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‘My Terrifying Night At Lang’ata Women’s Prison’ Truphena On Why She Left Real Househelps Of Kawangware



Aisha Noor, popularly known as Truphena of the Real Househelps of Kawangware, says she left the show amid personal tragedies, but it was time to move on.

“Si kutoka tu ghafla,” she told Mpasho. “Maisha yangu yote haikua kwa TRHK. Nilitoka kwa sababu nilifeel I have enough exposure na niliitumia kujijenga na kunifikisha mahali ninataka. My mission is to bring people together, through my organisations I feel nitaachieve hiyo dream.”

She added, “Tangu niquit nilipata job nikaona niendelee kuliko kukaa idle nimefungua youtube channel. The most important thing is the content, I thought I had to advance, leave alone acting I can sing, dance and host, I have my own band already.”

Truphena says since her son died, she has given up on relationships.

“Currently I’m not dating and I’m not searching. Sioni kama relationships are serious things. Sina hiyo time. After my son passed, niliona hakuna haja ya kuongeza mwingine coz I already have a daughter, I will adopt watoi wengine niwalee.”

She then confirmed the rumour that she had been arrested after a friend to her ex boyfriend ran away with a crew’s camera.

“My boyfriend si ati ndio ako na shida, yeye alitumana kwangu he was not around, I took a camera under my name and I gave the guy, the guy akapotea nayo, he doesn’t take things seriously, I told the owner of the camera I will pay, he thought ni kama namchezea, sasa ikakua ni hivo nikashikwa, nikapelekwa cell, nilifika hadi Lang’ata nikatoka na bond, nikahave kupeleka mtoi ushago ndio nishigukilie kesi. Hapo ndio mtoi alipass.”

Talking about sexual harassment from producers, Aisha tells youngings to only use their talents to the top

“Story kama hizo nimezisikia lakini haijanifanyikia, na siwezitaka inifanyikie na ile siku itanifanyikia huyo mtu naye atakoma. Mimi husema kama unajiamini na talent yako, explore na talent yako si lazima ulale na yeye ndio upate kazi.”

So what’s her next project?

 “Tunataka kufungua programme ya kutembelea wafungwa na mayatima, kutafuta new talent.”

By Mpasho

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Justin Muturi’s encounter with Uganda’s famous kneeling culture



Speaker of the National Assembly, Justin Muturi, was recently treated to a famous Ugandan culture when a male adult knelt before him.

Muturi is currently leading the Kenya contingent that is competing at the East Africa Assembly Games in Kampala.

While on a tour of the Vipers Stadium, alongside his Ugandan counterpart Rebecca Kadaga, Muturi sat and watched as a smiling chap knelt before Kadaga in a bid to help her sign the guest book at the venue.

Kneeling before adults, especially prominent personalities, is a common occurrence in Uganda.

As part of the practice, women are encouraged to kneel before their husbands while exchanging greetings and when serving them food.


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Eve D’Souza is officially off the market



Eve D’souza, the sassy actress and former radio personality, has had her success story told over and over but in the many interviews never disclosed anything about her love life.

In the beginning of the year she introduced Simon Anderson to the world as the love of her life.

Anderson describes himself as a traveler and experience seeker, food and wine lover and a sevens rugby fan.

With only weeks left before the end of the year, the Anderson took D’Souza across the globe and proposed to her in Candolim Beach, Goa, India.

D’Souza she said yes and soon after shared the good news with her fans on social media.

“The entire universe conspired to help us find each other and it was truly worth the wait. Once in a lifetime, you meet someone special who changes everything. I can’t wait to marry you and look forward to a lifetime of adventures and special moments together,” D’Souza wrote.

In an interview with Nairobi News in March 2017, the Varshita actress said she Mr Right had no yet come her way.

During the interview, the 40-year-old explained that the reason she has never gone public about her relationships is because of the way her family approaches relationships.

“The way my family approaches relationships is, until it is dead serious I don’t want to introduce anyone. My self-esteem has always been based on my career and not on relationships. It’s not like I’m dying to show off a man,” she said.

By Nairobi News

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US-based Kenyan DJ Ivy makes it into Forbes 30 Under 30 list



A US-based Kenyan-born DJ has been listed in this year’s edition of the annual Forbes 30 Under 30.

Ivy Awino, aka DJ Poizon Ivy, who was the first woman ever to DJ a National Basketball Association (NBA) all-star game, was named among the 2020 class of sports world’s brightest and youngest stars.

“I’m just here to make my mama and Kenya proud,” Ivy captioned a photo of herself in celebration of her latest achievement.

Ivy, who is the official NBA’s Dallas Mavericks team entertainment manager, was listed by Forbes alongside Seattle Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner, Ryan Bishara (Los Angeles football club VP of business and data strategy), Julie Blanc (Director of Corporate Development Drone Racing League) and Team USA figure skater Nathan Chen among others.

Ivy, 28, was born in Kenya before she moved to the US with her family when she was just five years old. She started deejaying at the age of 19 while in college.

“After I relocated to Dallas after college, I started working with the WNBA team and a friend advised that I ‘shoot my shot’ with the Mavs, who at the time had the position filled. A few months after my inquiry, the position became available and I got the call,” Ivy told Daily Nation in a past interview.

She bagged the Best DJ in East Africa Award at the Afrika Muzik Magazine Awards held in Texas in October this year.

BY Daily Nation

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