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More trouble for Suraya as prime property up for auction



As the investors claiming to have been conned by Suraya Property Group continue to record statements with the Directorate of Criminal Investigations in the coming days, a local bank yesterday announced the sale of one of the group’s prime projects located along Kabarnet Drive off Ngong Road.

The property, Lynx Royal apartments comprised of 52 bedsitters, 20 studios, 47 one bedroomed units. 37 two bedroomed units and 45 two bedroomed units is one of the projects that the investors had paid for starting 2013 hoping to move in by 2015.

Today however, what stands in place of the envisioned apartment are old weathered and incomplete apartment blocks whose construction obviously did not stall yesterday.

The apartment is being sold through a public auction advertised by Keysian auctioneers and published in yesterday’s Daily Nation.

“Under instructions of our principals, the chargees, in exercise of their statutory power of sale, we shall sell by public auction the under mentioned properties and all improvements erected thereon,” stated the advert that listed the apartment’s sale date as July 3 starting 11am.

Lynx @ Royal Estate along Ngong road that is one of the stalled projects by Suraya Property Group in a Picture taken on June 10,2019.EVANS HABIL

State of panic

The property is among a list of projects that Suraya real estate firm has been accused of not completing within the stipulated sale agreement timelines leading to a state of panic among its numerous investors a number of whom have cleared up to 80 per cent of their payments.

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Others are Fourways Junction phase II, Lynx apartments along Muchai drive, Loneview apartments along Mombasa road among others.

The announcement of the sale of Lynx Royal apartments contradicts an earlier statement by Suraya chief executive officer Peter Muraya who on Sunday announced that the firm had acquired a Sh1.6 billion loan from two banks to complete its mega housing projects whose construction had derailed.

One of the investors Ms Wairimu Thumbi is a victim of the apartment under auction that she says was sold out and another dubbed Encasa along Mombasa road. She said she paid 80 per cent of the purchase price but is yet to get her units delivered to her.

“On both units I have done all the payments except the last payment that you only do when you are handed over the units. I want the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) to investigate the situation because you cannot tell me that so much billions of shillings have been taken from investors but there is no project that has been completed,” she said.

Ms Wairimu said she has faith the DCI will look into their troubles and act so that the firm can revert what they owe their clients or wind up the projects within an agreed time-frame.

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Close to 100 investors had by yesterday recorded their statements with the DCI.

A Section of investors who claim to have lost Millions of Shillings in Suraya Property Group projects assemble outside DCI offices along Kiambu Road on June 10,2019 where they had gone to record statements.EVANS HABIL

Some, after waiting since 2013 for their units said they no longer want the houses they paid for but a total sum of the deposits they made topped up with the accrued monthly interest which they want tabulated as the ones prescribed for defaulters.

Ms Susan Kariuki, another victim of the apartment under auction told the Nation that her chama group, Jiendeshe Women Group bought three units in 2013 with the aim of renting them out to the group’s members in 2015.

However, to date, the group is yet to harvest the fruits of their investment.

In her statement, Ms Kariuki told the DCI that the decision to buy the apartments through off-plan method was arrived at in one of their group meetings in 2011 where a member suggested they try investing with Suraya.

“The total for the three units was Sh8.2million which we started paying in 2013 in instalments. To date we have paid a total of Sh6.3 million but the apartment that was to be completed by 2015 is still incomplete,” she said.

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Mr Shadrack Munyoki begun paying his first instalment of Sh2.1m for a two bedroomed unit of the Lynx apartments at Muchai drive in July 2016 which to date is still at the foundation level.

Lynx @ Royal Estate along Ngong road that is one of the stalled projects by Suraya Property Group in a Picture taken on June 10,2019.EVANS HABIL

He told Nation he was making the Sh7 million purchase on behalf of his son who lives abroad but that the group has subjected him to an endless circus.

“There is nothing set up at the site so far. I am fed up with those guys, I need my Sh2.1 million refunded with interest,” Mr Munyoki said.

Ms Josephine Murugi first met Mr Muraya through her late husband Francis Mbuthia Mukuna. It is out of the friendship and trust that had developed over time that the couple found themselves investing at Fourways Junction where they live.

“When my husband passed on in February 2013, I decided to invest all the savings I had and so when I learnt that they (Suraya) were investing along Ngong road, I thought why should I not invest with them? I did not have any reason not to believe in them,” recalled Murugi adding that in total her investments accrued to Sh 5.5 million.

Along the way, she also looped in her investment group which also invested Sh3 million in a one bed room unit.

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‘Reverse Call’ makes comeback



Safaricom on Tuesday introduced ‘Reverse Call’ feature which will enable subscribers to enable a caller to transfer the cost of a call to the receiver.

The service which was popular in the 90’s and during the days of fixed landlines will now see mobile users add ‘#’ before the number they are calling.

“At Safaricom, we maintain our commitment to always provide our customers with relevant products in line with their needs. This innovation is in line with this commitment and has been tailored to mirror the relationships between our customers with a goal of empowering them to always remain connected with their loved ones,” said Sylvia Mulinge, Safaricom Chief Customer Officer.


How this works is one will just add a # before the phone number you’re dialing, for instance, to transfer the cost of the call to 0722000000, a customer will dial #0722000000.

They will then get the call, but first hear a voice prompt alerting them that they will be billed for the call at the normal call rates.

Once they pick the call, they will receive a voice prompt asking them to key in “1” to accept the reverse call or “2” to decline but it will not work if the person being called lacks airtime.

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The service is only available for on-net calls and will not be applicable for off-net, roaming and international calls.

The ‘Reverse Call’ feature is similar to the existing “Please Call Me” service which enables a customer to send five free messages to other customers requesting for a call back.


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Kenyan Men from all over the US to gather in Atlanta on June 29 for 2019 KEMEN Summit




KEMEN Summit 2019 and dinner will take place in Atlanta Georgia on June 29, 2019 starting with Workshop and Networking from 10.00 A.M. to 1.P.M.

This is a special rare occasion to brush shoulders with a diverse group of visionary Diaspora leaders chosen from business, Mentorship, Financial guidance, Literacy, Motivation, Immigration experts, Education, Health, Wellness and many other key speakers with a wide range of topics.

These are men who clearly understand that change and effective progress are only possible with a good vision, determination and ambition,.. therefore your actions and attendance counts greatly as you may be impacted and be part of that change.

In the evening, the program continues starting from 4 P.M. to 11 P.M.

There will be Panel discussions, various speakers, formal dinner and ending with KEMEN awards.

We need you to be the architects of a sustainable future and as Diaspora men that are looked upon as men of impact in all fields, a large representation will make the occasion to arouse the much needed awareness that can make this noble movement a force to reckon with.


KEMEN aims at empowering men to believe in themselves equip them with tools of knowledge through workshops and conferences to enable them attain the grandest height possible.
Men empowerment is the core to sustainable development, wellness, stability, and progressive societies anywhere in the world and as such KEMEN are on track.

Women are now breaking the glass ceiling and as the number increase, men though not competing, should be on the forefront in welcoming them to a world they have already dominated.
The only way to do that, is to remain on top and empower more and more men so that their role as head of households cannot be shaken or taken for granted.

We need all men to work together to pursue a sustainable path that leads to economic growth of the communities that we reside in here in America and still, even extend the same to our motherland.
While doing so, there are many challenges as we have to be the custodian of social justice, economic, health, education, wellness and even political stewardship.

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We live in volatile times and hence we should always be on top to make great advances towards eradicating poverty, ignorance, corruption, moral decay and diseases as these are the ills of any society, and the same can only be achieved if we work together as a team.


We all the same must be aware that inequality persists but that can be narrowed to prevent it’s growth.
Real impact presents many challenges but as a united front, we are confident that we can meet them to yield change and the much needed progress.

Most of us grew up in a country that had many problems ranging from unable to get clean water, education to even starvation hence the need to make sure that those issues are addressed and if possible show our leaders back home how it can be achieved.

We live in a




developed nation where we see things done in a more perfect way and as Diaspora men that are looked upon, we owe a duty to our children so that they may never go through some of the injustices we had to go through.
When we formed KEMEN we were aware that change does not simply happen by itself for the same has to be pursued with vigor and by all in society.

We hold family conference calls and also conference calls which are not limited to men as ladies also join us to discuss diversified issues.



We in KEMEN will not accept an aircraft that only allow a few to board while leaving the rest behind and that is why we are appealing to all to join our movement and act as ambassadors for the common good to encourage others to join for that is the morally correct thing to do.

It is the smart choice to do to avoid being left behind in this sustainable journey that we all need to take as it is in everybody’s best advantage and interest.
We all know that people in the Diaspora are busy and hence it may somehow demand long-term sacrifice but in the end it will bear fruits.

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Everyone therefore has a role to play in empowering men and bring Diaspora men to the table as key partners and to do that, it embodies the spirit of shared responsibility that is essential for achieving a better world.
During the 2019 KEMEN Summit in Atlanta successful businessmen will deliver speeches of great topics that can have a great impact in your life so do not miss this great chance.

We will also honor such men and others nominated in order for them to continue impacting and empowering men in the Diaspora and beyond.
KEMEN will later diversify and touch other areas that can affect the empowerment of men such as Human rights abuses, poor working conditions, health, immigration, discrimination, and even corruption and decision making to determine best suited leaders back home.





We will do that as we strongly feel that the mentioned issues can affect both our long-term investments and growth prospects.
All participants are requested to get involved in KEMEN agenda and also consider how you can use your expertise and resources to help promote and impact all members that have joined and will continue joining.
We need you to advance innovations and forge collaborations with others that have already made great impacts on some of the toughest common issues we face.

KEMEN is firmly committed to the power of partnerships, working with businessmen, scholars, Health experts, Tax experts, immigration lawyers, insurance, Religious men, talented men and women and in short all key stakeholders to enhance progress on all our objectives.

The immediate challenge is achieving the required impact to show a total change that will flow to all our members may it be financial, wellness, benevolence benefits but at this stage we all can boast that we have made great progress.

Much has been achieved since inception as we have held several successful meetings, direct conference talks, and social gathering all with the purpose of impacting men and not leaving behind our women in the Diaspora.
Even though our ladies have been identified as a strategic player in reaching some of our goals, there has been no clear role for combined business in our objectives but where man succeeds, the woman will always be there and with that in mind KEMEN has a UNIVERSAL agenda.

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We do hope that after the summit, there will be urgent actions towards a new dynamic movement to push forward our set up goals.
We will need your support though and your attendance, mentorship and participation will be greatly appreciated as we move forward from summit holders to an all financially stable action group that can effectively realize our set up goals.

In KEMEN we will connect the dots in the ever-growing field of responsible business initiatives, Wellness while impacting our men.
We therefore appeal to all to work together on an entirely new gigantic scale – collaborating and co-investing, share risks, realize opportunities by networking here in America and later globally to engage in business by simply using the potentials God has given us.

We have seen how powerful such collaborative efforts can achieve great things and ours is just the beginning and sky is the limit statement is just an understatement for we can go beyond.
KEMEN has helped generate a major shift in Diaspora mindset from the time it was initiated for as of today our members of great impact are now becoming role models of a better world.

Help us to respond to the urgency of our many Diaspora challenges to build a better tomorrow that will be of great impact to our children that we are raising here and the same to be extended to our brothers and sisters back home.

Doctor Clive Bosire will talk about health and wellness.

Pastor Dennis Mutuma will talk about Marriage difficulties and success in diaspora and Pastor Peter Ndumbi about Parenting.

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Do you want to rocket-propel your sales? Here is the secret



Do you want to jumpstart your sales? Do you want your sales team members to eat your dust?

Here’s how. Forget making 10 calls per day. Get two appointments per day. Most likely at recruitment you were told, “You are required to make 10 sales calls every day.” And you are reminded of this at every sales meeting. Sometimes you do, most times you don’t. Forget that. To accelerate your sales, aim to get two appointments per day, every day. What it takes to achieve that is irrelevant. Calls, emails or referrals, it doesn’t matter. Two appointments per day translates to 40 appointments per month!

Sellers that have even half that kind of face-to-face time with clients are few and far between. Those who do are overwhelmed with the amount of sales coming their way. And that’ll be you. You will be so busy making pitches, addressing complaints live, making collections, closing business and asking for referrals that your diary will be filled as far as three months ahead. While your colleagues give fictitious reports (as most sellers do) of their meetings for the following week, you will wonder why it is so easy for you to share a genuine one. You can even give next month’s report today. It gets better. Because of the heightened face-to-face time with clients, with time, the quality and source of your appointments fundamentally changes for the better. You now research less for prospects (potential buyers); you get them as referrals from the many buyers you are constantly engaging with, gradually building momentum that inevitably triggers an avalanche of sales.

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Two appointments per day is for those in a business-to-business selling because it involves several decision makers, calls for a lead time in delivery and therefore takes longer. For instance, selling lifts to real estate developers, or, chemicals to industries.

If you are in the business-to-customer space, for instance, selling insurance or bank accounts then learn from hawkers. Pitch to as many prospects as possible. I recommend eight per day.

That insurance agent you see dwelling at Kenyatta National Hospital can easily pitch to as many as 10 prospects in a day because he is spoilt for choice in a concentrated area fertile with prospects; occasionally, he does a group presentation to thirty people, further creating awareness and more prospects.

He demonstrates exceptional time management skills. While his colleagues travel lengthy distances in between meetings his travel time is spent pitching from desk to desk, thereby building his brand awareness. He becomes that market’s go-to person

Something ‘magical’ happens when you are in this space of constant prospecting and pitching. You don’t have time for negative energy which is characteristic of a seller with no prospects to pitch to. You have no time for complaints about how cold the tea is or how the rain is impeding selling. You are too busy blinding your colleagues with your dust.

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Source:Business Daily


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