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Light moments shared at Bob Collymore memorial service



There were lots of light moments to savour at the All Saint Cathedral where President Uhuru Kenyatta led mourners in celebrating the life of the late Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore.

The political class, business magnates, musicians and members of the public flocked the church to pay tribute to the corporate titan who strode the country like a colossus. Mr Collymore, who died on Monday morning after a long battle with cancer, was cremated on Tuesday at a private ceremony in Kariokor, Nairobi.

The late Collymore, who died aged 61, was mourned as having been a dedicated worker, performer, humble, visionary, champion of inclusivity, courageous, honest and loyal friend, music-lover, mentor, time-keeper, generous, humorous and inspirational.

Despite a sombre mood, there were moments of laughter during the eulogy.

Captain (rtd) Kungu Muigai, a close family friend to Bob Collymore’s wife Wambui-Kamiru Collymore, left the congregation in stitches when he gave a peak into what transpired during Wambui’s dowry negotiations.

Kungu, who was one of the elders leading dowry negotiations for Wambui’s family, recounted how Mr Collymore was worried for the entire time.

“When we eventually accepted the dowry and gave him a go-ahead with the marriage, the man’s face lit up like a Christmas tree…he smiled for a whole straight hour,” recounted Kungu.

A former great friend of Wambui’s late dad Kiago Kamiru, Kungu, had coincidentally accompanied Mr Kamiru during the dowry payment of Wambui’s mum, Prof Njeri Wamae.

Unfortunately, like his son-in-law whom he never met, Kamiru died in 2007 after a long battle with cancer.

He eulogised Collymore as an articulate man both in plan and execution and that the late telco boss remained true to his attributes even during the dowry negotiations.

Mr Collymore, he narrated, set up a team of who he thought were the best dowry negotiators in town, led by the then Attorney General Prof Githu Muigai, and KCB CEO Joseph Oigara to help him woo the bride’s family.

The two love-birds would later tie the knot in April 2016 at an invite-only purple-and-white themed wedding.

“During the negotiations, Githu Muigai tried to intimidate me to call him father, I agreed, but that didn’t help him. He tried to pull rank as the AG, that didn’t wash and they realised he had come across a seasoned dowry bargainer,” Rtd Captain Kungu bantered amid laughter from mourners.

Kungu did not however state how much was paid for the dowry. Wambui’s family said they never regretted giving their daughter to Bob.

Collymore’s mother-in-law, Prof Wamae said that she was introduced to Bob by her daughter during their early days of dating.

“I say to Bob’s mother and siste: Thank you for giving Bob to my family to Kenya and to the world,” she said.

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Mwana FA, Babu Tale win parliamentary seats




Diamond Platnumz’s manager Shaban Tale Tale a.k.a Babu Tale and bongo Flava artiste Hamis Mwinjuma aka Mwana FA are the newest celebrity Members of Parliament in Tanzania.

Babu Tale was declared the new Morogoro South East constituency legislator after he went unopposed while Mwana FA was declared the new Muheza constituency legislator.

Babu Tale became the CCM flagbearer after he beat Tanzania’s assistant Agricultural minister Omary Mgumbe, who was the incumbent to clinch the CCM ticket.

Mwana FA, who was vying on the ruling CCM party ticket, floored the opposition Chadema candidate Yosepher Komba, who garnered 12,034 against 47,578 votes.

In August 2020, Mwana FA was among the few lucky CCM members who successfully sought the party’s approval from a pool of 10,367 candidates facing off for 264 parliamentary seats.

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Immigration News

John Magufuli wins second term as Tanzania’s president amid rigging claims



Tanzania’s President John Pombe Magufuli has been re-elected for the second term, the country’s National Electoral Commission has announced.

In the results announced by National Electoral Commission chairman Judge Semitocles Kaijage in Dar es salaam on Friday, President Magufuli emerged the winner with 12,516, 252 of the total votes cast in the polls held on October 28.

His closest contender Tundu Lisu garnered 1,933,271 of the total voted cast.

President Magufuli will be awarded the winner’s certificate on November 1 in Dodoma at the National Electoral Commission’s headquarters. With the landslide victory in the October 28 polls, the president will go into his second term after improving his 2015 victory margin by 3,633,317 votes.

In 2015, he won the presidential poll by 58.46 percent of the total votes cast after garnering 882935 votes. He beat his closest challenger Edward Lowassa who garnered 6,072,848 votes.

On Thursday, Tanzania’s main opposition presidential candidate Lissu rejected the results of the vote, terming it a fraud.

At a press conference in Dar es Salaam, Lissu, who ran on the Chama Cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo (Chadema), said the figures being announced by the National Electoral Commission could not be verified.

“We do not recognise what happened yesterday (Wednesday) … because it was marred by irregularities in all stages.

Lissu said his party would not accept any results from the polls and called on the masses to “take the matter in their own hands” by engaging in peaceful demonstrations.

Preliminary results showed incumbent John Magufuli was ahead of the pack as stations kept sending in their data. In some stations, Magufuli got nearly five times the vote compared to the total garnered by all the other 14 presidential contenders.

But Chadema and several other opposition politicians said the vote had been rigged in favour of the ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi.

Zitto Kabwe, the party leader of ACT-Wazalendo, another opposition party, said the elections had confirmed Tanzania’s growth into a dictatorship.

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Jalang’o dismisses favoritism claims raised against Kiss FM  




Media Personality Jalang’o has been forced to intervene after Parroty Vunulu of the famous Gengetone Group Wanati accused his employer Kiss 100 of denying them an interview.

According to Jalang’o, the contact person for the Lewa hit-makers had only booked one person for the interview and that’s Mejja but unfortunately they showed up at Kiss 100 studios without him.

He added that, following Mejja’s absence, the Kiss 100 crew requested to have one person interviewed from the Group due to Covid-19 restrictions but they refused.

“Parroty Vunulu buda wewe pia utawacha hizoo…your booking them booked only Mejja not you and the team…Nyinyi kufika Kiss Mukambiwa tunaexpect Mejja..mkasema hayuko.

“Mkaambiwa basi mtu moja aiingie juu ya Covid rules za Kiss, 1 Guest…mkasema kama hamuingii wote interview ikae…sasa unaenda kutukanana wacha hizo” said Jalang’o.

On Thursday, the upcoming Gengetone Rapper had accused Kiss 100 of favoritism after their planed interview at Radio station failed to go down.

“I can’t believe our Kenyan media are still discriminating 254 Artists. Just imagine @Kiss100Kenya called us for a radio interview today 8.45am only to get there with @itskabagazi and @oneby_01 and the Producer told us that they only want @mejjagenge ati sisi hawatutambui. Very disappointed by Kiss Fm. Kidole cha Kati,” said Parroty Vunulu.

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