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What’s on your plate? Beware of meat laced with lethal chemicals-VIDEO



Kenyans are eating meat laced with dangerous chemicals to make it look fresh for longer, an NTV investigation has revealed, raising questions regarding quality and safety controls within the country’s food chain.

The most preferred chemicals belong to the sulphite family as they not only retard spoilage, but also keep meat looking fresh.

However, the NTV investigation reveals, many other undeclared and unregulated preservatives have permeated the industry.

Food experts say sulphites are generally safe if used within recommended limits, but they can cause negative side effects like nasal congestion, itchy throat, runny nose, skin rash, and hives in some people. The US banned their use as preservatives in 1986.

A supermarket attendant, speaking on condition of anonymity for fear of losing his job, said the meat is laced with these dangerous chemicals to make it appear fresh longer, and to minimise losses from spoilage.

Meat, including beef, chicken, fish and mutton, that is not sold after a week, is cooked and served to unsuspecting customers in in-store cafeterias, the source revealed.

“Meat shouldn’t get spoilt in the supermarket. It is considered a loss. We try to minimise losses by using the chemicals on fresh, minced and diced beef,” he said.

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The store he works for buys sodium metabisulphite, referred to in supermarket circles as ‘SMS’ or ‘Dawa Ya Nyama’, from Industrial Area in the city. The chemical comes in the form of a white powder and is generally used as a disinfectant, antioxidant and preservative.

“Management expects sales even if the meat stays for three or five days. They want profits, that is why we lace the meat with the chemicals. New mothers prefer to buy either fish fillet or minced meat to wean their babies as they introduce them to solid foods, but I normally feel guilty because I know the meat has chemicals and is not safe,” explained the attendant.

NTV’s investigative team bought the chemical and a kilo of meat for the insider to demonstrate the procedure. “Every morning before the doors open for customers, we take packaged meat that stayed overnight, remove the cling film and change the date labels to reflect the current date. If the packaging is stained with blood, we change it and put a new wrapping,” he said.

“We take a bowl of water and mix it with the chemical. We measure the solution depending on the weight or quantity of meat. We don’t use any weighing equipment; this is something one learns over a period.”

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When mixing the chemicals, one wears gloves since the chemical is corrosive to the skin and irritating to the eye. The solution is then poured on the meat.

Our two samples were markedly different after the treatment. The first, which was laced with the chemical, had a bright red colour, looked better, juicier, and fresher outside the fridge five days later.

The second, with no chemical, developed a brown-yellowish slime coating and emitted a sickening stench after a few days.

Ms Jean Orwa Banda, a nutritionist, said people who are sensitive to sulphites are likely to have allergic reactions after consuming such meat. “They will experience a lot of wheezing and coughing with no explanation, while for pregnant women the flow of oxygen to the baby might be affected.” The danger is heightened for asthmatics.

Sodium bisulphite works by releasing sulphur dioxide gas, which inhibits bacterial and fungal growth and prevents the discolouration and deterioration caused by common chemical reactions. International health organisations do not recommend it as a meat preservative.

Among asthmatics

As far back as 1986, health concerns linked to excessive use of the chemical to preserve food forced US authorities to prohibit its use in meats, vitamin B-1 food sources, and raw fruit-cuts and vegetables, such as in salad bars or fresh produce.

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This followed a government study of some 500 reports of severe allergic reactions, including 13 deaths, mainly among asthmatics.


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Drama as delegates heckle DP Ruto during BBI launch 




Delegates heckled Deputy President William Ruto during the launch of the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report at the Bomas of Kenya over his remarks on the report

The DP was forced to pause his speech after the delegates started booing him after he appeared to express his dissatisfaction at the Youth leader Trans Nzoia County Alex Matere’s remarks about his wheelbarrow donations.

Ruto said by saying that Kenyans should not adopt 16th-century technology, Matere was referring to the wheelbarrows he has been supplying to Kenyans.

However, Ruto noted that the discussions Kenyans should have is why a 16th-century tool has millions of citizens still dependent on it in the 21st-century.

The DP’s remarks didn’t sit well with most of the delegates, which resulted in them openly expressing their displeasure and forcing him to stop talking.

Mbita Member of Parliament Millie Odhiambo appeared mainly pissed by Ruto’s remarks as he stood and jeering Ruto, drowning his speech.

He went on to ask for a minute to conclude his speech but the crowd couldn’t hear of it as they continued to jeer him after he appeared to hit out at the former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka.

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Ruto concluded his speech by calling on leaders to refrain from contests pitting the rich and the poor by quoting former US President Abraham Lincoln.

DP Ruto then proceeded to welcome his boss President Uhuru Kenyatta to make his remarks with the delegates still shouting “respect the president,” as he took his seat.

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga also hit on the DP for engaging in early campaigns instead of supporting the President in delivering the Big-4 Agenda.

Raila said that Kenyans expect to be united for now but not campaigns of who will be the President in 2022 as they will handle that when the time comes.

The ODM Party leader noted that Ruto and President Uhuru Kenyatta should be working as a pair to bring a difference in the country.

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Uhuru maintains Raila is not government




President Uhuru Kenyatta on Monday 26 October 2020 made it clear that Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party leader Raila Odinga is not in the government.

Speaking at the Bomas of Kenya during the launch of the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report, the Head of State explained that when he decided to come into an agreement with Raila, the mission was to find a way to healing this country.

“When we sat down to talk, something that was very difficult, for him and also for me and my team, very difficult. But when we got through to it and we spoke and we spoke again, we agreed that we are not here to share positions and we should put our various positions aside,” he said.

He mentioned that the two agreed to come together with a common agenda of ensuring that what the people of Kenyan have witnessed in 1992, 2005, 2007, and 2017 Kenyans shall never witness again.

He went on to make it clear that Raila Odinga never made any demands from the government.

“We did not talk about sharing government and as we stand today, he (Raila) is not in government. He is not in government; he never made any demands for the government. He never made any demands for a share of government,” he added.

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The President pointed out that Raila Odinga asked for the two opposing sides to come together and fix what has been ailing the country.

He explained that this would allow the country in the future to be able to compete without the need for the innocent Kenyans blood being shed.

He went on to that the ODM leader for showing his patriotism and looking for a solution because he did not have to do it.

Uhuru also gave special thanks to his Deputy William Ruto for being part and parcel of the handshake and making the BBI report.

He revealed the three agreed that they would never talk about elective posts as they aimed to unite Kenyans.

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Corazone Kwamboka calls out Maureen Waititu for allegedly insulting her baby




There seems to be unending drama between lawyer cum socialite Corazon Kwamboka and her boyfriend’s ex Maureen Waititu.

Maureen and her baby daddy Frankie have been on each others neck with Frankie claiming the YouTuber denies him a chance to see his kids.

In her defence, Waititu claimed that Frankie does not support their two kids.

Kwamboma also jumped in and joined in the drama.

She blasted Waititu for insulting her baby because she got him with Frankie.

According to the curvy lawyer, having a baby with Waitutu’s ex is not reason enough for her to insult a young child.

“Only a sick person can insult a baby calling him a name so despicable I can’t even talk just because I had him with their ex.”

Corazon and Frankie started dating shortly after he broke up with Maureen Waititu.

They got their first child months ago.

Kwamboka further accused Waititu of always driving to her house at midnight.

According to Corazon, she was scared since she had not invited Waititu to her place.

Waititu’s behaviour forced Corazon to move out of her house to somewhere she felt safe.

“One day i’ll open my mouth. drove me out of my own house out of fear. I had to leave a house I bought with my own sweat to go into hiding because sister was driving to my house at midnight trying to I don’t know to do what to me!” she said.

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The curvaceous lawyer also urged Maureen to live her life and avoid living for others.

“Don’t live for the cheers, you won’t die by their boos. People get too invested in other people’s lives like it pays,” she said.

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