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VIDEO: President Kenyatta tells of Bob Collymore’s last wish, talks about the Whiskey Jeff Koinange and co drank



President Uhuru Kenyatta yesterday gave a moving recollection of how Bob Collymore broke news of his failing health to him.

The President, who led mourners in eulogising Collymore during a memorial service at All Saints Cathedral two days after his cremation, recalled a conversation he had with the Safaricom boss three weeks ago while on a trip to Canada.

Collymore had called him consistently at 2am for two days in a row. On the second day, President Kenyatta received the call.

“I picked it and asked him, ‘why are you calling me at 2am’?” Uhuru said.

He narrated how a nervous Collymore replied that he had not realised the President was travelling.

Uhuru asked him to call when he flew back into the country.

Collymore, however, was adamant.

“I have something quite urgent I would like to discuss with you,” Collymore said. “The promise I made you, that I will hang on for another year at Safaricom, I think I am going to break it.”


“Why?” Uhuru prodded.

“We will talk about it when you get back.”

The President was left wondering what might have happened, yet Collymore had another request: “Please don’t tell anyone about what I have just said. We will talk when you get back.”

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When Uhuru returned, he went to see Collymore at his house. They exchanged pleasantries and revisited their earlier conversation.

“Everything is fine but like I said, I am gonna break that promise,” Uhuru recalled Collymore saying with a smile.

Oblivious of the weight of those words, so well-wrapped in mirth, Uhuru said he begun teasing Collymore that maybe, Wambui, Collymore’s wife, was the reason why he wanted to quit.

The President’s revelation had the mourners in laughter.

“I asked ‘Ah, Wambui has put you under pressure?’ He answered no,” Uhuru recalled.

That is when Collymore broke the bad news: “I don’t think I have more than a couple of weeks to go.”

Uhuru said he was momentarily speechless and then told Collymore, “You know there are still a lot of things we can try and do.”

“No, I have given up. I have tried everything … and I have accepted that my time has come,” Collymore replied.

The President said they spent the whole afternoon together.

Health concern

Uhuru asked Collymore why he was talking about Safaricom while the big concern should have been his health.

Collymore responded: “My chapter is closed and I have accepted my fate. So what I want to know is what the future of this company is. What’s going to happen?”

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The two friends spent time talking about what Collymore’s vision for Safaricom was. They also discussed what Uhuru’s legacy should be.

Coast based artist Zuber Bakhrani puts final touches to a portrait of Bob Collymore.

When the President was leaving, he asked Collymore if there was anything he could do for him.

“Just take care of Wambui and the kids. That’s all I want. I am not interested in anything else.”

Uhuru cracked up mourners when he revealed that a ‘special reserve’ aged whiskey that Collymore shared with his friends, among them Peter Kenneth and Kenya Commercial Bank CEO Joshua Oigara a week before he died, was actually reserved for him.

“So Peter Kenneth, Oigara and crew you have to pay. That didn’t belong to you,” he jokingly said.

Uhuru said the country has lost a true champion; a man who had a passion for the youth and the arts; a person who lived not only in service to himself and his family, but also to society.

He said Collymore’s contribution to the country, in only the 10 years he was around, was greater than most who have lived in Kenya all their lives.

“I am certain Bob loved Kenya. He loved it like his own country, and Bob loved his wife and children dearly. We have lost a friend; we have lost a part of our soul,” said Uhuru.

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Collymore’s wife, Wambui Kamiru, gave her tribute by reading a speech Collymore gave to a group of children in 2013 titled ‘A person is a person, no matter how small’.

She said one is never too small to make a difference in this world.

“Never be ashamed of who you are. Never apologise for what you have. Never let people decide how you should feel about yourself. Be proud of yourselves and your achievements. Speak out and be considerate to those around you because a person is a person, no matter how small,” Wambui said.

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair said Collymore was a great human and a wonderful example for all.

Deputy President William Ruto said Collymore behaved and interacted as though he was going to live forever. This, he said, demonstrated his courage.

Safaricom chairman Nicholas Ng’ang’a said Collymore always fought for people to get a fair deal, whether it was for short-term gains like salaries and bonuses, or for long-term projects.

Mr Ng’ang’a remembered that it was Collymore’s idea to let people transact on M-Pesa for amounts as low as Sh100.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. David mbugua

    July 6, 2019 at 4:12 am

    I really want to say that I am really touch by the passing away of Bob Collymore. May I suggest that we get one street named after him. He really transformed our lives. And with a street named after him; we shall remember him for generations.

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Polygamous MP proudly parades his two ‘First Ladies’ during political rally



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The mother of five held talks with the wife of Deputy President’s William Ruto on Friday who was left awestruck by her initiatives to give back to the less fortunate.

Mrs Ruto took to her social media pages to express her joy at having met the flamboyant businesswoman.

“It was really nice spending time with Esther Akoth ( Akothee) today! What a beautiful story of determination and drive. We thank God for the work Akothee foundation is doing especially in Turkana! Esther has great tenacity & a beautiful spirit! We wish you all the best!” wrote Rachel on Twitter.

The controversial singer also turned to her social media to thank Mrs Ruto for the invite and opportunity to present her projects while at the same time warning her detractors that they had not yet seen the best of her.

“Thank you for the invite Mama. When I finished presenting my Turkana Project to Mama Rachel of building cultural center, schools, dormitory for old people, water project, irrigation, hospitals then she added ‘and a church in each and every center. This touched my heart deep mom! Yes a church mum we all need God,” gushed Akothee.

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“For the rest who see every negative thing on every good course you will soon take back your insults. You will insult me, you will create enmity between me and innocent people. You will try to break me and sabotage everything that I do. But you know what, you can’t stop a determined anointed woman.”

She urged her critics to join hands with her in helping the needy in the society instead of bashing her.

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Madam Boss, as she calls herself, has a number of initiatives under her Akothee Foundation, which has seen her recently make several trips to the arid Turkana on humanitarian trips,”

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