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Bishop Mark Kariuki got married to Joyce one Friday in 2013 at the Kasarani Gymnasium. For the first time ever, the wedding video has been release…and we have it right here. But before you watch it, below was the couple’s thank you message posted on Facebook posted soon after the grand event:

Dearly beloved,

 Joyce and I take this opportunity to appreciate each and every one of you that sacrificed to plan, strategize and attend our wedding. Words are simply not enough to convey our deep appreciation for making this occasion a complete success. May the Lord bless you and keep you. May He make His face shine upon you, be gracious to you and give you peace. May He reward you fully for what you have done.

 Thank you.
Joyce and Mark.


From the guest list of 6000, to the security, the decor and the food for the mammoth crowd, it was a logistical nightmare.The ceremony almost duplicated one of his popular crusades save for the healing sessions! Crowds cheered from the terraces armed with vuvuzelas and drums!

And this is how the ceremony went down.

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Amina Abdi quietly quits troubled Capital FM



Capital FM presenter Amina Abdi Rabar has called it quits at the station which had recently been hit by a massive exodus of presenters.

Amina’s exit was not announced neither did she tell her listeners that she was leaving the station she had worked for for almost a decade.

In the last few weeks, Fareed Khimani who returned to Capital FM last year, has been hosting the morning show alone and disclosed tha there will be a new co-host who will be joining him soon.

“Amina Abdi will not be returning and I will be joined soon by a new co-host. She has gone to do big and better things,” he said.

Amina, who is a vivid social media user, did not tell her followers that she was leaving her morning show leaving many to speculate on what exactly transpired between her and station owned by city billionaire Chris Kirubi.

Her social media pages showed that she had deleted almost everything to do with the media house only leaving the material she promotes and the show she hosts on NTV, The Trend.

Her departure from Capital fm comes just a month after another long time presenter Miano Muchiri left, and unlike the quiet departure by Amina, he said he was leaving his mid-morning show which he had hosted for more than a decade.

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“The time has come to say goodbye to radio I would love it if you tuned in tomorrow one last time from 10:00-14:00,” he told his listeners then.

In mid-2019, the media house lost a host of its top talents, including radio host Anita Nderu who resigned saying she felt she had given her best and wanted new challenges.

Others who left the station are Web Editor and lifestyle writer/photographer Susan Wong, who resigned in January 2019 to return to her Canadian home and popular presenter Laura Walubengo, who quit in July 2018.

Others who also left were veteran presenters like Maqbul Mohammed, Cess Mutungi and My Two Cents co-hosts Sharon Mundia.

by NN

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Kenyan shines at Voice of Germany competition after electrifying performance  




A Kenyan born vocalist Eugene Asira has taken the internet by storm after a video of him performing a Swahili song at the Voice of Germany blind singing competition went viral online.

Despite being in a foreign country, the young man made it evident that he is a proud Kenyan by performing the hit song ‘Uliza Kiatu’ composed by H_Art The Band.

The song took everyone by surprise, and it’s uniqueness swept the curious judges of their feet.

The young man’s raw talent saw him qualify for the auditions and he will now continue raising the Kenyan flag as a contestant in the talent competition.

The news of Eugene Asira’s successful audition was shared on social media by one of his friends Max Okello who was extremely proud of his friend’s achievement.

“This is my good friend Eugene Asira who is a Kenyan but lives in Germany. He made it to the Voice Germany and ooh I am beyond proud. He performed our very own #ulizakiatu hit song by the coolest band in Kenya H_Art The Band and guess how many chairs turned, yes four,” he wrote in excitement.

Asira is a song-cover artist as seen in the videos he shares on his Youtube channel and Instagram pages.

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His unique bass voice gives taste to many songs he does.

Coupled with his upcoming singing career, he is a fitness enthusiast and trainer.

Despite being a Kenyan, Asira has his life established in Germany where currently lives with his wife Susan Asira and daughter.

Many Kenyans rooting for Eugene Asira’s success in the Voice singing competition.

The Voice is one of the biggest singing competitions worldwide, having spread its wings from America where it is broadcasted on NBC to Europe.

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PHOTOS: Actress Shiro from Aunty boss steps out in bikini



Shiro aka Nyce Wanjeri has lately been reaching out to her fans through her YouTube show; especially now that the Local TV series came to an end.

Just like the rest of the cast, Shiro has been trying to remain relevant in the entertainment industry; and this means keeping up with what fans want or rather would like to see.

When everyone else was sharing their bikini photos online the actress chose to hold back as she awaited to drop bomb bikini photos that have left tongues wagging on social media.

Aunty boss aka Nyce Wanjeri

Judging from the photos shared on her page just recently; we can all agree that the lady has the perfect body for tiny bikinis; and for this reason we cannot blame her thirsty fans for wanting to see more of these pictures.

Nyce Wanjeri

Silprosa’s bikini photos

Nyce Wanjeri however joins the likes of former Aunty boss actress Silprosa who brought the internet to a stand still with her swimsuit photos.

Having the young lady parade her thick curves on social media was the beginning of her new journey on social media! Many of her fans went on to praise Silprosa for embracing her imperfect imperfections that brought nothing but the best out of her.

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And with these swimsuit photos, the actress ended landing a job with Akothee Safaris; something she never dreamt of even in her wildest dreams! Anyway, let’s just say that 2020 was Silprosa’s year!


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