she tells us.

They requested her for directions to a certain building in the area. Since she was also new in the area, she could not help them, but not before she got a sudden urge to go for her money.

“I called a boda boda rider who took me back home where I collected all the savings I had kept for the six months I had been working there. I returned to the market and strangely met the two women again. The next thing I remember I was sitting under a bridge staring, blankly with nothing, not even my phone,” she narrates with tears welling up in her eyes.

For Jason, a second year student in a university in Nairobi, it was a normal day and he had it all figured out, or so he thought.

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His plans for the day were going to school, paying school fees for the semester and preparing for his forthcoming end of semester exams.

All he remembers is encountering two women on his way to the stage who inquired for directions to a certain bank.

How he willing gave out Sh27,000 – money meant for his school fees – and his phone to the strangers is something he ‘will narrate in his old age’ as the locals say.


Cases of fraud are not new in Limuru. The region has witnessed, time and again, fraudsters who use all methods including pregnant women, children, and people pretending to be serious ailing.

In June 2019, two young women were reported to be targeting motorists along the Limuru-Nairobi road by masquerading as sisters with one of them pretending to be epileptic while the other feigning to carry her while stopping vehicles for help.

In 2018, a trader lost more than Sh450,000 to a man masquerading as a priest from Benedictine Monastery, but who was in fact a con man targeting business operators in the area.

There have also been cases of young fraudsters pretending to be house girls who end up stealing valuables from their employers.

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It is such incredibly bizarre cases which have left some people wondering what could actually be wrong with Limuru town.

Whatever it could be, it has been claimed that the cold and misty weather which the area is famed for, also offers a perfect hideout for the criminals.


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2 in court for assaulting woman who ‘stole’ their husband



Two women in their early 20s are jointly charged with assault after allegedly beating up their peer they accused of stealing their husband.

They are Jane Anyango Otunga and Millicent Achieng Odhiambo.

The duo are accused of assaulting Juliet Achieng Otieno and occasioning her body injuries at Kariokor Market in Nairobi on January 15.

Jane admitted the charges but Millicent denied. They appeared before senior resident magistrate Merisa Opondo. Millicent claimed she only found herself at the wrong place at the wrong time.

They are said to have accosted Juliet near at a bus stop adjacent to Starehe deputy county commissioner’s office as she waited for a Kariobangi matatu before beating her up. Juliet was rescued by members of public.

Jane pleaded guilty to the charges but denied the facts of the case and said they are all food vendors at the market and its environs, and Juliet had confronted them for selling food to her boyfriend and a dispute arose from the same leading to the incident.

They were freed on a cash bail of Sh3,000 each. Hearing of their case starts on May 18.


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VIDEO: How NBA superstar Kobe Bryant and daughter died



41 year old US Basketball legend Kobe Bryant and his 13 year old daughter is dead. Bryant  Sunday morning in a helicopter crash in Calabasas, California.

Five people were killed the crash which happened on a hillside in Calabasas, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.
Kobe leaves behind his wife and three children.
The Los Angeles County Fire Department said that here were no survivors following the crash.
The sheriff’s department received reports of the downed aircraft just after 1 p.m. ET (10 a.m PT), officials said in a tweet.
FAA said Sunday via a tweet that the Federal Aviation Administration and National Transportation Safety Board was investigating the cause of the accident.
The crash happened about 30 miles west of Los Angeles.
According to US media outlets, Bryant’s death comes day after LeBron James passed him as No. 3 on the NBA all-time scoring list when the scored 33,643 points.
On Saturday night, Bryant tweeted:
“Continuing to move the game forward @KingJames. Much respect my brother.”

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