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Double joy double jitters



Congratulations! And congratulations again. You have twins. Sounds wonderful, right? This was good news for Polly Najori. However, her motherhood journey has taught her raising multiples has its fair share of challenges

Polly Najori always admired twins. She would imagine the double ‘ blessing, double hugs, double kisses, mummy sandwiched in the middle and her heart would melt. And five years after she got married to Nerbert Najori, her wish came true. She delivered fraternal twins who she named Matt and Abby. However, it has not been all joy. “We both had a desire to get multiples, but we were not even remotely prepared for the bills that come with managing a high risk pregnancy, premature birth and the high cost of paying and buying two of everything,” says Polly who works as an ICT consultant.

The couple had found they were expecting twins during Polly’s second prenatal appointment. “I was experiencing severe morning sickness, something that made my husband to insist that our doctor check

whether there was another foetus. And voila, the results revealed that I was carrying twins,” explains Polly.

The pregnancy was considered high risk. “l had more frequent antenatal visits and close monitoring to ensure that my pregnancy reached full term. I went through some medical procedures that are not common for a singleton pregnancy, such as having steroid shots at 28 and 32 weeks to help mature the babies lungs to increase their chances of survival in case they came early. I was also put on complete bed rest at 32 weeks as the pregnancy was straining my body,” she says.

For the couple, the last five years has been a rollercoaster of emotions, a learning experience. It was challenging to exclusively breastfeed them, especially because Polly had to go back to work after three months, but she managed.

Similar infections

“There was a lot to learn in our journey of raising twins. When they were younger, one of them would fall sick, and the other one would end up sick as well. More often, we found they would both have similar infections,” she says.

And they hand to depend on friends and relatives who had older children for hand me downs and thrift shopping to manage the cost of buying clothes.

The twins are currently in the same school and class though the teacher encourages them to sit separately. “They used to fight a lot, so we deliberately encouraged them to be friends and to learn to rely on each other. I found out that it did not come naturally for them to always want to spend time together,” Polly says.

However, Polly points out that she has had it tough when it came to hiring house helps.

Family lessons

“We make sure to vet anyone we expose our children to. We engages professional agency for all our house help needs. This is because we get to have access to staff who are trained and best suited to our needs. The agency shortlists the staff according to our needs and allows us to interview them. We prefer to work with house helps who have worked with more than one child with a small age gap that are below five years,” she says.

As a working mum, Polly says she plans her work schedule around business working hours unless there are special requests by her employer. “I have made decisions to advance my career, but also keeping in mind that my children are still young and need my attention. Hence I would not wish to engage with an employer whose values do not match with mine,” she says.

Polly terms her husband as her greatest support system. “He took a sabbatical leave and stayed with our children until they turned two years and three months. I would admit that I had a lot of peace at work with the knowledge that he was home with the children,” she says.

For Polly, motherhood has taught her to be patient and listen – children will tell you so much about what is happening to them if you give them time.

“I have also been forced to work on myself as I have seen how children mirror grown-ups around them. My biggest fear is my children rebelling against my teachings. I saw this a lot when I was young and in school. Parents had no clue of the true character of their children unless they were caught in a scandal. I would wish for them to feel that they can be open to us, to allow us to walk with them as they transition to adulthood,” she says.

Her advice: “Kids are only young once. You can’t back time to teach lessons or to spend time with your children. Sacrifice and spend time with your children in their early years and you will reap the benefits when they are older. Don’t get lost earning a living and miss out on an opportunity to mentor a generation. Read parenting books and articles because you only have one chance to get it right.”


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Jacob ‘Ghost’ Mulee named the new Harambee Stars coach




Celebrated coach and media personality Jacob Ghost Mulee has made a return to the National team.

This comes just a day after Head coach Francis Kimanzi and his entire technical team was shown the door.

Football Kenya Federation (FKF) confirmed the appointment of Jacob ‘Ghost’ Mulee and has since unveiled him.

Mulee first assignment is to prepare the team that will face Comoros in AFCON Qualifier match that’s set to be played in November.

Kimanzi left the scene after he masterminded what had been tipped to be an unlikely friendly win against Zambia on October 9 at Nyayo Stadium.

He was appointed in 2019 to replace Sebastien Migne who he worked with as an assistant coach.

Mulee return reminds Kenyans when national team charges helped to qualify for the 2004 Afcon edition in Tunisia.

He is also credited to have mentored the current J1 League top scorer Michael Olunga and his appointment has provided an opportunity for the duo to work again at national level.

Under Nick Mwendwa Mulee becomes the fifth coach to have been appointed since he took office in 2016.

Stanley Okumbi took over in February 2016 and exited in October 2017 while Paul Put who led Kenya to Cecafa title took over in November 2017 and left in February 2018.

Migne who led the country to the 2019 Afcon finals but, a Chan qualifying setback against Tanzania saw him part ways with the team on mutual consent paving the way for Kimanzi’s rise to the helm.

Kimanzi remained in charge from August 2019 to October 20, 2020, and he left just days after Mwendwa had secured another four-year term as the FKF president.

Mulee and his technical bench are expected to help Harambee Stars fight for back-to-back Afcon qualifications with two matches against Egypt and Togo already played.

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Lolani Kalu lands lucrative TV job 




Former NTV journalist Lolani Kalu is set to make TV comeback after landing a job in a local upcoming TV station.

The talented journalist made headlines a month ago after his plight after retirement was highlighted with his fans calling on the public to come to his rescue.

Speaking to fellow journalists today, Lolani disclosed that he had just signed a one-year contract with TV47 that will see him become coast regional reporter for the station.

According to the 57-year old, the opportunity came after his fans saw him shooting a personal show with one of the artists he was interviewing having TV47 branding.

The excited fans then called the station to find out if he had signed a deal with them and that is what prompted the young TV station to hand Lolani the contract.

He said that he was very grateful and delighted for having another chance in media, adding that the opportunity to work with the station will help him get back on his feet after financial constraints in recent years.

Lolani hopes to revive some of the shows he had while still on NTV like Gumzo Mtaani and Malinmwengu na Lolani at TV47.

He further promised to give back to his fans who came in scores to support him when his story went viral on social media, making him believe in himself and rise again.

He also lauded supporters who did a fundraiser for him through some of the shows that he has since started since he bought a new camera.

He stated that discussions are in progress with TV47 to schedule the exact date for him to return to the screens after putting pen to paper with the TV station.

Lolani also thanked his fans for believing in his work adding that he spent the money they contributed for him in acquiring equipment including a camera worth Sh370, 000.

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Eldoret’s Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital overwhelmed by COVID-19 patients 




The surge in COVID-19 cases outside Nairobi has now begun overwhelming hospitals in other counties, among them Moi Referral.

A report by the Standard said that the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital in Eldoret was getting overrun by COVID-19 patients.

Moi Teaching is the second-largest referral hospital in Kenya after Kenyatta National Hospital.

A doctor speaking to The Standard said that over the past two weeks, the hospital had witnessed a surge in COVID cases.

The facility also doubles up as a COVID-19 testing centre.

“The number of COVID-19 cases in MTRH is shocking. It is really sad witnessing patients in respiratory distress. This is so unfortunate,” the doctor, requesting anonymity, told The Standard.

The doctor also revealed that many of his colleagues were down with the virus, which has infected over 45,000 in Kenya.

The number of patients requiring high volumes of oxygen and ICU admission was rising, the doctor said. He also revealed that the hospital isolation wards were full.

Uasin Gishu has emerged as a county to watch as cases surged there in recent weeks.

Yesterday, the county tied with Nairobi, each reporting 116 cases.

The day before that, it came in third with 17 cases.

The area governor, Jackson Mandago, confirmed the fast spread of the virus in his county.

“The surge is real. The disease has spread and we have seen people that we know collapsing and dying, only to test positive for COVID-19 post-humously.” Mandago said.

The county recently buried Huruma MCA, Peter Chomba, who succumbed to the virus.

Indeed, residents in Uasin Gishu have lowered their guards completely.

Sources from the area indicate that people have completely discarded masks and are holding funerals and other large gatherings.

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