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VIDEO: Passaris Comes Clean on Leaked Phone Call With Sonko



  • Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris has responded to a leaked phone call between her and Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko.

    The video, which has now gone viral, is about a conversation where Passaris is heard asking for Ksh1 million from Sonko in a period believed to be after the 2017 General Election.

    However, giving her side of the story to from Canada, she admitted that the governor is the one who took her to the ODM Party.

  • She divulged that the conversation took place when ODM was implementing the ‘Resist’ agenda, telling their supporters to keep off certain consumer goods in 2017 and 2018.

    Passaris said she consulted Sonko to help her with the funds because her spouse was hesitant since he was a supporter of the Jubilee party.

    Though she admitted that some of the contents of the leaked conversations were true, the Woman Rep accused Sonko of doctoring some sections to suit his agenda.

    Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris speaking during a public rally


    He described him as insincere and insecure, adding that people no longer took him seriously for recording private calls.

    The legislator disclosed that upon returning to the country on Sunday, she would make an official statement on the matter.

    The new twist only added to the drama between the two politicians that the public has been treated to.

    During his Madaraka Day speech on Saturday, Sonko bashed Passaris for constantly calling his phone.

    Sonko also accused her of being economical with the truth, since she had not submitted her plans to him.

    She responded that Sonko seemed to be sabotaging projects that she wanted to implement within the county.

    Listen to the leaked phone call between Passaris and Sonko.


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Churchill Show’s YY sunk into depression after losing baby



Churchill Show comedian Oliver Otieno, better known as YY, says he sunk into depression after los- ing his unborn baby four years ago.

“I had a lot of expectations and I was so excited but the excitement was cut short in a manner I did not expect,” YY told said.

He said the hospital was reluctant to attend to his girlfriend.

“We went to the labour ward but the doctors recommended she has a Caesarian section. I went to book [for one] but they said the theatre was full,” YY said.

His girlfriend’s condition worsened and eventually they decided to save the mother.

The couple laterparted ways and YY is doing well now.

“Unfortunately, she is no longer in my life but I am dating again.”

On Father’s Day, YY celebrated himself as a dad on Instagram saying, “Happy Father’s Day To Me…my latedaughter would be four years old today but everything happens for a Reason.”The comedian said he has learnt to be positive, despite the tragedy.

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Widow begs to bury husband exhumed five years ago



The widow of a man whose body has been lying in a mortuary for five years has appealed to a Kisu-mu court to let her bury him.

Barack Ogada’s body was dramatically exhumed fromwhere he was buried after one James Onunga claimed the land.

Yesterday, the family asked senior principal magistrate Winfred Onkunya to allow them bury the body in the land being fought over.

The deceased’s widow Jessica Ogada told the court theland belongs to her husband’s family where they lived until 1983 when they moved to Nandi.

She said in 2014 the family brought Ogada’s body for burial but Onunga came with policemen and stopped the event and the body was returned to the mortuary.

The widow said they later got a court order allowing

them to bury her husband in the same piece of land butOnunga came back again with police officers months after the burial, exhumed the body and returned it to the mortuary.

She spent a month at Kodiaga Prison following the dispute.

Onunga has sued four relatives for burying their rel- ative on land registered in his name.

A title deed and an agreement form produced in courtshowed the parcel is under Onunga’s name.

Thomas Ago and the deceased’s nephew Stephen Ogallo said the land belongs to their family but they only came to realise it was transferred when the matter came to court. They questioned the authenticity of the documents presented in court.

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The hearing continues on August 21.

Source:The Star

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59-year-old Kenyan man in US faces up to 20 years jail term after pleading guilty to fraud



A Kenyan who lives in Ohio, USA risks being jailed for over 20 years for fraud.

Mr Robert Mutua Muli, 59, a Kenyan immigrant, this week admitted to have conspired with other Kenyans to defraud various county governments in the US Sh60 million by posing as employees of a leading IT company called Fairfax County.

American investigators are also in pursuit of the other suspects who are believed to be hiding in Kenya.


Muli told the Alexandria Federal Court that he worked in cahoots with people who are in the country to defraud various counties in the US, namely Philadelphia, Detroit and Vermont.

In his statements the suspect said that a co-conspirator in Kenya would send an email to a contact in the local governments pretending to be an employee of a leading IT firm and asked local governments to redirect payments of services to a different bank account.

Mr Muli’s role was then to withdraw the money and make transfers to various accounts.


According to the Washington Post, the fraud took place between August and September 2018.

Fairfax County raised the alarm when it realized that it had not received payments for services it rendered and alerted the police.

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“In September 2018, Fairfax County identified a financial fraud and immediately reported the incident to law enforcement,” county spokesman Tony Castrilli told the court.

Muli of Carrollton, Ohio, struck a plea bargain Monday with federal prosecutors in Alexandria, Virginia. Under the plea deal, Muli admitted that he conspired to commit wire fraud against four separate state and local governments. He faces up to 20 years in prison when he is sentenced in October

According to court documents, Muli would submit phony invoices to the governments’ finance departments. The invoices were made to resemble legitimate bills from vendors like Dell Computers.

The biggest victim was an unidentified local government in Virginia, which lost more than $610,000. The state of Vermont lost $3,900.

SOURCE: Agencies

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