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MP arrested at JKIA over alleged tax fraud



Lamu West MP Stanley Muiruri Muthama was on Thursday night arrested by detectives attached to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) over alleged fraud.

The MP was arrested at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) after being trailed.

Mr Muiruri is expected to be charged in an Eldoret court where he was taken after his arrest in Nairobi. He will be charged with tax related offences.

He will be charged in an Eldoret court with a tax related offence,” the DCI said.

Separately, sleuths also arrested a Police Constable Collins Wanjala in connection to a series of robberies reported in Nairobi.

“His accomplice, identified as Paul Origi, was also nabbed while driving,”the DCI said.


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Puzzle of chief who owns a quarter of his sub-location



Authorities in West Pokot are investigating how an assistant chief in West Pokot acquired up to 2,569 acres in the sub-location where he serves.

The assistant chief and his two brothers are said to own at least 3,000 acres, nearly a quarter of Katikomor Sub-location, which is 12,355 acres. One person was killed on Wednesday evening in a dispute over land, said to be the property of Kanyarkwat Group Ranch.

Armed attack

Longiro Lwokwasit, 26, and his three brothers, were attacked by a group of 10 armed men who accused them of occupying the disputed land illegally.

He died after being shot with a poisoned arrow. According to Kanyarkwat location chief Julius Rongono, nearly 100 families live on the disputed property, and the assistant chief is suspected of using threats and intimidation to evict them. Security officials say they are investigating the assistant chief after Wednesday’s attack. “He and his brothers fled after the attack and we are searching for them. We suspect they have crossed over to Uganda,” said Rongono.

Local authorities suspect that the assistant chief acquired the property after registering a land-buying company in which he is the director.

West Pokot County Commissioner Apollo Okello said he has suspended the assistant chief and interdicted an assistant county commissioner pending investigations into Wednesday’s killing and the land’s ownership.

According to Okello, investigators suspect that the assistant chief colluded with his two brothers to grab thousands of acres and forcibly evict families that have been living in the area for more than a decade. He said the title deed for the property was acquired through Kapenguria land office in a process that security officials suspect was fraudulent.  “Police  are investigating how the three brothers got the title deed. Those who signed all land documents that led to the release of the title deed will also be investigated,” said Okello.

Governor John Lonyangapuo visited the disputed property on Thursday.According to the governor, the county stands to lose at least Sh60 million in schools, markets and other projects standing on the land. Lonyangapuo said the title deed of the disputed land was under the name of Lomangiro Investment Limited and was issued in 2018.

He appealed to the land office to revoke the deed pending investigations. He was speaking at Katikomor area during a security meeting to ease rising tension triggered by the land dispute. Residents currently living on the property accused the assistant chief of attempting to evict them from their ancestral land.


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Omanga’s lonely hour in the dock



Poor Millicent Omanga  Just as she had dared them, they brought it on and they paraded her like a criminal. While she might have seemed to have a clear target in mind when she made the threat, her submission to the Jubilee Party disciplinary committee revealed that it might have been an open challenge.

“Perpetrators,” she responded when asked for whom the threat “bring it on baby” was meant, leaving it open for whoever dared to face her.

Sadly for her, the disciplinary committee took up the challenge. And boy did the ‘baby’ bring it on. The duel was sufficiently publicised and the media called in to capture every moment. It wasn’t going to be a press conference and no one would be flanking her. There would be no buffer between her and the ‘perpetrators’.

Fat paycheck

There she was, all by herself, faced by masked men and women intent on ridding her of her fat pay cheque. She had noticed the first sign of trouble when, as she had said, a meeting meant to exonerate her turned into a retributive one. She sat quiet, meek as a mischievous child awaiting punishment, uncertain of whether or not to speak. She would have done anything to save her skin. Yet, she appeared to embrace all the blunders.

“I did not see the message,” she said when asked why she had skipped a Jubilee Parliamentary Group meeting at State House a fortnight ago. She should have stopped talking, but her mouth had other plans. So she went on, rambling as a cornered – again to borrow her words – ‘perpetrator’ would.

“I have more than 7,000 texts,” she claimed. Yet in the same breath, she couldn’t receive any messages as “sometimes unapata simu yako imekatwa kama uko postpaid (sometimes you find your phone disconnected when you’re on postpaid).” Poor Omanga. The nominated senator, despite her tribulations, made sure to cater to everyone’s needs.

She spoke in English and when those who only understood Kiswahili felt slighted, she switched things up. And she was there for francophones too. “Pardon,” she asked a question be repeated in a seemingly French accent, making sure the ‘n’ at the end of the word was silent.

She did not tremble but no amount of shaking would upstage her eyes. They appeared alert and sorry at the same time. She had them wide open and kept her blinking to a minimum.

It was as though she was afraid she would miss something, maybe another text, if she blinked. When she eventually blinked, her eyes fluttered uncontrollably, perhaps keeping stock until the chance would present itself next. The first-time senator insisted on wanting to clarify matters and assured that she was happy to be before the disciplinary committee. Her mouth could say what it wanted, but her eyes had already let out the truth. She wanted the hearing to end.

Soon.Anyone with an ounce of empathy would have ended the grilling in the first 10 minutes as she was already sorry for her truancy. But not the disciplinary committee. ‘Sorry’ wasn’t good enough for them. They wanted her shaken enough to avoid repeating her offence. They had paraded her for the public for this sake, and so that everyone would see her defeated. They wanted her humiliated.

They took turns at her, bullying her from all sides as they tore open the bag full of excuses Omanga had brought with her. Her face was stripped of the confidence she wears when defending her allies and she occasionally looked like she would cry the next minute.

Her hands couldn’t stay still. One minute they were reaching for something on the table, the next, they were reaching for some hand sanitiser. Her eyes, too, kept wandering, scouting for signs of remorse from faces that were hidden behind masks. Her voice didn’t fare any better. She sounded nothing like the fiery senator from a few months ago.

No vulgarities escaped her tongue. Her repeated pledges of loyalty to the party appeared to have worked when her prosecutor, Senate Majority Whip Irungu Kang’ata, pleaded that she be spared from expulsion. And while the experience may have been emotionally draining, it must have taught her one or two things about politics and even more on loyalty.

By Standard

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Size 8: miscarriage nearly broke my marriage



Gospel singer Size 8 has revealed how her miscarriage in 2018 almost ended her marriage with DJ Mo.

In an interview with Parents magazine, the singer admitted that the experience taught her the value of life, family and friends.

“The miscarriage really affected us. We fought a lot and we blamed each other since we did not know how to deal with it. It was very bad; but with our son, we were able to come together and support each other,” she said.

Despite the tragic nature of the miscarriage, in the end, she says, it brought them closer as they leaned on each other for support during the difficult time.

“It has actually brought us closer as a couple, which is something we realised later,” she said.

Size 8 said that she opened up about the miscarriage, but her husband was very quiet and did not talk about the topic at all but inside, the experience was hurting him too.

Their marriage was not perfect

“When you lose a baby, things change. It was very hard on me but I knew I had to be strong for Linet (Size 8) and Wambo. If we let our grieving take over, it would have affected Wambo because we wouldn’t be able to give her attention,” explained the seasoned gospel DJ.

The couple said their marriage was not perfect. What made it work was their relationship with God.

“Even before you try to resolve issues, the fear of God helps you see where you have gone wrong and it makes solving things easier. We’ve also learnt to see our mistakes first before pointing out the speck,” the mother of two said.

She also admitted that after the marriage, she did not want to submit to her husband.

The couple got married in their twenties and submission was one problem she was struggling with, Size 8 said.

“I’m an alpha female and I had the wrong concept of submission so we had a couple of fights over it. To me, it sounded like slavery,” she said.

However, after talking to JCC pastor Rev. Kathy Kiuna, she understood submission was about recognising the power and importance of her husband’s role in marriage.

“Reverend Kathy Kiuna explained to me that it was simply about recognizing the authority of my husband as the head of the home. I think I just lacked the wisdom on how to handle things,” said the Mateke hit-maker.

On the other hand, DJ Mo was also having issues while trying to adapt to marriage life. He had to learn to share his thoughts with his wife without holding back.

“I never used to open up, even when we had issues. I was not mature enough to realise that the wall I had put up also affected my partner. There are just some things you learn when you are in the marriage,” the DJ said.

Size 8 said the marriage was easier when they did not have children but now that they do, they are happier as a family.

“They bring us joy but it has also been a tough balancing act to be able to have time for them and also for themselves as a couple. It needs a lot of wisdom from God to crack it,” said the gospel artiste.


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