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Why this researcher wants MPs to make Dholuo an official language



A petition has been filed in the National Assembly seeking to elevate the Luo language and have it classified as an official language as a way of promoting the development and use of indigenous languages in line with constitutional provisions.

Mr Sammy Gwada Ogot, who is remembered for his push for the legalisation of bhang, wants the Chapter two of the Constitution amended and the Luo language given official status.

In the petition, which was submitted to the Clerk of National Assembly last week, Mr Ogot argues that the Luo Language has inbuilt capacity to generate, record, translate, instruct and transmit knowledge in a scientific manner.


He argues that the Luo language, being the foundation of universal knowledge, should be recognised by being elevated to an official status.

“That this petition identifies Luo as the first language for scientific and liturgical instructions of the world and as the root of all others, including Kiswahili and English, both which enjoy national and official status in the Constitution,” Mr Ogot says.

Article 7 of the Constitution identifies Kiswahili as the national language while Kiswahili and English are listed as the official languages.

Mr Ogot wants the article amended so that Luo is included alongside Kiswahili and English, which he argues, is part of the government policy to promote and protect the diversity of language of the people of Kenya.

He says that the petition is a step towards realising the national ideal of self-sufficiency in language and aligns to the policy guidelines formulated by the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) as well as tenets of the new education system.


He says that Luo and Luhya are the two greats lights of language upon which knowledge is constructed, hence, the shared Lu identity which universally denotes luminaries or followers or descendants of light.

“Luo is the language of light in which the Holy Bible was written and is therefore the key to deciphering meanings of identities, expressions and contexts of all other faiths universally since all primarily constructed on Luo morphemes,” he says.

Mr Ogot argues that the Luo baptismal language of the world is exclusive scholastic basis for universal study of onomastics (study of the history and origin of proper names, especially personal names) and philosophy owing to its special capacity to decode meanings of all proper nouns and names comprehensively.

He provides a range which specifically includes all ostronyms, astronyms, hydronyms, oronyms, eponyms, toponyms and anthroponyms of the world since all agglutinate from Luo morphemes and phrases.

“The facts I have presented recognise language as the singular vanguard, voice and van for protecting, promoting and conveying culture and knowledge and in the shared pursuit of developing, promoting, protecting local languages, I pray that Article 7 of the constitution be amended to include Luo as official language.”

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Kitany’s says she was the forth woman to be married to Linturi after divorcing the first three



  • Marianne Kitany, the estranged wife to Meru Senator, Mithika Linturi, on Wednesday, revealed hitherto undisclosed details about their relationship. She said that Linturi had married three women and divorced them before he seduced her.
  • She also revealed how she pampered him during their happier times.Testifying in their divorce hearing at a Milimani court, Kitany told the judge that on more than one occasion, she personally dug deep in her pockets, just to express the love she had for the senator.

    She alleged that when they first met, Linturi was broke and could not afford rent. The former aide to Deputy President William claimed that she invited Linturi to live in her house in Kileleshwa.

    “I came to learn later that he had rent arrears and I assisted by paying…he asked for some money to pay rent and much later I got to see letters from the landlord. I gave him Ksh 200,000,” Kitany disclosed.

    File photo of Marianne Kitany, the estranged wife to Meru Senator Mithika Linturi

    The court also heard that on December 2014, the couple travelled to Australia to enroll all their children in school at a cost of Ksh11million, which she paid.

    Kitany added that on December 2015, she forked out another Ksh 800,000 after they both took their family to Mauritius for a two-week trip.

    The former chief of staff at Ruto’s office further revealed how, in January 2016, the two hired an architect and started the construction of their house in Meru, at a cost of Ksh36million.

    “The chunk of that money was from my pocket…I gave Ksh26million. I gave out that money because we had agreed to stay together as husband and wife,” she claimed.

    Kitany also told the court that it was after they got married that people saw a change in him, specifically in grooming.

    “I cooked good food for him and took very good care of him,” Kitany noted.

    Linturi, on the other hand, had disputed marrying Kitany and stated that he was legally married to Mercy Kaimenyi at the time Kitany claimed they were in a relationship.

    File photo of Meru Senator Mithika Linturi

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Matiangi orders the closure of all bars in the country for two days and Kenyans react



As expected, Kenyans have taken to social media to air their views after Interior Cabinet Secretary Dr Fred Matiang’i ordered the closure of all bars countrywide for two days. Most of them did not take the order very kindly.

Speaking at Embu Stadium on Wednesday, the CS directed all bars and social places be closed starting Saturday 5pm due to the national census exercise.

He said that would ensure that all Kenyans are at home so that they can be counted.

We are going to close all our social places especially the bars at 5pm to give you an hour to be home before the enumerators arrive at 6pm so that they can find you at home,” the CS stated.
John Kaka wrote: Government officials are issuing orders willy nilly.  This is another form of impunity.  Is this even lawful?
Joyce Muthoni: Someone should sue Matiang’i. This government has a tendency of treating the citizens as though they are all kindergarten kids.
Magarajoe:  Wafunge wasifungi, I don’t care. Mimi sinywi pombe.

KNBS to begin census exercise countrywide
KNBS to begin census exercise countrywide


During the address in Embu, Matiang’i also sought to assure Kenyans of their security during the exercise. He said that the enumerators will not be strangers since they are people from appointed from their respective sub-location.

 “No one will come from outside their sub-location, which means they know people around there, they are known and they know their way around,” he said.

The CS assured Kenyans that security will be beefed up and all security personnel have been recalled from leave to ensure that the exercise is carried out effectively.

He also issued a stern warning to those who will purport to be monitoring the census exercisewithout clearance adding that foreign agencies and individuals had been vetted for approval.

The census will start on August 24th 2019 and end on August 31st 2019 and the enumerators are expected to take about 30 minutes in every household.

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Marianne: Linturi seduced me when DP Ruto sent me to convince him to drop impeachment motion on Waiguru



Former Deputy President William Ruto’s chief of staff has told a court of law that she first met the lawmaker at the DP’s office in 2013.

Marianne Kitany told Chief Magistrate Peter Ngare that Meru Senator Mithika Linturi seduced her when her former boss, Ruto, sent her to convince the senator to withdraw an impeachment motion he had tabled against the then Devolution Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru.Kitany, who has sued to divorce the senator, also averred that on the day Linturi was to move the Waiguru impeachment Motion in Parliament, the two were “having a good time” in Naivasha.She said she had just been appointed Ruto’s chief of staff and Linturi had successfully defended his Igembe South MP seat on a TNA Party ticket.

Kitany recalled that the then Igembe South MP frequented the DP’s office after the March 4, 2013 General Election “with a lot of complaints.”“The DP, as a result, gave me strict instructions to deal with Linturi’s regular complaints,” Kitany said.That order by the DP, she said, marked the beginning of her frequent interactions with Linturi.It is for the reason that she was tasked to persuade the MP to drop his Motion to impeach Waiguru who at the time (2014) was battling a storm over the Sh791 million National Youth Service (NYS) scandal. “Between 2013 and when he filed the impeachment Motion against Waiguru in May, 2014, Linturi and I hadn’t gotten into a romantic relationship,” she told the court.

Kitany, who is being represented by lawyer Danstan Omari, said in June 2014, when Linturi was given the go-ahead to table the Waiguru impeachment Motion in Parliament, Ruto implored upon the MP to drop the plan.The lawmaker, however, proved “difficult” prompting the DP to ask her to intervene, Kitany testified.“And when the impeachment motion was first tabled in Parliament, Linturi and I were at Lake Naivasha Sopa Lodge having a good time,” said Kitany.In mid-June 2014, Linturi’s impeachment motion against Waiguru was thrown out due to a “technicality” as the vocal lawmaker had failed to show up in Parliament to give notice.But according to Linturi, he “acted out of respect for President Uhuru Kenyatta”, whom he claimed had prevailed upon him to drop the motion.

In December 2018, Kitany filed for divorce, accusing the senator of infidelity, bigamy and mistreatment.In late December 2018, Linturi attempted to throw Kitany out of their Runda home, but a Nairobi court barred him until their divorce case was heard and determined.Linturi, on his part, said he had never exchanged wedding vows with Kitany, and that, according to him, she was only a “visitor” who got comfortable in his home.Kitany will continue to testify today.


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