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Announcement to DV-2019 Winners: You have until September 30th to secure a Green Card Interview and Visa



Individuals who  participated in the Diversity Visa program for fiscal year 2019 (DV-2019), also known as the Green Card Lottery, have until September 30, 2019 to have checked whether they won and secured a visa.

The State Department says anyone who won the lottery but will not have secured a visa by the September 30 will forfeit their chance of a Diversity Visa for fiscal year 2019. The Entrant Status check online portal for DV-2019 will also close on that date.

To check if you won, have the entrant’s confirmation number, last name, and year of birth and click on this link.

DV-2019 applies to individuals who submitted their information on the State Department website during the DV-2017 open registration period which ran between October 3rd, 2017 and November 7th, 2017.

Administered by the Department of State, the Diversity Visa program makes 50,000 permanent resident visas/green cards available to nationals of countries with low rates of immigration into the US. Millions of foreign nationals participate in the program each year.



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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Suresh Kumar Bhutani

    August 27, 2019 at 1:50 pm

    What is going on people’s who are waiting long for green card. Serving the country for years. Intelligent, high levels professional disappointed. Many of them moved to their own country, some are moving to Australia and Canada. What’s wrong with Democrat. Who don’t want the country to go ahead in full swing.

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Americans abroad must return to the US immediately, says Pompeo



US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has told Americans abroad who still wish to return to the United States to do so “immediately,” saying commercial and government-chartered flights could soon cease amid the coronavirus outbreak.

“We don’t know how long commercial flights will … operate,” Mr Pompeo said Tuesday, adding it is not a sure thing that flights being chartered by the US government specifically for Americans to return home due to COVID-19 fears will be available in some countries.

The US top diplomat urged any Americans abroad who want to get back to US soil to contact the American embassy in the country where they currently are to begin making plans “immediately” to get a flight back to the States.

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Initial H-1B Electronic Registration Period Closes March 20




The US government has announced that the initial registration period for the fiscal year 2021 H-1B numerical allocations will close at noon Eastern on March 20.

According to a statement from USCIS, registrations must be properly submitted before noon Eastern on March 20 to be considered in the initial selection process.

“If we at USCIS receive enough registrations during the initial registration period, we will randomly select the number of registrations we project are needed to reach the FY 2021 H-1B numerical allocations and send selection notifications via users’ online accounts,” read part of the Statement.

“We intend to notify registrants with selected registrations from the initial registration period no later than March 31, 2020, that they are eligible to file an H-1B cap-subject petition for the beneficiary named in the applicable selected registration,” it added.

An H-1B cap-subject petition must be properly filed within the filing period indicated on the relevant selection notice. The period for filing the H-1B cap subject petition will be at least 90 days.

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Immigration News

More details about the Kenyan woman from Ohio, USA who tested Corona-positive in Nairobi emerge



The Kenyan woman who has tested positive to corona virus infection travelled from Ohio via Chicago and then through London, UK, before landing at JKIA in Nairobi.

The woman, who is 27 years old arrived in Kenya on March 5th. She later complained that she was experiencing Corona-like symptoms and took herself to the hospital.

The government says it has traced all contacts the patient made since her arrival.

“We have done all the contact tracing and have all the names including the people who sat next to her on the flights she took,” Said Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe.

Consequently, Kenya has suspended all travel outside the country unless necessary.

Public gatherings are also suspended, including all inter-schools events.

The CS said every level 4 and 5 hospital in the country will have an isolation ward funded by the Ministry of Health and the World Bank.

Kenya has confirmed its first Coronavirus case.

Mr Kagwe on Friday said that although the patient, a Kenyan, is stable and eating, she will not be released from hospital until she is confirmed negative.

The woman is at Kenyatta National Hospital’s Infectious Disease Unit.

County Governments have also been urged to carry out regular public sensitisation on the coronavirus disease.

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CS Kagwe urged Kenyans to remain calm, noting that there’s no need for panic or worry provided people abide by the measures put in place.

“This is not a time to assign blame but one to join hands to ensure this pandemic does not tear through our country. This is not the time to make abnormal prices,” he warned pharmacies and business people.


Transport Cabinet Secretary James Macharia, who was present at the press conference, said all public transport operators were summoned on March 10 for a special stakeholder meeting.

He said the government will be conducting training at bus stops from 10 am to 4 pm that will involve all bus drivers, matatu drivers and conductors.

“Public transport carries the vast majority of our people…more than 90 per cent. That is why we are giving it special focus.”


CS Kagwe has invoked the Public Health Act which requires Kenyans to:

  1. Maintain a distance of atleast 1 metre from persons who are coughing
    2. Those coughing and have fever and difficulty in breathing should stay at home
    3. All public gatherings, and events that have large gatherings
    4. Suspension of interschool events but schools will remain open
    5. Public transport operators will be required to regularly clean their vehicles and provide sanitizers to passengers
    6. Suspension of all visits to prisons for the next 30 days
    7. Kenyans have been warned against spreading misinformation
    8. Unless absolutely necessary, travelling to affected countries have been banned
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The Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), whose epicentre was in Wuhan, China, has now killed nearly 5,000 people and infected more than 130,000 worldwide as at Friday.

It has spread to more that 120 countries across the globe.


Due to presence of the coronavirus case, all public gatherings, rallies, crusades and meetings of a national nature have been banned. This includes Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) rallies.

However, churches will continue to operate as usual as long they provide hand sanitisers to their congregants.

Interschool activities like drama, music festivals and sports have been also been banned.

Leaders sounded off on the announcement by Mr Kagwe, with Raila Odinga lauding the country’s preparedness.

“We are pleased with the government approach to handling the threat and protecting the health of Kenyans…As a country, we are in this together and we urge our citizens not to panic,” he said on his official social media page.

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