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Kenyans draw lessons from Bob Collymore’s low cost funeral



Former Safaricom chief executive late Bob Collymore’s elaborate and low cost send off has caught many Kenyans by surprise.

Mr Collymore died on Monday morning in his house and was cremated the following day in a private ceremony attended by family and close friends.

The simple, quick and private funeral has stirred a debate on social media on whether Kenyans should review the usual fanfare that characterise many burial ceremonies.

Families often burden themselves to raise exorbitant amounts of money to facilitate funerals.

Mubea Murithi asked; “Cremation of an adult – Ksh. 9,000 That’s the amount Bob Collymore’s funeral cost. But that uncle you never liked and touched you inappropriately as a kid dies unaitishwa 20,000 sababu matanga budget ni 400,000. Because, culture. Culture is peer pressure from dead people and Africans are its biggest victims.”

His comment attracted a lot of reactions from Kenyans online.

Serah Mugweru said; “My wish is to be cremated too. I don’t want my grave staring at my husband’s new wife. On a serious note, burial ceremonies are a circus and absurd.”

Jepchirchir Carol wrote; “I always think cremation is the easiest way… No long speeches and eating gluttonously.”

Em Em Kely commented; “Others need 2weeks of feasting, disco matanga and 4 harambees, to raise 3m for burial.”

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Cate wa Muchoki stated; “We africans believe, the bigger the matanga… the important the person, we equate a big send off to someones status.”

Astiaya Fernandes replied; “Burial ceremonies have been commercialised. Hio industry ni kubwa… A typical African will have fits of anger at the mention of cremation.”

Ahmed Mohammed said; “Bob Collymore cremated at Kariokor. The crematorium charges a flat rate of Sh10,000 for a member and Sh22,500 for a non-Hindu.”

Salat Abagira replied; “Na maskini anangangana kuchangisha 300k for burial!”

Joseph Ownaga asked; “What is the total cost of Bob Collymore funeral? I believe ksh30, 000 while we paupers budget one million. Who is mad?

King George said; “The funeral of Bob Collymore Costed ksh 37,500/= that is ksh 22,500/= for cremation & 15,000/= for hearse. Yet in Western region & Nyanza region it would Cost “bra bra bra?!” lesson learned, please let those Bulls that are always slaughtered be good people.”

Mc Omari Nash wrote; “BOB COLLYMORE’S FUNERAL IS A GREAT LESSON TO THE LUO COMMUNITY! With a monthly salary of 10 million, Bob in his will did not see the need for an expensive funeral; so only few relatives and friends were invited to the event that took less than two hours.”

Martin Kamweti commented, “Cremation of an adult – Ksh. 9,000 That’s the amount Bob Collymore’s funeral cost. Culture is peer pressure from dead people and Africans are its biggest victims.”

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Why State won’t redeploy Moi staff soon



The government is not in a hurry to redeploy public servants who had been seconded to former President Daniel arap Moi, government Spokesman Colonel (Rtd) Cyrus Oguna has revealed.

In an exclusive interview with the Nation, Mr Oguna said the employees of the former Head of State, will be given time to mourn before they are redeployed.

“The government will not immediately re-deploy the employees, they must be given time to mourn the departed president, before they are reassigned new roles. They were very close to the late president and must be given time to heal,” Mr Oguna told the Nation.

This comes days after the National Treasury said it is set to stop funding the office of former president Moi in what will save taxpayers hundreds of millions in retirement benefits offered to the former Head of State.

Mzee Moi, who was buried at his Kabarak home, had been receiving retirement benefits, including a fleet of luxury cars, a fully-furnished office and about 40 workers since leaving office in 2002.

The former president was entitled to four secretaries, two personal assistants, four messengers, four drivers, housekeepers, home cleaners and bodyguards.

Mr Oguna told the Nation that the public servants who include security officers, will be re-assigned new duties through a circular at an ‘appropriate time.’

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Mzee Moi, who died on February 4 at The Nairobi Hospital aged 95, had a multi-million shilling palatial home in Kabarak, Nakuru County.

On his expansive Kabarak farm, the former President owned multi-billion shilling property including Kabarak Primary School, Kabarak High School, Kabarak University, Kabarak Guest House, a church and other establishments.

He had homes including the Kabarnet Gardens home in Nairobi.

The former president had seven known private residences-one in Nairobi and six in Rift Valley.

Colonel (Rtd) Oguna, on Friday revealed that the former president’s homes will remain guarded, but his office will be wound up. All the homes of the former president have round the clock security.

According to sources that sought anonymity, the former president had at least 30 police officers some guarding his homes and others serving as his bodyguards.

“The bodyguards will be among civil servants that will be re-deployed,” revealed the source.

Mzee Moi had an office with staff including his longest serving Press Secretary Lee Njiru, who had served the former Head of State for over 40 years and Mr John Lokorio who was the former president’s private secretary.

Others include former Standard Group Nakuru Bureau Chief Mr Alex Kiprotich, who has been Mr  Njiru’s deputy and Colonel Alexander Kiprop, who had been Mzee Moi’s aide de camp since he left office in 2002.

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Recently, the Public Service Commission extended Mr Njiru’s contract to September 11, 2021. The contract was earlier scheduled to end on June 30, 2020.

Mr Kiprotich was appointed in 2016 to serve as Mr Njiru’s deputy. However, Mzee Moi was reluctant to let go of Mr Njiru, who was his most trusted aide.

Mr Njiru was recruited to the office of former president Jomo Kenyatta in 1977, and Moi absorbed him when he took over from Mzee Kenyatta in 1978. Mr Njiru is the longest serving civil servant in Mzee Moi’s office.

Last week, a source from the Treasury revealed that some of Mzee Moi’s staff will be declared redundant.

The source revealed that the Treasury will not have an allocation for the Moi office in the new financial year and his pension will be stopped.

Moi had been receiving a monthly pension equivalent to 80 per cent of the salary paid to the sitting president.

He was also entitled to fuel, house and entertainment allowances running into hundreds of thousands of shillings.

Running Moi’s office and that of former President Mwai Kibaki will cost the public Sh243 million in the year to June, with compensation to their own staff, excluding staff seconded from the government, taking Sh126 million.

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Aides seconded from the government, including press secretaries and security officers, are paid by the parent ministry.

Data from the Treasury shows that Mr Moi and Mr Kibaki’s monthly pay and perks stood Sh74 million in the year to June, up from Sh64 million in the same period a year earlier.

In 2015, a High Court judge stopped the government from paying allowancesworth millions of shillings.

However, the Attorney-General appealed the decision, allowing the two to continue enjoying their retirement emoluments.

Former presidents are also entitled to four cars that are replaced every four years.

The government also caters for workers at Mr Kibaki’s Nairobi office that was bought at Sh250 million three years ago, and Moi’s office at Kabarnet Gardens, off Ngong Road, Nairobi.

Mr Kibaki retired as president in 2013 after serving two five-year terms.

by Nation

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Why I killed Joyce Syombua and the kids – the chilling confession of a witness



After Joyce Syombua rebuffed efforts by ex-KDF soldier Major Peter Mugure to be his second wife, he hatched a plan to ensure he doesn’t pay anymore child support.

In a court account, at the High court in Nyeri, by a state witness, and Mugure’s co-accused, Collins Pamba, confessed how Syombua, 31, and her two children; Shanice Maua, 10 and Prince Michael, 5 were murdered.

Pamba said Mugure contacted him via his phone on October 26 telling him he had some assignment for him to carryout.

He said the accused asked him to take a boda boda and meet him at a hotel in Nanyuki Town where he told him the task he wanted to perform was at the military base. He would later join the accused at the base at around 10 pm.

Pamba according to the sworn affidavit met the accused at the parking bay beside his vehicle, a Subaru Imprezza.

He continued that the accused led him to his place of residence but instead opened an adjacent room to his and ordered him in.

“He led me to the bathroom where he lit his phone flashlight and I saw some luggage in a transparent gunny bag tied with a rope,” his account read.

“I could see it was a body of a human being facing down. I could see the hair was plaited and it appeared like it was a girl,” the statement read.

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He continued that in the bathtub laid another luggage in a similar bag of what seemed like a baby boy who had a shaven head.

“I got shocked and Mugure noted that I was. He told me this was the job he was calling me to carry out,” the affidavit further read.

Mugure according to Pamba’s account warned him not to disclose to anybody what he had seen lest he suffers the same fate even as the accused promised him to have him recruited in the military in the next intake.

“He told me to assist him carry the bodies to his car at the parking bay. We first carried the boy and place him in the boot of his car and then went back for the girl,” the statement continued.

After loading the two in the boot, Pamba recorded that he was further told to accompany him back but this time he opened his room and switched on the lights.

“I saw a body of an adult female behind the chair in a white trouser, red shirt and with face covered with a white shawl. The body was not in a gunny bag,” the account read.

He said the accused asked him to help put the body in a gunny bag which he did and then tied it with a nylon rope.

“The body was heavy and we put it down severally before placing it in the boot of the car on top of the children and then covering them with a mat,” the statement further continued.

He said they then drove off to a dumpsite on the outskirts of Nanyuki Town where a shallow grave had been dug.

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Peter Mugure
CID officers arrest Peter Mugure

It was while on the way that Pamba asked him why he had decided to kill the three and the accused said,


The statement further read:


They buried the three on top of each other.

Pamba as per his account was later dropped in town at around 1 am after accomplishing the task and asked to go to the officer’s place the following morning to clean his house and vehicle.

The matter will come up for hearing on March 3.

By Mpasho

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Murder-suicide suspected as two Kenyans found dead in India are identified



Two Kenyans, a man and a woman, who were on Tuesday found dead in their guest house in Gurugram, India have been identified.

Their bodies were found in the Paying Guest room, with the body of the man dangling in the toilet while the body of the woman lay on the floor.

The police identified the woman as Njogu Ruth Gathigia, 26, who worked as a teacher at Lancer International School in DLF Phase 5 and had come to India in August 2018 on an intern visa and worked with the primary wing of the international school.

The man was identified as one Mbaya David Kiogora, 34, also a Kenyan national, but police are yet to ascertain where he was working and for how long he was staying with the woman.

According to The Tribune, Ruth did her internship at the school for a year, between August 2018 and August 2019, after which she left. Police found passports of both in the room.

Neighbours told police that they had seen the man for the first time on February 15, in the company of the woman.

A strong smell

On Tuesday, the owner of the guesthouse called police, after employees reported a strong smell that emanated from the third-floor room number 304. When the door was opened, police found luggage scattered in the room.

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The officers went to the toilet and found it locked from inside. On breaking its door, they found a half-naked body of Ruth lying on the floor while that of David was hanging with the geyser.

Staff at the guesthouse said Ruth was living alone in the room and David visited her on Saturday but the two did not leave the room.

Police are suspecting that the woman was strangled, as there were no external injuries, by the man who later hanged himself.

A team of officers also visited the school where the woman worked to get details about her and also to collect a copy of her visa. Police said that the woman was last seen entering the hostel on February 15 evening.

Her family members tried to contact her, but their calls went unanswered, following which the family members of the woman got suspicious and contacted her friends, who then visited the hostel on Monday and found her room locked from the inside.

Gurugram Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Preet Pal Singh said the Kenya embassy in India was informed about the incident. Police are waiting for the postmortem results of the two bodies as further investigation continue.


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