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‘Betty Bayo has never blocked me from seeing my kids,’ Pastor Kanyari



Pastor Kanyari has said that despite being separated from gospel artiste Betty Bayo, the latter has never denied her time with the kids.

Speaking during an exclusive interview with Mpasho, Kanyari says he still creates time to pray for them.

When I get time to talk to my children about life issues I do and if I don’t get that chance, I always talk to God.

I tell Him to stand with my children. He will protect your children if you are a righteous person but if you are a wicked person…

My ex wife Betty Bayo has never denied me a chance to see my kids, Even if I wanted to see them now I can. Betty is a good woman and a good mother.

Betty Bayo
Betty Bayo

Pastor Kanyari says parents need to be open to their children and stop ignoring the fact that their children pick up information from kids they interact with.

‘As a society, we have decided that any guidance should be gotten from the world forgetting that the world is very hostile.’

Kanyari went on to add that one of the many reasons evil has increased in society is because people have deviated from God and His will.

‘Rebellion is the cause of all the evil happening in the society.

If everyone is against the church where we used to seek the guidance, then we should expect what we have been seeing.’

‘If Laboso came to my church I’d have healed her of cancer’ Pastor Nganga

He adds,

My advice to people is for them to start praying for their children and speak to them about everything that  is ahead of them.

Let us not forget that both the accused and the victim suffer the same.

Kanyari vs Betty BayoKanyari went on to add that some of the things happening around are as a result of generational curses something that may go unnoticed.

There are generation curses that need to be broken.

For example if you ever rape, that curse will follow your generation as well. People need to go back to church which is not happening because the church is being ‘attacked’.

By Mpasho


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‘She said bad things about me,’ Njugush speaks about his ex-girlfriend




Kenyan Comedian Njugush reveals that his ex dumped him because he did not have any money.

Talking to Dr King’ori on his wicked edition show, the couple recounted how they met.

Celestine says they connected well since they had just come from bad relationships.

Njugush said,

“I’m sure they are watching us today because they said bad things about me,” adding that he is grateful they broke up.

The comedian further explains how the break up was;

 “There are people in this life that speak things that they don’t know what they mean. When someone tells you that you are not headed anywhere in future. We broke up because of money, I had nothing at the moment, he said.


“I mean, those were tender ages and I blame her because you can’t judge a chick for not having wings yet it’s not yet a chicken.”

He says that hurt him because he took sometime before he could heal.

But now he is one of the richest comedians in town.


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Chiki Kuruka sheds light on her breast lift surgery and battling mixed-race assumptions



Bien-Aime Baraza´s long-time girlfriend has opened up on her mixed race, breast lift surgery and trolls.

The UK-bred dance choreographer who was raised in the Queen´s land admitted that living in Kenya was one of the best decisions she ever made.

My uncle, being a war correspondent, lives in Kenya because it is quite a calm country. My two friends who we lived with while in the UK, are half Kenyan and they were coming home. I decided that I´m coming with them and it was literally as simple as that. I came here and I was Like ¨this place rocks. I´m staying. I´m not going.¨ I found Kenya so beautiful and the people are really easy-going.

Unfortunately for her, being mixed race meant to many that she is bougie – something she fights with every damn time.

I also think it is something to do the fact that I’m mixed race as opposed to being black, people think that maybe I’m not so connected with my African side. I fight those two assumptions all the time because I’m from the hood and I’m proud of it. I have chosen to live on this continent, I couldn’t be prouder.

However, for her, Kenya is home.

So many people are trying to leave Africa and go to the United States or Europe, but the beauty is in this continent, the future is on this continent. I definitely think Kenya is the hub of East Africa. It’s just a good place to be.

I definitely think Kenya is the hub of East Africa – Bien Aime´s girlfriend, Chiki Kuruka gushes


Further speaking to Pulse in regard to her anticipated breast lift surgery, she added:

I don’t think it’s anyone’s business the decisions that someone else makes regarding their body. I’ve seen the genes in my family and children don’t do us very well. When I look at my aunts and their boobs are by their hips, I just don’t want that to be my story. Not reconstruction surgery, just put me back the way I was before.

Being a wellness instructor, Chiki is a public figure and where there is fame, there is love but so is there a fair share of trolls.

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People who say nasty things online will never be brave enough to talk to me face to face – the wellness instructor affirms

Revealing how she is able to deal with the trolls, the beauty opined:

The reality is that people who say nasty things online will never be brave enough to talk to me face to face. And I come at it hard. So I would dare someone to come and say to me face to face something that they’d be brave enough to type. That’s normally the person who you’ll see in every time saying ¨Hi, oh my gosh, I love you guys.¨

As she came to the close of her interview, her last words were:

Mind your mind. When you feel good, you do good. So it’s okay to say ‘I’m not okay’. It’s okay to say ‘I don’t want you in my space’, because the better you are, the better you offer society.


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Akothee comes to the rescue of a needy student




Esther Akoth, alias Akothee, a popular Kenyan singer, has assisted a needy mother to pay for her son’s school fees. 

The amount paid by the award-winning singer is still unclear. She shared a video of a jubilant mother getting a bank slip for the school fees.

The woman is Suzzane Wanjiru. She had tried to approach the singer previously at her gate with a fee structure of Sh20,268 for the first term, Sh12,160 and Sh8,107 for the second and third term, respectively.

The son had joined Sokoke Boys High School. Suzzane was hesitant to go to Akothee at first, but after much debating, she decided to follow her insists and went to the singer’s gate. 

“Lakini tulipoendelea kuongea ukasikia kilio changu,” Suzzane told Akothee. “Ninashukuru sana.” 

Akothee thanked her fans for contributing to the Akothee Foundation, which in turn helps enroll children in school.


















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