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VIDEO: Shock as caregivers accuse popular fashion designer Shiyenze Khasoha of faking cancer



Two caregivers of and cancer patient Shiyenze Khasoha have come forward alleging that the popular fashion designer she does not suffer ovarian cancer as she claims.

In April, the 25-year-old fashion designer went on a media frenzy telling her cancer survival story, which saw many Kenyans moved into action.

Larry Madowo of BBC, Jeff Koinange of Hot 96 and Amina Mohamed of NTV were some of the top journalists who championed her campaign.

Kenyans were urged to buy her outfits to save her life and also make direct contributions to her pay bill number.

In total, it is estimated that Sh2 million was raised in one of the campaigns. What followed later were initiatives like Sh50-a-day where benefactors were asked to spare just Sh50 for her every day where she would collect up to Sh50,000 a day.

A group of Kenyans also bought her sewing machines to boost her fashion business.


But this week, Philip Oketch and Joy Kakya, who were Shiyenze’s caregivers, came out publicly claiming that her account of events was not adding up.

Oketch and Kaya now say that it pains them that there are hundreds of genuine cancer cases out there who deserved help from the public, which they did not get while Shiyenze took advantage of people’s generosity to benefit financially.

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When confronted by the two, Shiyenze said it was part of a script.

In a confession video aired on Citizen TV on Wednesday night, Mr Oketch asked her why she told an Oncologist at MP Shah Hospital that she had had surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy at Apollo Hospital in India.

One of Shiyenze Khasoha’s posters.

In her defence, Shiyenze told them that it was a script and that is why she doesn’t have any records. She also admitted that she has never been to India for any treatment.

Asked if she has ever been treated for ovarian cancer at MP Shah, she said she could not answer “yes” or “no” because she had used their services before.

Kakya, who has been friends with Shiyenze for close to six years, says that the designer would never turn up for hospital appointments whenever they were set to go together. She always had an excuse.


“Every time we corner her for something, she rushes to Kijabe Hospital and tells us that she was going to seek a second opinion,” says Kakya.

My Oketch adds that when he asked her for her biopsy report, she claimed that she tore it after she was given the bad news that she had cancer.

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In 2017, the designer launched her campaign dubbed #VaaShiyenze to raise money for her treatment, which was championed by top celebrities among them Madowo, Koinange, Nameless, Gilad Millo, Jalang’o, Shaffie Weru, Adele Onyango, Big Ted and among others.

She raised funds to a tune of Sh2,000,000 which was sent directly to her M-Pesa and Standard Chartered Bank.

Shiyenze has been updating the public on her social media pages that she has been paying the money that was raised to MP Shah.

But according to a statement from credit department, all she has paid to MP Shah from 2018 to date is only Sh50,056 and the payments were non-cancer related.

Oketch and Kaya have since reported the matter to Parklands Police Station under OB (OB No 62 of 8/07/2019).

Shiyenze apologised to the two and told them that she was sorry for putting them through her wacky ways.

“I am sorry for putting you in that situation, putting you in a mess, I didn’t know my whack ways would soon catch up with me,” she said.


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Autopsy on Ruto guard set for today



Guards at the estate where an officer attached to the deputy president’s office used to live have said they last saw him three days before his body was found.

The six guards who were questioned by police yesterday said Sergeant Kipyegon Kenei was seen carrying mangoes on February 17 at about 4pm.

But they could not say whether any strange vehicles had driven into the estate or unknown people had accessed Kenei’s house in Villa Franca through two main gates.

“We don’t keep records of those coming in and out of the compound. We were shocked to learn about his death,” said an officer with knowledge of the investigation.

Kenei’s body was found in his house on February 20 with a gunshot wound to the head. A postmortem examination planned for today will hopefully shed more light on how he died.The guards were told they did not have to record statements until after the autopsy had been done.

Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) Director George Kinoti led a team of homicide detectives, doctors and a sketch artist back to the crime scene as investigations into the incident continue.

Kenei was scheduled to record a statement with the DCI on February 19 regarding an incident where former Sports Cabinet Secretary Rashid Echesa and his accomplices visited the second floor of Harambee House Annex and signed a fake Sh39 billion arms deal.The officer was in charge of security on that day and his death has thrown a wrench in the police investigation.

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Junior officers

Five junior officers have recorded statements with the DCI and claimed they were instructed to grant Echesa and his guests access to the office.

Separately, Kenei’s father John Chesang has said the family will not make any burial arrangements until they know what happened to their son.“I will be at peace to bury my son if I know what caused his death, who was behind it and what action has been taken against those who plotted the death,” said Mr Chesang.

The retired chief said he suspected Kenei might have been tortured, threatened with death and killed, and his body later taken to his house to conceal evidence.“My son did not show any signs of committing suicide. I therefore want to know who he was with, his last movement and why was he killed.”

Speaking to The Standard at their home in Chamasis village, Rongai, Chesang said the family had not been allowed to view Kenei’s body, which is being preserved at the Chiromo mortuary in Nairobi.

BY The Standard 

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Security guard commits suicide in classroom



A security guard of a private school committed suicide today in a classroom at Shilongo area, Manda sub location in Kakamega North Sub County.

The lifeless body of Jacob Wera Bunuka, 35, was discovered by Brain Land Academy head teacher Jacob Bushuru at 6.00am when he reported to work.

“I reported to the school at 6.00am and didn’t find the security guard at the gate and thought he had already gone home. But while doing patrols around the classes, I was shocked when I saw his (security guard) lifeless body hanging from the rooftop,” Bushuru said in his statement to the police.

According to Kakamega County police commander, Bernard Muli, the police could not immediately establish his motive since he did not leave a suicide note behind.

“Police have launched investigations into the matter to establish why the security guard took his own life,” said Mr Muli.The police commander said the deceased body was taken to Webuye County Referral hospital mortuary awaiting postmortem.


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The day Kenya’s President was “dwarfed”



As German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier visited the country, one tall man stole the show.

The man dwarfed President Uhuru Kenyatta when he posed for a handshake photograph with the head of state at State House, Nairobi, changing the conversation entirely.


The man at the center of it all is none other than one-time NBA champion Dirk Nowitzki, who accompanied the German president on a three-day visit to Kenya.

Nowitzki is best remembered by many NBA fans in Kenya and around the world for guiding the Dallas Mavericks to their first and only NBA title in 2011.

During the same season, Nowitzki was voted NBA Finals Most Valuable Player (MVP).

What many Kenyans may not know though is that Nowitzki has a strong Kenyan connection.

The former NBA star is married to a half-Kenyan half- Sweden woman with whom he has three children.

Kenyans on Twitter had a field day as they expressed their amusement with the picture of President Kenyatta and the retired German professional basketball player.


“President of Kenyan meets the cost of living in Kenya,” tweeted one Saddique Shaban.

“President Uhuru was literally looking up to the Diplomat,” Thomas Kan wrote.

“The man is simply looking down upon our president,” Fued Opondo said.

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“Now this marks the apogee of Handshakes during his 10 year tenure as the President of the Republic of Kenya,” posted Kenneth Omondi.

“Isn’t that man tall!! Uhuru is usually tall but looks like a dwarf next to him,” Leylah Lelesan tweeted.

“That dude is at least a whole foot taller than Uhuru!!” Karago D Mbiru said.

“Hi, Mr Dirk Norwiski, you have made a heinous offence of dwarfing my lovely president unconditionally. How can you be tall than our president?” Robert Ombaso posed.


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