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‘Bro, Ken Okoth, I am sorry I missed your call,’ cries Ronnie Osumba in tribute



Kibra MP Ken Okoth breathed his last on Friday at Nairobi Hospital’s ICU.

His last words to his family were, “Let me go. Goodbye. I love you.”

Three days before his death, Ken called Ronnie Osumba, the chairperson of Youth Enterprise Development Fund.

He did not pick.

When Ronnie called him back a few hours later, he could not get through to Ken. At the time, he was already in critical condition in ICU.

Ken Okoth


Ronnie paid tribute to the idolized 41-year-old leader who has been described as a servant leader.

“Bro, I am so sorry I missed your calls on Tuesday night. I was at PKs planning for his mum’s burial yesterday. As soon as I saw those calls, I felt a knot in my gut. It bothered me deeply. I knew how rare you are on the phone lately. I knew I had missed a chance.”

He added, “Obviously, my numerous calls afterwards and texts until this morning went unanswered as your phone was off. But you know what, I am glad you left in your classical style, AT YOUR OWN TERMS. I pray that we shall be able to bury you at your terms, though many may not understand.”

Ronnie noted, “You lived a full life bro. You leave a legacy that your family and friends, the whole country, will forever remember.”

Ken OkothRead the rest of the glowing and tearjerking tribute below.

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From the day we met in 1991 some 28 years ago, me a new student at Olympic Primary and you a KCPE candidate, I knew our destinies were tied.

You told me no one should push me around in my new environment and if for some reason I couldn’t handle you would be there. You have been a brother.

From the hood in Kibra, our primary school life in Olympic, to Starehe. I actually never knew of Starehe until you made it there. At the prize-giving day in 1992, you told me you were expecting to see me at Starehe.

I made it bro, and you were there to receive me with your big smile. I am sorry though for the trouble I gave you as my class prefect. It was bad judgment on Griffins part to make you my prefect. Lol.

You have been such an inspiration to me, and to many. You were never pretentious. You spoke your mind fluently and stood by what you believed in no matter the cost.

Perhaps you learnt well from the quote Griffin emblazoned in front of his office that “Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true”.

Ken Okoth

Even when the tide was going against you, you fought for what was just! One day I will tell of how in 2013 when party nominations were being wrung out of your hands, you called and without hesitation, we secured for you a standby nomination at KNC.

I still believe you would have won with whatever party. You know why? Because you were authentically Kibra!

Born and raised and schooled in Kibra. I mean, you could even speak fluent Kinubi!!! #RIPKENOKOTH.

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By Mpasho

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I did not sleep in my home, Sakaja says as he dares police to arrest him 




Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja on Tuesday, August 4, dared those attempting to arrest him to go ahead and put him behind bars.

Sakaja speaking at the Senate stated that he was ready to sleep in a cell after he had cast his vote over the County Revenue Allocation formula debate.

“I was in Senate from 5:30 am and stayed in my car till midday to avoid arrest. Please go ahead and arrest me. I am not one to be intimidated, since I have cast my vote,” he declared.

The Senator referred to various incidences including being trailed by the police, and proceeding reports of his impending arrest and alleged sponsored hashtags aimed at making him change his vote in the revenue sharing formula.

The Nairobi representative faulted the party for threatening to de-whip members who had not towed the party line.

When Senate Majority Whip Irungu Kang’ata stood to explain the disciplinary position, Sakaja from his bench shouted him down.

“Senator Sakaja is entitled to security and government does not support actions geared towards threatening his security. We had a Jubilee PG and some members did not attend, including Sakaja. Therefore, he should not mislead the house,” the Murang’a Senator stated.

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The Senate voted to postpone the County Revenue Allocation formula debate once again.

This was after Elgeyo-Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen rose, Pursuant to Senate Standing Order 105, seeking adjournment of the debate on the Motion for the Approval of the Third Basis for Revenue Allocation Among Counties.

34 senators voted to adjourn the motion against 26 who opposed its adjournment. One senator was absent.

Sakaja who confessed that he had not slept in his own house the night before as banners cropped up on bridges in Nairobi roads albelling him a traitor.

“Sakaja is a traitor. You do not represent Mandera, represent us, Nairobi,” read a message on one of the posters.

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Chebet Ronoh opens up on rare medical condition, quitting radio 




Comedian and YouTuber Deborah Chebet Ronoh has for the first time opened up on having panic attacks after getting famous, and her silent exit from NRG Radio.

Ronoh said that she was excited about her radio job but she got to a point where she felt overwhelmed and wasn’t giving it her all and so she decided to quit.

She explained that she was not mentally prepared for her fast rise to fame and this in some way led her to experiencing anxiety. whenever she was around people.

“I left Brookhouse for my radio job. I was so excited about my first job and things were so great everything was happening so fast and like everyone knew me and I didn’t actually mentally prepare myself.

“So I was on radio when I felt like I was unhappy, I felt like I didn’t really want to do it at that time in my life. It reached a point I felt I wasn’t giving it my everything and also it was a bit overwhelming for me and I started to get anxiety a lot because I didn’t know that I was known. Like I’d walk outside,” she said.

Ronoh explained that as she grew famous, and people got to know her, the more she experienced anxiety and panic attacks and this would happen even when fans said Hi to her whenever they met.

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When she attended events, the comedian said she would drink herself stupid to calm herself down, in order to be comfortable around people.

“A lot of people especially older than me would stop me on the road and that began to give me anxiety. I didn’t know it was anxiety until I realized people would Hi and I panic. I just used to get a lot of anxiety, it was so bad that I would literally breathe so heavily when I go out. I used to even drink so much so that I could be comfortable around people,”

“It was so bad and I had feel like a lot of pressure from external and I lost a lot of my realest friends. A lot of people who supported and knew me before I got here. They got tired and that hit me so hard,” stated Ronoh.

According to the comedian, she quit her radio job to focus on herself as a brand which also proved difficult because she had already lost friends, and those who pretended to care and supporting her had also gone.

“When I quit my radio job, I wanted to focus on Ronoh but that was hard because a lot people were leaving me I didn’t have friends,” she said.

Ronoh noted that she felt owned by people because everything she did was criticized and this only discouraged her, and further broke her down, but all that is now in the past and she is coming back, a new Chebet Ronoh.

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Kimilili MP Didmus Barasa charged with fraud




Kimilili Member of Parliament Didmus Barasa was on Tuesday charged with fraudulently selling a car worth Ksh450,000 to John Irungu Mwangi.

The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) said Mr Barasa pretended he was in a position to sell Mr Irungu a car.

“Kimilili MP Didmus Barasa Wekesa charged at Kajiado Law Courts with obtaining Ksh450,000 from John Irungu Mwangi pretending he was in a position to sell him a car,” the ODPP said.

Barasa was freed on a Ksh100,000 cash bail after pleading not guilty to the charges.

The Kimilili MP also faced a second count of fraudulent disposition of mortgaged property.

He accused Mwangi of breaching the agreement saying the sale was made through an intermediary on a willing buyer-willing seller basis.

The MP further accused the businessman of seeking to extort him “under the guise of compensation.”

His lawyer John Khaminwa, claimed that Mwangi extorted his client “under the guise of compensation.”

“The intimidating, oppressive, unreasonable and threatening conduct and behaviour of the police officers is causing the MP to suffer untold mental anxiety with serious ramifications to his mental and physical state in complete contravention of his rights,” the lawyer said.

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