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Meet the private investigator who gatecrashes funerals



A private investigator now earns a living as a ‘Coffin Confessor’ – gatecrashing funerals at the request of the dead to share on their behalf what they couldn’t get off their chest when they were alive.

Bill Edgar, from the Gold Coast, started the world-first business last year when he was hired as a private detective by an elderly man who was terminally ill.

While on his death bed, the 79-year-old had one last request for Mr Edgar – to interrupt his own funeral.

The dying man handed him a sealed envelope, containing instructions of what to say when the man’s ‘best friend’ began his eulogy, the Gold Coast Bulletin reported.

Bill Edgar (pictured) started the business last year when he was hired by an elderly man who was terminally ill.
Bill Edgar (pictured) started the business last year when he was hired by an elderly man who was terminally ill.

Mr Edgar crashed the funeral of an elderly man, who asked him to read a letter aimed towards his 'best mate,' saying he knew he was trying to have sex with his wife, and telling other mourners to 'f**k off' (stock image)

Mr Edgar said he was ‘scared’ at the prospect of disrupting dozens of mourners, but followed up on the man’s request.

He entered the service and began by reading out a list of names.

‘Can you please stand up – can you f**k off. I haven’t seen you in 30 years. Why are you here? F**k you,’ Mr Edgar read from the note.

He then glanced at the dead man’s so-called best mate.

I know you were trying to screw my wife. To my wife, I love you more than anything and you didn’t do what my mate tried to put you through. I’m always thinking of you,’ Mr Edgar read from the letter.

Mr Edgar said there were 88 people at the funeral, but more than half of them left – fearing they would also be victims of the dead man’s wrath.

This was just the first of many ‘coffin confessions’ for Mr Edgar, who has gone on to perform seven jobs since across Melbourne, Brisbane and New South Wales.

He said the majority of his cases involve the deceased revealing their own infidelities – and some even uncovered minor crimes such as theft.

While the premise of the business focuses on airing people’s dirty laundry, Mr Edgar warns his clients he will take confessions about more serious crimes to the police.

Despite the job being daunting and uncomfortable, Mr Edgar makes a good living off it – charging several thousand dollars per funeral, varying depending on the circumstance.

But the messages Mr Edgar shares aren’t always of vengeance and resentment.

Once a month, he sends a letter to a man telling him that his wife loves him and will never forget him, at the dead woman’s request.

‘This is until the 12th month, which is the last one. Part of it will say “Please don’t ever forget me because I will never forget you”. Some of this is just so beautiful,’ he said.

In the last 18 months, Mr Edgar (pictured) has performed seven 'coffin confessor' jobs across Victoria, NSW and Queensland
In the last 18 months, Mr Edgar (pictured) has performed seven ‘coffin confessor’ jobs across Victoria, NSW and Queensland

The woman instructed Mr Edgar to send the letters from a post office in northern NSW, in a small town the pair both loved visiting.

Mr Edgar said the woman wanted the letters to be heartwarming, with the 12th and final letter to be her final goodbye to her husband.

Mr Edgar warns his clients that he will take confessions about more serious crimes to the police
Mr Edgar warns his clients that he will take confessions about more serious crimes to the police

Unsurprisingly, Mr Edgar’s ‘Coffin Confessor’ business page describes his work as ‘confronting and controversial’.

‘Engaged by those knocking on death’s door Mr Edgar is to interrupt their funeral services without care or concern for anyone but his client,’ the description reads.

‘He lets those his client loved know just how much they were loved and those they loved to hate to F**k off.’

It goes on to say Mr Edgar is capable of confessing people’s sins and ‘dirty little secrets’ from beyond the grave.

It says Mr Edgar can demand mourners be removed from funerals, and will even go to his clients’ homes to dispose of items they don’t wish to be found by family or friends.

‘Like him or loath him you won’t forget The Coffin Confessor. Every person on this planet has a skeleton in the closet. What’s yours?’, the description ends on a mysterious tone.

Source: Daily Mail

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Ex-military officer accused of killing ex-wife, children wants ATM cards released



A former senior military officer at the Laikipia Air Base accused of murdering his ex-wife and her two children has asked the court to allow him to get back ATM cards and other personal items confiscated by police.

Major Peter Mugure told Justice Abigail Mshila that detectives took away his ATM cards which may not be used as evidence in the murder case, where he is accused of killing his ex-wife Joyce Syombua, Shanice Maua and Prince Michael.

“They took away a number of personal items including my ATM cards. I’m asking to have them returned to me because I do not think they are part of the evidence,” Mugure told the Justice Mshila in a virtual court session.

Although some of the personal items could be used as part of the evidence, Mshila told Mugure to make a list of the items and asked defence counsel to check the inventory and make an application for the release of items that state doesn’t need as evidence.

“Some of the personal items like clothing, or ATM cards could be taken for analysis to enable show your movements. The inventory is in the prosecution file and you could make a list of the items you need to be released,” said Mshila.

The case in which Mugure is jointly accused with Collins Pamba, a former employee at Laikipia Air Base was coming up for hearing on Tuesday but it was postponed to a later date following the transfer of Judge Jairus Ngaah who was handling the matter in Nyeri.

Mugure joined the session from King’ong’o GK Prison in Nyeri and Pamba at Kerugoya prison.

The two are accused of killing the deceased parsons on October 26 last year at the Laikipia Air Base situated in Nanyuki.

The three bodies were recovered buried in a shallow grave after Pamba led police to the site at Kilimo area in Thingithu, in the outskirts of Nanyuki town.

In the previous session when the ex-major was denied bail on February 21, Justice Ngaah cited damning evidence in Pamba’s affidavit implicating Mugure in the gruesome murder of his ex-lover and his two children.

Pamba’s statement as recorded in court file detailed how Mugure called him from Nairobi on a material day and asked for his help to the ferry and bury the bodies and in return, help the casual worker secure employment at Kenya Defense Forces.

The mentioned date was scheduled for December 9.


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Former news anchors Hussein Mohamed, Yussuf Ibrahim proudly work alongside each other for USAID initiative



Former Citizen TV news anchor Hussein Mohammed has been doing perfectly fine since he left his plum job.

Former news anchors Hussein Mohamed, Yussuf Ibrahim proudly work alongside each other for USAID initiative

Hussein Mohamed, Yussuf Ibrahim proudly working alongside each other for USAID initiative. Photo credits: Yussuf Ibrahim.
Source: Facebook

Posting on social media, journalist Yussuf Ibrahim revealed that he has been working closely with the media guru on the Resilience Learning Activity (RLA), a project funded by USAID Kenya.

“Proud to be working with my senior @HusseinMohamedg in this very noble initiative RLA (Resilience Learning Activity) funded by USAID Kenya The webinars involved the capacity building of ASALs County stakeholders on crisis communication more so during the ongoing #COVID19 pandemic,” wrote Ibrahim.

Ibrahim who is a communication strategist and voice-over artist is the founder of Ubra Media.

Many people were amazed by the duo and took to the various platforms to congratulate them for their good work.

A Facebook user identified as Cathra Hussein commented:

“Ma Sha Allah am so proud of you, the sky is no longer the limit.”

Abumuhsin Ibrahim commended them for their win:

Yussuf Ibrahim great job proud of you Hussein for a great job!!

Adow Mohamed added:

Sons and media stars of the north. Keep soaring.

Abdul-Hakeem Mohammed commented:

Mashallah, Big men!congratulations.

Hussein left the Royal Media-owned station in 2019.

The former news anchor revealed to fans that he will be taking a break off the screen after October 2019.

In a post seen by on Friday, October 4, the journalist stated he will use his break from TV to concentrate on other matters.

Hussein thanked his colleagues at Citizen for sharing the best moments of his life with him.

It is also through his post that he revealed to fans and followers that he has worked for Citizen TV for ten years.

”It has been a wonderful 10 years at Citizen TV. I have enjoyed and relished every moment I shared with my colleagues at RMS. I have decided to take a break after October In Sha Allah to concentrate on other matters. Loved the fans, the critics and everything in between. See you soon,” he wrote.‬


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Italians, police clash over new COVID-19 restrictions 




Violent protests broke out across Italy on Monday over new restrictions to curb the country’s second wave of COVID-19

Clashes were reported in several major cities – including Turin, where petrol bombs were thrown at officers.

In Milan tear gas was used to disperse protesters, while violence was also reported in Naples.

The demonstrations began soon after the national government’s order to close restaurants, bars, gyms and cinemas came into effect at 18:00 local time.

Many regions have also imposed night-time curfews – including Lombardy, where Milan is, and Piedmont, where Turin is.

Protests took place in about a dozen other cities, including Rome, Genoa, Palermo and Trieste.

While an initial national lockdown earlier this year was complied with peacefully, the announcement of renewed measures has been met with immediate pushback.

Small businesses argue that they are still recovering from that first lockdown, and that more restrictions could bankrupt them.

A number of luxury stores in central Turin, including a Gucci boutique, were ransacked by crowds that spilled into the streets after the rules came into force.

Demonstrators let off firecrackers and lit flares, while police in riot gear responded with tear gas.

In Milan, crowds chanted “Freedom, freedom, freedom!” as they clashed with police in the city centre.

The city is the capital of Lombardy, which has been particularly hard hit by the virus.

In the new measures restaurants, bars and cafes areto stop table service at 18:00 and offer only take-away until midnight.

Contact sports are prohibited but shops and most business

The new restrictions, which are in force until 24 November, will also see 75% of classes at Italy’s high schools and universities conducted online instead of in a classroom.

Regional governments had asked for all classes to be conducted via distance learning, Italian media reported, but the move was opposed by Education Minister Lucia Azzolina.

The government is also urging people not to travel outside their home towns or cities unless absolutely necessary and to avoid using public transport if possible.

“We think that we will suffer a bit this month but by gritting our teeth with these restrictions, we’ll be able to breathe again in December,” Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte told a news conference on Sunday.

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