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“Co-parenting isn’t easy,” cries Tina Kaggia’s ex JB Masanduku



Stand up comedian and actor JB Masanduku, whose real name is Nathan Kimani is back on the Churchill show.

JB Masanduku has been keeping a low profile and during an interview behind the scenes of Churchill Show, he said.

I missed the stage and I’m glad Churchill brought me back.


My heart beats for the stage. It’s not easy to be out of the game for a while because fans forget you.

The father of two said he is currently running a car hire and real estate businesses. Masanduku, a multi-talented actor also revealed that he ‘isn’t perfect.’

Back when I was starting out in the comedy industry I would vomit before I perform because of the tension. But nowadays I’ve improved. I don’t eat on the day I know I’m going to perform.

Masanduku was married to media personality Tina Kaggia and they had two children but in 2013 parted ways. Talking about his love life, he said,

We divorced officially. Divorce is always ugly but I thank God she was mature about it.

JB Masanduku, an A student who attended the prestigious Alliance High School has moved on and is currently in love with another woman, Jackie.

JB Masanduku and his fiancee
JB Masanduku and his fiancee

The couple is set to tie the knot in November this year.

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Tina and JB are co-parenting and he admitted that it isn’t easy.

It’s a tough process, I won’t lie. I guess it’s probably the reason I came back to comedy to help me heal,’ he said.

JB, who studied Civil Engineering in Russia revealed that he was going to radio soon but didn’t disclose the details.

by Mpasho 

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I’m not yet successful- Billionaire Chris Kirubi speaks




Billionaire businessman Chris Kirubi says he is yet to see himself as successful because he has not achieved his dreams.

He revealed this in an interview with Business Daily, DJ CK, as he’s popularly known, says in spite of battling a sickness this has not made him streamline his day to day activities as he still holds almost six meetings per day at his home. 

“…I’m not yet successful. I have a dream. I work more now in my home than I worked in the office. Many people come to see me because I’m sick. My people want to come and consult with me. I still run my companies. I’ve never switched off.”

Chris reveals achieving a goal and not money is his primary motivation. Though he considers himself a billionaire, he is yet to know how much he is worth. 

“I don’t know (my worth). I never count. Counting means looking back and I don’t look back,” said the Capital Group Ltd Chairman

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Anita Soina exposes Terence Creative for still calling her (Screenshots)



All is not well for Terence Creative and wife Milly Chebby after 20-year-old Anita Soina unleashed a damning screenshot.

This explosive screenshot comes months after Terence apologized to his wife for cheating.

He wrote on his social media,

Enemies want us to separate but our love will live forever. Those who wished us to separate are now ashamed. They waited to laugh at us but that’s not going to happen. I fell in love with you and will forever love you.

In the screenshot, it is clear that Terence was trying his best to get in touch with Anita.

This is as late as mid last month.

When he calls and misses her a couple of times, Terence then texts Anita saying,

“Kulenga nayo!”

To this he gets no reply.

Anita unleashed the screenshot after an Instagram account trolled her on Saturday night when she went live while on air with Annitah Raey on her show on Hot 96.

Check out the screenshot below.

By Mpasho

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Size 8, DJ Mo on the spot for Sh10K Valentine’s Day dinner event




Gospel singer Size 8 Reborn and her husband DJ Mo have been called out by their fans for planning an extravagant valentine’s day dinner event.

The couple have been advertising for their planned event set for February 14 at a hotel in the city where the main focus will be celebrating love among the married people.

Couple are being persuaded to register and attend the but the amount being charged for the dinner is what has made of their followers upset.

Both DJ Mo and Size 8 had a humble beginning and have accumulated a big fan base as they grew.

“HALLELUJAH the details are finally out!!!! DINE WITH #THEMURAYAS 14th of February A fun red carpet affair. Couples affair (dating, courting or married),” wrote Size 8.

But the dinner is going for kSh7,000-Ksh 10,000, an amount that seems too much.

Hio ndoo ni mob,” said Alice.ngatia.

“That amount ,” wrote shazzie_Iddah. “Like me I want to come but cannot afford that kind of money,” commented Winnie.

“Rent ya kasingle room pale junction ya Kayole,” stated foiwdci. “Hiyo pesa ni mingi sana,” remarked Brownian_baibz.



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