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Exposed: Nairobi county hospitals which stock expired drugs



Nairobi County government Health department has come under fire for letting county hospitals to stock expired drugs and non-pharmaceuticals.

This revelation is contained in a report by comes after Nairobi County Assembly Public Accounts Committee (PAC).

According to the report, Mbagathi County Hospital – one of the four major county hospitals – was holding expired drugs and pharmaceutical items amounting to over Sh1.4 million.

This is as even the hospital’s management could not explain reasons for the expiry of the drugs which according to the committee, most were supplied by the Kenya Medical Supplies Agency (Kemsa).

“It was not clear whether the items were acquired following user requests and procurement plans. The hospital’s pharmaceutical department and stores also had expired drugs and pharmaceutical items amounting to Sh1, 410, 826,” read the report.

The report is based on the committee’s consideration of the Auditor General’s report on the financial statements of Nairobi City County for the year ended June 30, 2017.

The county hospitals criticized for not having a structured and predictable way of procuring drugs but relying on the department to supply the drugs.


“Procurement of drugs that are likely to expire in a short while leads to loss of public resources and in some instances, if used, exposes risks to patients in public hospitals.”

Among the expired drugs include paracetamol, antacids, dental catridges, hydrogen peroxide, ranitidine injection, suxamethonium, ceftazidine, furosemide injection, lignocaine, promethazine and heavy bupivacaine.

Others are levothyroxine, bisacodyl, bupicaine heavy, rocephine, dextrose, x-pen, gabapentin, amlodipine, darrows, phenytoin injection and amitryptilline.

The facility was also faulted for being oversupplied with almost expiring drugs with the committee noting that the hospital had too much non-pharmaceutical items worth over Sh3 million with most nearing expiry period.

In their response, however, the county executive blamed having the expired drugs and non-pharmaceuticals on the prolonged doctors’ strike that occurred from December, 2016 to March 2017 as well as nurses’ strike that followed from June, 2017 all through to November same year.


“The consumption of medication and pharmaceutical items was very low because most of drugs and pharmaceutical items that expired are normally utilized in the in-patient and at that time we did not have patients admitted in the wards,” said the executive in their submissions.

The Mabatini Ward MCA Wilfred Odalo-led committee also raised issues with Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital where it emerged that the facility’s management could not account for drugs worth Sh148, 890 as stock control cards had no matching entry with physical stock count.

“In the circumstances, it has not been possible to confirm that the drugs were received at the intended pharmacies and applied for the intended purposes,” stated the report.

In view of the above matters, the committee called on the county to develop a policy guiding the procurement and supply of drugs to county hospitals to eliminate ambiguities that lead to supply of unnecessary and expired drugs.

The hospitals should also first determine the expiry date of drugs before accepting any supply from any supplier.

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Raila visits recuperating Joho, wishes him quick recovery



ODM party leader Raila Odinga on Saturday visited Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho at his Vipingo residence.

Odinga wished the governor quick recovery following his hospitalization for a week after he was diagnosed with malaria.

Raila Odinga


Visited Governor @HassanAliJoho at his Vipingo residence to wish him quick recovery following his recent hospitalization after a bout of Malaria. It was good seeing him in good spirits.

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Reports of the governor’s admission surfaced after former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo visited him.

Joho later took to social media and expressed his gratitude to Obasanjo.

The former head of state was in the country to attend a conference for African leaders.

“It was heartwarming to receive former Nigerian President H.E Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo who visited me in hospital this morning. Gen. Obasanjo is here to attend the Future Cities of Africa Conference which kicks off this afternoon at @VipingoRidge,” Joho wrote.

The governor was last seen in public in Malindi on October 26, when he accompanied Odinga to the burial of Michael Ngumbao who was shot and killed on October 15, two days to the Ganda Ward by-election.

Mr Ngumbao was the uncle of newly-elected Ganda Ward Representative Reuben Katana.


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Man hangs self in Homa Bay few months after preparing his grave



A 50-year-old man who prepared his grave some months ago has committed suicide in Homa Bay County.

Charles Moseti hanged himself at God Okombo Village, Kasewe Location in Rachuonyo East Sub County.

Moseti who hails from the neighbouring Nyamira County was serving as a caretaker at one of the homes in the village.

Witnesses said his body was found dangling on a rope tied to the roof of one of the houses in the home where he worked.

It is not yet clear whether the suicide had anything to do with the grave that he allegedly prepared some times early this year.

Area residents said he had not been engaged in squabbles with anybody.

Rachuonyo East Sub County Police Commander Charles Barasa said the deceased had at one time dug a grave in his home in which he planned to be buried upon death.

“His pastor informed us that he had dug the grave at his home early this year in preparation for his demise,” said Barasa.

However, Barasa said there was nothing linking his death to any external cause.The police boss said Moseti never left any note to explain why he took away his life.

“His death seems to have emanated from personal reasons but we are still investigating to get more information on the incident,” said Barasa.The body was taken to Rachuonyo South Sub County hospital mortuary in Oyugis town.

BY Standard

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Why ignorance of finer details hurts lazy home buyers



Who does not want to own a home one day? It is the endeavour of nearly every family. It is a pride, an achievement if I may. Yet we make careless mistakes at the tail of the tedious sweat to the realisation of this dream. Let me first put things into perspective; our construction ecosystem remains stubbornly fractured and dysfunctional. It is highly fragmented and very conservative.

Ingrained practices make it incredibly punitive and unforgiving. Before deciding to buy a house, you must wake up to this realisation.Most home buyers are lazy, careless and easily gullible.

They are, by large, only fixated with house prices and retreat to their ‘paradise’ cocoon once the house price makes sense to them. This attitude has been the icing to spurious developers. Listen, buying a house, especially off-plan, requires vigilance.

a`There are several boxes that must be closely monitored and ticked. Unfortunately, one of the critical boxes that always evades most buyers is the defects liability period. Many have and still painfully paid for this ignorance.


Defects liability period, mostly six months, is a period of time following the practical completion during which a contractor remains liable under the building contract for dealing with any defects that become apparent. This period is fixed in a building contract between a developer and client. It can never be altered to suit a buyer.

Once the period has lapsed, the contractor’s liability to rectify defects on your house lapses. Unknown to most buyers, the defects liability period always begins with the architect’s practical completion certificate to the contractor. It starts even before the occupation certificate is obtained. In fact, the architect’s practical completion certificate is one of the requirements for obtaining a county’s occupational certificate. Yet buyers normally take their sweet time to access their houses, after construction completion, unaware that the contractor defects liability period awaits no one.

Not even the developer.In some instances where final house payments are pegged on occupation certificate, the practical completion certificate, which instigates the defect liability period, can be irregularly and prematurely issued before actual completion of works so that a ‘broke ‘developer start to receives money from buyers.

How? Our long outstanding ethics deficit history as a country. Several times I have come across home buyers who ignorantly insist that the defects liability period be counted from the date they take possession of their house.Ignorance has driven many to complicate even the irreducibly simple. It is impossible to tailor defects liability period to each buyer.

Imagine the chaos of doing so to 100 buyer. The defects period will always rise and set on all at the same time – make peace with that. It is imperative to always note this as a buyer and insist then on seeing the architect’s certificate of practical completion to know when the defect period begins and lapses. Engrave those dates somewhere if you can’t memorise. Even on projects with sectional occupation certificate, ask for the practical completion certificate that was used to obtain the sectional occupation certificate.

Once you have immaculately noted the defects liability period, please carry out and document all the house snags issues and ensure they are rectified within the period. In situations where access to your house is pegged to clearance of final payment, request the developer access to allow you snag the house for any noticeable defects to be rectified.

Avoid running into cat and mouse games with the developer once this period has lapsed. There will be only one loser. You. For the umpteen time, the defects liability period will not be tailored to your wish as a buyer, it’s a contractual period that is fixed.

There will not be even an extra day added to it. I appreciate that the greatest struggle in mankind is that against ignorance, but this can no longer be classified as ignorance, especially in 2019. We cannot keep making the same mistakes over and over. Be wise or perish! – The writer is chairman of Association of Construction Managers of Kenya.

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