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VIDEO: Kenyan Community Church in Atlanta moves to new location as it marks 10th Anniversary



A Kenyan Community Church in Atlanta, Georgia, Bethesda Empowerment International Church (BEIC), is marking its tenth anniversary in style. For starters, it has moved to a new location.

The Church, which was previously located on Bells Ferry Road in Marietta, Georgia, has relocated to its new address: 1345 Franklin Gateway SE, Marrietta GA 30067.

According to the Church Superintendent, Bishop Dr. Joseph Wamutitu, the services at the new location starts 10.30 am. every Sunday.

Rev Wamutitu told that From July 19 to 21st, a major Conference will be held at the new location culminating in the official dedication of the facility.

In the last decade, BEIC has become home to many immigrants seeking a place to worship and fellowship with compatriots from Africa.

With most of its members being Kenyan nationals who have settled in the Atlanta Metropolitan, the church has something for everyone -so to speak – as it has various Ministries, including Young adults, Children, Women, Men, Worship Team and Media department.

Below is the Genesis of BEIC as well as its future plans as told by Bishop Wamutitu:


Where it all Begun: Friday Night Prayer Vigils (Kesha).

In July 2007, God stirred my wife, Antoninah, to start praying for revival and the healing of the Kenyan Community in Atlanta. As a result she approached some few ladies and they started praying all night every Friday in our basement. God orchestrated the first prayer meeting to be graced by the presence of Bishop William Tuimising of Deliverance Church and Grace Kariuki of Amazing Grace Ministries.

My wife prayed all night every Friday. It did not matter whether she was alone or the number of people present. On few occasions she prayed all alone. She felt God was calling her to birth a revival and a movement that was going to bring healing to the Kenyan Community in Atlanta and release them to do great things for God. The attendance would be 1-6 people or at a peak night 8 people.

These prayer meetings were intense and the Spirit of the Lord ministered powerfully. For a whole year we groaned in our spirits seeking God’s visitation and the move of the Holy Spirit in the Community. Although the few people that joined us every Friday were from different churches we were united in our hunger for revival and for God to manifest His power in our midst. We did not know exactly what God was up to but He was surely up to something.

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As we continued to pray every Friday in our basement God brought various Bishops and Pastors who sensed the call of God and the need to start a Church in Atlanta. Independently they all confirmed that this call although we were very reluctant (I must confess my wife was ahead of me in this one).

This was confirmed by many witnesses at different times. We therefore decided to continue to pray and wait upon God not knowing what His purpose for our lives was. At this time I was working on my Ph.D. Dissertation and was not in a rush to make any move. One thing was clear however, we wanted a Holy Ghost move of God in the Kenyan Community and beyond.

House Fellowship

After one year of seeking the Lord and pouring our hearts to God every Friday, we felt in our spirits that God was calling us to establish a “Healing Center.” The name “Bethesda” from John 5:2 was dropped in our spirits. We did not know how this was going to happen but as we continued to pray there were more confirmations about the Lord using us to establish a Church that would bring healing and empowerment especially to our Kenyan Community and beyond.

We did not want to act in a hurry nor did we want to be disobedient (Acts 26:19). We therefore decided to give it a “try” by starting a Sunday afternoon Fellowship in our house. On September 7th, 2008 Bethesda Empowerment Center (BEC) was formally launched as a House Fellowship. We would meet every Sunday evening from 4 pm and have Church.

People would attend other Churches in the morning and then gather for afternoon fellowship. We used to have powerful times of praise and worship and great preaching of the Word. Attendance would range from 5 to 20 people.

In 2009 the Lord called the Pastor to 40 days of prayer and fasting. Although not intended or planned the fast was to end on Easter Sunday. I was scheduled to graduate that summer and needed to hear God’s voice and get His direction.

Two weeks before the end of the fast, a faithful attendee of the House Fellowship approached my wife and I and asked that we give her audience. She expressed how she strongly felt that BEC needed to move from the house to more public setting and become a full-fledged Church. She requested our permission to share this with the other people that were regular in the Fellowship.

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Our sister did not know at this time that I was in a long fast and that God was using her to confirm that it was indeed His will for us to launch the Church. Everything was God orchestrated and Easter Sunday was not only the day my 40 days of fasting were ending but also the day the sister was to share with the people what she felt about moving out from the basement.

We had a glorious Fellowship that day. The anointing was so heavy in the Fellowship. After the preaching our sister addressed the people present and asked them what they felt about moving out from the basement and launching a full-fledged Church. There was a unanimous agreement and a meeting was organized to start working modalities and raising money for the launch.

The Launch

On Sunday, July 19th, 2009, exactly two years after the launching of the Friday Overnight Prayer meetings, BEC was launched in a colorful ceremony attended by the larger Kenyan Community and graced by the clergy. What was conceived in July 2007 was finally birthed. Despite losing our dad, my father-in-law the very week of the launch, and suddenly, God was faithful and gave us grace and strength. We launched BEC and celebrated my Ph.D. graduation the same day; July 19th. It is a privilege to serve the Lord and minister to His people.

Healing Center

True to the Word God dropped in our spirits in 2008, BEC has been a pool of healing to many. It has given us tremendous joy as we see people who had abandoned their God given call and ministry allow the Spirit of God to heal them and use them again.

We have seen some who had given up on Church and did not want anything especially with a Kenyan Church start to glow and step up. As an empowerment Center we have been very intentional about not only accepting people as they are but also giving them an opportunity to be all that they were meant to be. Our slogan; “Where everybody is somebody and Jesus is Lord” says it all.

We however realize that once healed one has to arise, leave the hospital and go and serve others. We believe God has brought us together not only to heal us but to empower us through His Word and the power of the Holy Spirit to reach out to nations according to Matthew 24: 14.

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We not only want BEC to be “a family Church for people of nations…(Rev. 7:9) but also to take the Gospel to the nations of the world. We want to lay a spiritual foundation for our Children and generations to come and leave behind a legacy of godliness and spiritual worship and from here reach out to the nations of the world (Matthew 28:19-20).

New Name

After our 4th Anniversary and in order to prepare ourselves for the above vision, it was felt that we needed a new name that reflects our vision for the future. Starting January 2014 BEC acquired and started using a new name; BETHESDA EMPOWERMENT INTERNATIONAL CHURCH (BEIC).

We remain committed to being a house of grace and healing (Bethesda) and to empower believers holistically through the Word of God but also are very intentional about becoming a “Church for all nations” and reaching out to the nations with the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Future

The future of BEIC is bright and promising. Our history is a testament that this is not man’s work or vision. BEIC is God’s vision and idea. It was birthed through prayer and has been sustained by such. The vision is for an appointed time (Habakkuk 2:3).

We are encouraged by what God has done the last four years. He has been very faithful to us as a local congregation. Up the mountains and down the valleys, He has remained faithful and source of our strength. We are excited about what He is doing in our midst.

We have a group of quality and committed men and women who believe in the vision of BEIC. We believe in building altars of worship in a foreign land and leaving a godly legacy for our children and generations to come. We are pursuing spiritual revival and holistic empowerment.

We want to be a remnant in this age when many have forsaken God in pursuit of power, materialism, self and pleasure. We are pursuing a Godly heritage through Jesus Christ. We want to raise Godly children with values based on God’s Word. We want to be a light to this nation and to the nations of the world and salt to the earth (Matthew 5:13-14).

“…And the people that do know their God shall be strong and do Exploits” (Daniel 11:32).

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End our anxiety, families of missing Lamu men tell State



Lamu families whose kinsmen disappeared mysteriously are questioning the government’s continued silence on the matter.

The families had hoped the year 2020 would bring to an end all the emotional turmoil they have undergone while wondering whether their relatives are alive or dead. The year is now almost over and there are no signs of their loved ones coming back.

More than 10 families in the region have, for several years, been in the dark concerning the whereabouts of their brothers and uncles who vanished under unclear circumstances, some in the hands of security agencies.

Families, relatives and friends of the victims interviewed by Nation.Africa acknowledged finding it hard to cope with the unanswered questions.

Most of the victims have been missing for as long as eight years.

An example is the family of Makka Mzee living at Mkunumbi in Lamu West.

Mr Mzee, a teacher by profession, has undergone tough times since his son, Imrana Said Makka, 29, went missing on March 31, 2015.

Mr Imrana Said Makka, 29, who went missing since March 31, 2015.

Kalume Kazungu | Nation Media Group

Imrana was abducted by three men who identified themselves as anti-terror officers in Malindi town on that fateful day, never to be found or heard of again.

It is now six years since his mysterious disappearance.

Imrana’s sister Sada Said Makka told the Nation that they have not heard any news concerning his brother who left behind three children.

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“Despite our efforts to visit various police stations in Lamu, Malindi and Mombasa for enquiries, nothing has materialised. We’re yet to get any news on Imrana’s whereabouts.

We’re very much unhappy with the way the government has been silent on the matter despite the numerous reports we filed,” said Ms Sada.

The situation is similar in Kwasasi Village in Hindi, Lamu West, where the family of 42-year-old Ali Bunu is yet to come to terms with his mysterious disappearance five years ago.

The father of nine and who owned an estate in Kwasasi Village was said to have been picked up at his farm by unknown people in State-owned police and military vehicles on the night of April 8, 2016.

Mr Ali Bunu, 42, who went missing in April 2016.

Kalume Kazungu | Nation Media Group

During the incident, Mr Bunu’s house and livestock were torched by the ”officers” before he was whisked away with his four workers and a nephew to an unknown destination on that night.

All except Bunu were the next day dumped in the bush near the Bar’goni military camp from where they found their way back home.

Relatives of Mr Bunu believe the State is better placed to answer their questions since the vehicles that picked up their kin bore government number plates.

“My brother’s children are suffering. Their education has been very stressful. Even processing their ID cards has been a problem, all because their father is absent. The piece of land that our brother owns at Kwasasi in Hindi has partially been grabbed since the owner is not around. The government should help us find our brother so that we can be at peace as a family,” said Mrs Hafswa Bunu, a sister.

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In Witu town, another family is in agony over the disappearance of 32-year-old Mohamed Abdalla Ali.

Mr Mohamed Abdalla Ali, 32, a resident of Witu in Lamu West who went missing on June 14, 2018.

Kalume Kazungu | Nation Media Group

Mr Ali went missing on the night of June 14, 2018.

He had accompanied his friends to watch a Fifa World Cup tournament in one of the hotels in Witu.

The last born in a family of five had completed his Form Four at Witu Secondary and was yet to join college.

His father Abdalla Basalama is a retired Administration Police Senior Sergeant.

Ali’s eldest sister Amina Abdalla says that for all that time, they have searched for Ali without success.

“We’ve visited all police stations but we haven’t traced Ali. We’re appealing to the police and any other security agencies to help my family track down the whereabouts of Ali whether alive or dead,” said Ms Amina.

The family of 43-year-old Mohamed Avukame Haroun is also yet to come to terms with his mysterious disappearance on August 23, 2017.

Mr Mohamed, a Malindi-based businessman who also deals in property management and land, was taken away by men in a black vehicle (a Toyota Prado) to an unknown destination.

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His elder brother, Bwanaheri Avukame Haroun, says the father of two was bundled into the car by two armed men who accosted him within Mombasa High Court precincts.

Mr Mohamed Avukame Haroun, 43, who went missing on August 23, 2017.

Kalume Kazungu | Nation Media Group

Mr Bwanaheri insists that those who took away his brother are police officers since they had handcuffs and were armed with guns.

“His phone has been off since then. The State is aware of the whereabouts of my brother. Let the government assist us in tracing the whereabouts of my brother. His family is suffering,” said Mr Bwanaheri.

At Mpeketoni in Lamu West, the family of 35-year-old Osman Abdi is also in the dark after the man went missing just days after the June 15, 2014, Mpeketoni attacks.

Mr Abdi, a milk vendor, is said to have been arrested by police.

In a recent interview with the Nation, Lamu County Commissioner Irungu Macharia asked families whose kinsmen had disappeared to come out and record statements with police and his office for action.

“These people might have crossed into Somalia. So there is a need for families to come out and report such cases to authorities for action,” said Mr Macharia.

In 2018, Haki Africa Organisation listed Lamu as among leading counties in the Coast region with many cases of mysteriously missing persons.

Various activists and religious leaders in the county and across the Coast region have on various occasions pleaded with the State to help the affected families find them.

by nationafrica

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Nairobi woman hopes to give birth, leave bedsitter 4 years after husband kicked her out



Gasherry Bendito has always been on the move. Her life revolves around thinking of the next step.

Nairobi woman hopes to give birth, leave bedsitter 4 years after husband kicked her out

Gasherry and her mother. Photo: Gasherry Bendito
Source: Facebook

As she plots about her next move, the beauty gets caught up in wishful thinking and dreaming of a more permanent way to live.

Four years ago, the struggling woman was kicked out of her marital home by the man she gave her heart and soul to.

When married, Gasherry could not bear children and that drove her partner insane. So, he saw it fit to get rid of her.

That meant she had to recalibrate and start from square A. This squeezed her between a rock and a hard place.

In just four years, the lady’s life proved to be a living hell as she struggled to find a decent job and a place to lay her head.

Nairobi woman hopes to give birth, leave bedsitter 4 years after husband kicked her out

The lady’s tiny room. Photo: Gasherry Bendito
Source: Facebook

“From losing my job, to being thrown out, to becoming a domestic worker, to being hosted by a colleague, and finally living in a hostel,” she narrated in a Facebook post sighted by

All along, Gasherry held onto unused baby clothes she had bought in the past as she waited for the fruit of the womb.

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While crushing at her tiny bedsitter sufficiently decorated with a small bed, the hopeful woman still believed that one day she will get to hold her own bundle of joy.

Nairobi woman hopes to give birth, leave bedsitter 4 years after husband kicked her out

Gasherry could not have kids and that irked her estranged husband. Photo: Gasherry Bendito
Source: Facebook

The netizen told social media users she has been unable to get rid of the infant clothes because at the back of her mind, motherhood is her biggest goal in life.

“I have this bag full of baby clothes from 2014 when I was getting ready to have a baby. Almost seven years down the line and I am still holding on to it. I move with it everywhere I go,” she added.

Nairobi woman hopes to give birth, leave bedsitter 4 years after husband kicked her out

She has stored baby clothes for seven years. Photo: Gasherry Bendito
Source: Facebook

In other related news, a woman left many in tears after disclosing the pain she has been through for lack of children in her marriage.

The lady, identified as Margaret Wanjiru, opened up about her torturous 25 years journey on Monday, April 27.

Speaking to Kikuyu Diaspora TV, Wanjiru revealed life was not easy for her even in the first years of her marriage.

According to her, she married the love of her life in 1993 after two years of dating and after a few years in marriage without a child, her mother-in-law started insulting and mistreating her.

“I met the love of my life and after dating for two years, we moved in together in 1993 and this is when things started going south. At home, everyone was on our case since we did not have a child. Fights from my mother-in-law became intense. There is no pain like being married and you have money but no child,” she said.

by Tuko

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‘I have no access to you,’ Frankie pens emotional letter to son, says he’s barred from seeing his kids



Fitness coach Frankie Kiarie has penned a touching letter to his firstborn son Lexi with Maureen Waititu.

The father of two showered his son with love and narrating how he brought so much joy to his life.

To My Son,

When you came into this world, you brought a love so pure I had never before experienced. When you spoke your first word, walked your first steps, I became your biggest fan. With every milestone you reached, I reveled in joy. You taught me the meaning of love — true, unconditional love.

As you continue to grow, you will live your own life. You will have times of happiness and times of disappointment. You will fall in love, and you will have your heart broken. Life has its ups and downs and is not always fair, but I know your strength and resilience will see you through.

May you always know your worth and how incredibly precious you are! As your Papa, it is my privilege to impart these important truths to you.

Frankie went ahead to reveal that he hasn’t seen his kids for a while now because he has no access to them.

‘Since I have no access to you, I’ll pass these words on and hope they find you. Be true to yourself always. Live your own dreams. Don’t take life so seriously. And, last but certainly not least, Know that I love you and will always be there for you. No matter what, I’ve got your back. You are my son and always will be. Happy Birthday Lexi,’ he wrote.

A few weeks ago, reached out to Maureen Waititu to respond to claims that she had barred Frankie from seeing their kids she denied.



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