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Bishop Mark Kariuki got married to Joyce one Friday in 2013 at the Kasarani Gymnasium. For the first time ever, the wedding video has been release…and we have it right here. But before you watch it, below was the couple’s thank you message posted on Facebook posted soon after the grand event:

Dearly beloved,

 Joyce and I take this opportunity to appreciate each and every one of you that sacrificed to plan, strategize and attend our wedding. Words are simply not enough to convey our deep appreciation for making this occasion a complete success. May the Lord bless you and keep you. May He make His face shine upon you, be gracious to you and give you peace. May He reward you fully for what you have done.

 Thank you.
Joyce and Mark.


From the guest list of 6000, to the security, the decor and the food for the mammoth crowd, it was a logistical nightmare.The ceremony almost duplicated one of his popular crusades save for the healing sessions! Crowds cheered from the terraces armed with vuvuzelas and drums!

And this is how the ceremony went down.

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‘I’m clinically blind in one eye,’ Vanessa Mdee reveals




Tanzanian singer Vanessa Mdee has for the first time revealed  that she is partially blind.

She spoke about it in the first season of East Africa Got Talent competition where she was a judge, Vanessa shared that one of her eyes is critically blind.

Mdee was pushed to share this after being impressed by one of the contestants, Mark, 21, who got an eye condition, cataracts, at birth and he is also a cancer survivor.

Vanessa urged him to keep fighting and not to give up because her condition did not stop her from pursuing her dreams.

“It is unusual for someone so young to sing so soulfully, you can tell that you have been through stuff. I’m clinically blind in one eye as well, but that has not stopped me from pursuing my biggest dreams,” she said.

She added

“Let that be the fuel for you no matter what happens at the end of this competition, to me you are a winner and you’re going to continue winning.”



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‘Slay queens thirst after my man after he gifted me a Range,’ Sarah Kabu reveals




About two years ago, Simon Kabu, the CEO Bonfire Adventures, bought a new Range Rover worth Ksh30million for his wife’s 39th birthday. The gifting of the car brought Nairobi’s central business district to a standstill.

Simon said the wife merited the car as she had always been by his side, plus it was her dream car.

He had gifted Sarah with a Mercedes on her 35th birthday, but he did not publicize it. They were aiming to get a range rover for her 40th birthday.

Instead, the husband gifted her the car on her 39th birthday when she least expected it. 

Since the public gifting, things changed for the couple and they were not prepared for the challenges that came with their public display of affection.

“After that, we did not know that would be a problem. Now every slay queen tells him ‘Ooh I want a Vitz. I heard people were asking kwani nimefanya nini ndio aninunulie gari.”

One slay queen wrote to the hubby on new year, “Happy new year, my goal is to go out with you, please make it happen.”

Sarah adds that she has worked hard and never compromised on her values and morals.

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Why Churchill hides his wife and kids from the limelight




Comedian Daniel Ndambuki, aka Churchill, has revealed why he chooses to keep his family life so private. 

He explains that when he will retire, he wishes to live a private life. 

In spite of being in the public limelight for more than ten years, besides comedy, very little is known of his personal life.

 In his career, Churchill says, there’s a point he comprehended with the fact he will not be in comedy all his life. So he decided to shield his close family from the public and the fame. 

“At some point after giving all my life to the public as I have done, I will jump into a private life with the people who have been pushing me from behind,” he said.

Churchill further urges those in the limelight to try and keep their family, especially the children, away from the media so that they can live well and follow their dream smoothly without much worry. 

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