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You could be testing self at home



We could soon be regularly testing ourselves for several diseases and carrying out other procedures to safeguard our health, according to newly released World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines.

This is contained in the WHO’s first guideline on self-care interventions which was launched on June 26, 2019

It is the WHO’s first comprehensive volume on sexual and reproductive health and rights.

WHO defines self-care as “the ability of individuals, families and communities to promote health, prevent disease, maintain health and cope with illness and disability with or without the support of a healthcare provider.”

Self-care interventions are a complementary approach to healthcare that forms an important part of the health system.

“Self care is also a means for people who are negatively affected by gender, political, cultural and power dynamics including those who are forcibly displaced, to have access to sexual and reproductive health services,” adds the WHO news release on the launch.

The guidelines which were released during the WHO’s “self-care month”, arrive at a time when new diagnostics, devices, drugs and digital innovations are transforming how people interact with the health sector.

In Kenya for instance, applications like MyDawa, an online pharmacy, are actively engaged in the business of selling medicines to customers. By December 2017, its subscribers had hit the 30,000 mark.

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Some of the interventions listed in the guideline include self-sampling for HPV and sexually transmitted infections, self-injectable contraceptives, home-based ovulation predictor kits, HIV self-testing and self-management of medical abortion.

According to the UN body’s statistics, at least 400 million people worldwide lack access “to the most essential health services.”

By 2035, WHO estimates that there will be an estimated shortage of nearly 13 million healthcare workers worldwide.

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom said self-care could play an important role in dealing with emergencies and ensuring better health for individuals.

“It can be a vital way for people to take charge of their health, promote better health service provision, keep the people safe and serve them better,” said the WHO boss.

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My daughter’s bank account had Sh9,000, not Sh100 Million, Waititu says




Ferdinand Waititu, embattled Kiambu Governor, on Tuesday said that he and his family were being targeted and are victims of political propaganda.

The governor was speaking at the Senate in a plenary sitting over his impeachment. Governor Waititu blamed bloggers in Kiambu, who are creating and spreading lies about him and his family with the aim of destroying him. 

“Honorable House, you will see in this sitting, some politicians have paid bloggers to spread false stories about me and my family, they are all lies,” said Waititu.

He mentioned reports spread that detectives from the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) found KSh100 million in his daughter’s bank account, saying the reports are false and malicious.

Waititu clarified his daughter had only KSh9,000 in her bank account when EACC was investigating him over corruption reports.

The Senate has two days sitting; January 28th and 29th- to discuss Waititu’s impeachment. Waititu was impeached by members of the Kiambu County Assembly on December 19th, 2019 for abuse of office and corruption allegations. 

If the Senate upholds the MCAs decision, Waititu will lose his seat as the Kiambu County Governor. 

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Mysterious banners rebuking Kenya’s Judiciary crop up along Nairobi roads




Anti-judiciary banners that were put up anonymously were found along major roads to the city Centre on Tuesday morning.

They were written in bold, all caps with different messages addressing the Kenyan judiciary for unfair rulings against the poor. 

Banners found just after Embakasi East MP Babu Owino was released on a KSh10 million cash bail in an attempted murder case where he shot Felix Orinda, alias DJ Evolve.

Kenyans online were upset with the court’s ruling, where Owino was ordered to pay bail amount in four installments of KSh2.5 million over four months.

“Akashas were free in Kenya for over four years but were jailed in two months by a USA court. We demand a working judiciary free of corrupt judges now,” a banner erected at Nyayo Stadium roundabout read.

Another on put up on a footbridge in Pangani stated: “Why is the majority of inmates in Kenya the poor?”

The one along Ladhies Road, asked: “Will Kidero, Sonko or Waititu ever step in jail for corruption?”

Commenting about the sentencing of Akasha brothers in the US two weeks ago, President Kenyatta said: “I think it is a shame on our country that we prosecuted a case against drug traffickers in our country and we couldn’t get a conviction and, within a year of them being arraigned in the United States, they have been jailed for not less than 25 years. That is something that our judiciary should come to terms with.” 

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Church where pastor killed his wife before committing suicide demolished



A church in Mombasa where a pastor stunned his congregation by stabbed his wife to death and then slit his own throat two weeks ago has been demolished.

The Ground for God’s Gospel Ministries at Chembani village in Kiembeni was pulled down on Sunday in the presence of relatives of the deceased.

Local administrators supervised the demolition of the church as congregants and family members of Elisha Misiki Nyadoya and Anne Mughoi watched.

According to the police, on the fateful day, the pastor left his front row seat and approached his wife, who was also a senior pastor, on the pulpit and stabbed her with one of the knives he had hidden in an envelope.

Misiko died instantly from his stab wounds and Mughoi died at a local hospital a few hours later, police said.


The couple had been engaged in a long-running feud over the ownership and leadership of the church.

The pastor had accused his spouse, a mother of four, of plotting to edge him out of the church leadership which he claimed he had founded.

Misiko left a 17-page suicide note in which he accused Mughoi of changing ownership of the church to bear her name alone.


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