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VIDEO: Ringtone takes his search for ‘God-fearing wife’ to the road, complete with a placard



They say love is crazy, well controversial gospel singer Ringtone is going above and beyond to find himself a God-fearing, hardworking wife.

During an interview at a local TV station, the Talanta singer revealed a secret project he has been working on to get a wife with the exact qualities he wants.

“Now that Kenyan ladies are ignoring me we are going to go out to the road.  There’s something I have been doing secretly. I’m surprised no one has noticed yet,” he said

Ringtone apparently drives to Runda road and parks his car on the side, stands in the middle of the road and raises a placard for 30 minutes with his future wife’s qualities.

“I am very handsome, romantic, caring, God fearing, I’m a very good person,” he added

When asked why he cannot do normal things like taking a girl out on date or meeting and talking, Ringtone responded by saying, “I’m a public figure, I try to go to a restaurant, and everyone is looking at me. So I decided, you know what, I’m not meeting everybody, I just want this one girl… I know she is out there.”

Ringtone’s love trials

About a year ago Ringtone, who has been claiming to be in love with Zari offered to give her a Range Rover, a gesture she dismissed.

“If in those 30 minutes a lady sees me and inboxes me we talk, I’m ready,” Ringtone explains.

There’s something I have been doing secretly (Photo: Courtesy)

The singer highlighted that he is looking for a wife who fears God, who is very hard working, who is humble, who prays, who fasts, a girl whose heart goes out for God.

If in those 30 minutes a lady sees me and inboxes me we talk, I’m ready (Photo: Courtesy)


Zari Hassan (Photo: Courtesy)

The Rudi Nyumbani hitmaker was then rumoured to be dating Nairobi Diaries cast member, Pendo, as they were often seen together. Ringtone denied dating Pendo.

Pendo (Photo: Courtesy)

The singer had also made a move on Tanzanian singer Ray C after news got to him that she was born again.

“Attention: I hear Ray C is born again, and that she is searching for a husband. God is speaking to me. Kindly if you have her number send it to me and God will greatly bless you,” he posted.

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Sibling rivalry? Mercy Kyallo explains why she missed Betty Kyallo’s launch



Is there beef between two of the older Kyallo girls?

Fans of Mercy and Betty Kyallo have been wondering if the two sisters are feuding.

During the much publicised 6th birthday party of her niece, Ivanna, and Betty’s relaunch of her salon, Flair, it was noted that Mercy was not present.

In an interview with Mpasho, she revealed, she was there “in spirit” and that her support for her sister was unequivocal.

When asked if she is in good terms with Betty, Mercy said,

“She is my sister.”

Laughing she added,

“Obviously we are in good terms but at the same time. I always say, look. We are sisters and sisters go through highs and lows just like friends but that doesn’t mean anything. I feel like people also go through their highs and tides.”

She continued,

“Mercy and betty are just like any siblings in this county. We fight, we love each other, we forgive each other we get back into fighting it is just the same way and I think wapendanao ndio wakosanao.”

Mercy explained that the various times fans did not see her at any of Betty’s big celebrations that last few weeks was not out of ill will.

“I was not able to come but at the same time support is given and support is shown in so many different ways especially in the family dynamic. I know our lives are very public and there is so much that goes on away from the public eye and people never know.”


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Kenyans online rebuke Murkomen for faulting lift on cessation




Kenyans on Twitter have rebuked Senator Kipchumba Murkomen who tweeted that Uhuru has made a mistake for allowing Kenyans to travel in and out of Nairobi.

Murkomen tweeted: “Cessation of Movement in and out of Nairobi and Mombasa is a BIG MISTAKE.”.

He went on: I really hope I am wrong but lifting Cessation of Movement in and out of Nairobi and Mombasa will multiply the infections 10 times. I am really worried about our older folks in the countryside. Anyway what do I know ?


This did not go down well with Kenyans who thought the senator was being selfish as the politicians have been moving in and out of Nairobi at will.
 President Uhuru Kenyatta on Monday announced that the cessation of movement order that barred entry into and out of Nairobi, Mombasa and Mandera Counties shall lapse on Tuesday at 4 am. He however, extended the nationwide curfew by a further 30 days.
Reacting to the Elgeyo Marakwet Senator’s tweet, a user @IamBilser said: But si huwa mnafly in and out at will..mkuki kwa nguruwe…”
Another user @Daniel Superdan Tweeted: “Kwani mnafikirianga aje nyinyi… Hua mnatumia chopper kila siku lakini hamtaki watu wako jobless waende kwao.”
Below are few screen shots of what other users had to say about Murkomen’s tweet.


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Mwende Macharia speaks of her challenges as she launches YouTube channel



Showbiz presenter Mwende Macharia says being in the showbiz industry for 11 years now has come with many challenges most of which she has used to scale her way up to the top.

“The reason why I have launched my own YouTube channel, EMM Online TV, is because I want to share all the experience I have earned throughout the years fully as I help to make the industry grow,” the Radio Maisha host told Standard E&L as she officially launched the channel.

“There is so much that we can do as an industry. There is still so much to exhaust. It is still strange that Tanzania has more people engaged in YouTube showbiz TV channels than we have in a more advanced Kenya. It has been 11 years of making my brand and I want to borrow from all I have learned across the years to better the industry,” she said.


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