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Waiguru, Kamotho celebrate nuptials in traditional event



It is now official, Kirinyaga Governor is no longer Anne Mumbi Waiguru but Anne Mumbi Kamotho. This is after a traditional wedding, known as ngurario in Agikuyu community, was held Saturday at Kiamugumo Primary School in Gichugu Constituency, her rural home.

The governor walked down the aisle with Nairobi-based lawyer Kamotho Waiganjo in a colourful ceremony attended by more than 2000 people, bringing to end speculation and hushed conversations about their relationship.

The event, given a wide berth by the majority of Kirinyaga county leaders, saw the governor solemnise the marriage under customary law.

It was, however, a show of might and opulence that brought to life the sleepy Kiamugumo village as most of the invited guests from State and private sectors arrived in top-of-the-range fuel guzzlers and helicopters, to the awe of the villagers standing on the roadsides.

About three helicopters were parked at a nearby school. Laikipia Governor Ndiritu Muriithi and his Tharaka Nithi Muthomi Njuki counterpart were the only governors at the event.

Along the dusty road from Embu, there were multiple road signs written M & K (Mumbi and Kamotho) ngurario ceremony, to guide the guests including those from the groom’s family and clan.

The road appeared to have just been rehabilitated.

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The venue of the event was decorated with banana leaves, gourds and pots, symbolising a purely traditional event. Clad in long shiny brown dresses, women politicians showed up to witness the colourful ceremony, which attracted people from all walks of life.

Among the guests were President Uhuru Kenyatta, Nasa principals Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka, five principal secretaries led by Karanja Kibicho and senators James Orengo (Siaya), Charles Kibiru (Kirinyaga), Koitamet ole Kina (Narok) and Njeru Ndwiga (Embu).

Two Cabinet secretaries, Amina Mohammed and James Macharia, who served with Ms Kamotho in the Cabinet when she was in charge of Devolution were also present.

Members of the governor’s political lobby known as Team Embrace led by Chief Administrative Secretary Rachael Shebesh, Murang’a Woman Representative Sabina Chege, former Nairobi County Speaker Beatrice Elachi and Gender Commissioner Priscilla Nyokabi were also present.

The event was under the guidance of a Kikuyu tradition counsellor, Mr Kimani Murugami, wearing traditional regalia.

Mr Murugami said the traditional wedding is backed by the Bible. The bride and the bridegroom and their close friends, as well as dancers, also donned in traditional regalia. After solemnising the couple’s relationship, Mr Murugami forced them to vow that “they will never divorce or separate”.

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The governor vowed to always take care, respect and obey her husband while Mr Waiganjo pledged he would protect his wife.

The couple was later blessed by their parents using Agikuyu traditional brew muratina.

Later, the governor served the lawyer with a traditionally-prepared sour porridge using a calabash to show her submissiveness and humility to the newly-wed husband. But the guests were left in stitches after Mr Waiganjo showed his pride and authority as an Agikuyu man by first declining to take porridge on grounds that the wife had not washed his hands and that the porridge was sugarless. The governor complied and the cheerful Waiganjo accepted it.

Finally, the two love birds cut the meat and they were declared officially married.

Earlier, the governor’s face was covered and she was made to parade with a group of equally covered women and Mr Waiganjo was asked to identify her.

Ululations rent the air when Mr Waiganjo successfully picked her out without any difficulty.

The dignitaries sat in two dome tents while other guests followed the proceedings on huge screens erected outside the tents.

On arrival at around 3pm, President Kenyatta joined Kayamba dancers at the podium.

Mr Murugami took his time to explain to the guests all about the traditional wedding, saying it was the final stage of a marriage within the community.

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After the ceremony, the woman is completely part of the husband’s family and can never be divorced or marry another man, he explained.

A traditional marriage, he said, was so final that even if a woman conceives a child out of the wedlock, the husband must take care and take it as his own.


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Watch Size 8 narrates how she almost lost her life before the birth to her second child



Kenyan gospel singer Size 8 has narrated her near death experience while giving birth to her second child with husband DJ Mo.

The baby had to be born through a Cesarean Section after she developed complications.

She was rushed to hospital weeks before her due date after she started convulsing and experiencing pain in her uterus while at her house.

The minute she discovered she was pregnant she was both happy and scared, especially after suffering a miscarriage a few months earlier.

“The minute I realised I was pregnant I panicked a lot and I told my husband, ile ingine ilitoka what if hii ingine itake kutoka. So tukarush hosi tukaona daktari I was given some precautions and then my doctor advised us that I should just take it slow. Three weeks after that nikapata a very major pressure attack. But after a few weeks the pressure maintained a bit. The I started feeling some funny pains in my uterus so I went to hospital and I thought Ngai ni ball inatoka ama nini, they did a scan at the hospital and they found I had fibroids. I was so devastated,” Size 8 narrated.

The doctor however allayed her fears, telling her to continue taking it easy and all would be well. But the Pale Pale hit maker’s woes were far from over.

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A few days later her blood pressure shot up causing her to have a minor stroke.

“The all over sudden pressures became unbearable the blood pressure. Naskia dizzynes naskia headache like oxygen was not going to my brain, Napata mpaka convulsions at some point nikaanza kupata minor strokes where the left side is completely paralysed. But the doctors were able to bring things under control,” said Size 8.

“Last week I saw that the convulsions were happening more often and also the baby was not moving in my womb. And the doctor decided for me to go and get admitted in hospital. When I arrived at the hospital I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t walk so I was immediately rushed to the emergency room. In the middle of the night while at the hospital the foetus heart rate went up, and the doctor said that there was no way they could buy more time for me and I was prepared to go to theatre for a C-section.”

The couple already have a four year daughter called Ladasha Wamboi.


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SAD: Former Kenyan Powerful Minister’s son who was deported from US after being jailed for 30 years now living in squalor [VIDEO]



They say looks may be deceiving, well Peter Oloo Aringo may look like that ordinary man with limited means. When The Standard team got to his home, he’ was going about with his activities.

Aringo is the first born son of former Alego Member of Parliament and minister for education Peter Oloo Aringo and a Jamaican mother. He attended the prestigious Consolata Primary School in Nairobi and St. Marys Yala where he had begun drinking and later proceeded to the United States where he pursued a business administration course at Lona College.

While in the US, Aringo opines life was good, on the first lane. His drinking habits right back from high school in Kenya however grew not only as a consumer but now as a peddler which endeared him to his peers but little did he know he was on the radar of the New York Federal government authorities.“I became a dealer.

I decided if I want to make more and use more, I needed to get into the business. And that’s where my downward spiral began,” Aringo narrated to this reporter. Being an alien and on the left side of the law, he was a marked man.

Former Cabinet Minister Peter Oloo Aringo.

Authorities finally pounced on him. He was arraigned and sentenced to 30 years in jail but he was too lucky to be given an option of deportation which he opted for. As it is the norm, a deportee, he came back home empty-handed without even his travel documents, his wife and three children. “I had no money. I had nothing,” he added.

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Back home his appetite for alcohol and drugs only increased but he could only access and afforded cheap liquor which eventually caused him throat cancer. His wife Catherine Boyane, also a reformed drug addict with whom they got married in May this year narrated how it all began.“The day we started noticing a swelling on his neck, we thought it was a sore throat. We never thought it would be cancer,” she said.

Throughout the interview, Aringo kept sipping tea or water as there is totally no saliva in his mouth.The man who grew up in opulence has only a wall clock with his father’s name permanently inscribed on it triggering nostalgic memories.The couple is now quietly living at the heart of a posh estate in Nakuru but in a shanty sandwiched between high-end houses.

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Diaspora demands more after Mwende Mwinzi victory



The diaspora is banking on a recent court decision on the dual nationality issue to push for more reforms targeting Kenyans living abroad.

On Tuesday, the Kenya Diaspora Alliance called on President Uhuru Kenyatta to appoint Ms Mwende Mwinzi as the designate ambassador to South Korea as the High Court has cleared her of the need to renounce her US citizenship.

The group also issued a petition to the National Assembly, asking for specific policy changes.

“The ruling has given the diaspora confidence. This is a landmark decision for our children,” said Shem Ochuodho, the Global Chairperson of the lobby that includes 12 diaspora associations.

“We are hoping Parliament can go further and create an environment that will attract the diaspora to participate fully in the economic development of this country.”

Last week, the High Court ruled that Kenyans born abroad, of Kenyan parents, can retain their foreign passports while serving in public office, a decision that could protect those holding multiple passports but with local descent.

The ruling was on a case that Ms Mwinzi filed in protest to the conditional approval of the National Assembly which demanded that she only gets appointed after she renounces her US nationality.

Though Justice James Makau said the National Assembly can approve nominees conditionally, he said those born of Kenyan citizens abroad are protected from being forced to relinquish their foreign nationality because it is their birthright.

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“The Parliament here cannot force or demand that the petitioner renounces her US citizenship unless she voluntarily decides to do so,” he said of Ms Mwinzi.

“Citizenship by birth is an alienable right which cannot be taken away from anyone,” the judge said after reviewing Kenyan and US case decisions on the subject of citizenship by birth.

The judge ruled the nominee could formally be appointed once the President acts on the parliamentary report, as is tradition.

Following the ruling, the KDA is now fronting a petition to the National Assembly, arguing it could cement their unhindered participation in the country’s public service.

The alliance says such a policy must include establishment of a State department of diaspora affairs as well as a clear policy that will allow Kenyans abroad to vote electronically.

At the moment, only Kenyans in select countries have been able to vote manually and their affairs are managed through the department of consular and diaspora affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Though Kenya passed the Diaspora Policy in 2015, the KDA says it should be given incentives similar to foreign investors and be included in census reports.

Specifically, the associations have demanded that Kenya’s foreign missions provide services for replacement or application of national IDs and certificates of good conduct, and be allowed to be interviewed for public service jobs.

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At the moment, embassies may provide temporary travel documents and Kenyans abroad can only get the equivalent of certificates of good conduct through Interpol.

On Wednesday, nominated MP Godfrey Osotsi is expected to table a motion in the National Assembly for formulation of a “comprehensive policy” to harness the diaspora’s contribution.

It is expected that the policy will be ready within a year for parliamentary approval.

“[The] contribution by the Kenyan diaspora to the country’s development goes beyond personal remittances to include increased trade links, better access to foreign capital markets, skills and technology transfer, diaspora investment funds, knowledge exchange among others enormous potential benefits,” the MP said in his notice of the motion.

“Cognizant that Kenya has an obligation to counter challenges hindering the diaspora’s contribution to national development, this House resolves that the government review and formulate a comprehensive policy and structure to harness the ever-increasing diaspora resources for national development.”


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