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Family’s dream shattered after ‘pregnancy’ turns out to be false



For eight months, Ms Loureen Awuor sought antenatal services at Utange Medical Centre in Mombasa, where the health workers assured her that her unborn baby was doing fine.

Ms Awuor, 23, and her husband, Ken Murimi, 29, were expecting their firstborn. They even chose a name, Gabriele; bought clothes, diapers and all the necessities to welcome their baby.

Their relatives, friends, neighbours and even medics at the facility were happy for the couple. “We were over the moon when we realised that we were expecting our firstborn. My stomach was so big that you would have thought I was carrying twins.

“Whenever I went for antenatal care, the medics at the facility assured me that the foetal heartbeat and weight were normal,” Ms Awuor recalled.

The medics even gave her all the essential drugs and supplements recommended for expectant mothers, and even some to prevent her from vomiting. “I paid Sh1,000 for the drugs and injections per visit,” she said.


All was well until June 17 when she was booked for a scan at the facility. But her husband insisted they go to Coast Provincial General Hospital (CPGH).

“After all, it’s the largest facility with the best specialists. I wanted her to give birth at CPGH using her Linda Mama, a free maternal healthcare service provided by the government, which she had been using at clinics,” Mr Murimi said at their home in Utange.

On July 19, Ms Awuor went for the scan, but she almost fainted when doctors at CPGH told her she was not pregnant.

“No remains of conception. Impression of a pseudo pregnancy. No adnexial mass seen; the cul-de-sac is clear. Conclusion, no remains of conception noted in relation to patient’s history,” a medical form signed by CPGH’s sonographer seen by the Nation reads.

The family is now distraught that medics at Utange Medical Centre “lied to them that she was pregnant”.

Her expected date of delivery was July 27, and they had even made a booking for her.


“I started attending clinic on October 21. My due date was July 27. A gynaecologist at CPGH asked me why the medics at the Utange Medical Centre lied to me and even gave me drugs, but I still don’t have an answer.

“What they did is inhumane, barbaric and uncouth. If they did this to me, what other ills do they commit against other patients?” she wondered.

Her husband wants the county administration to take stern action against the facility. “The county health department has failed Mombasa residents by allowing such a facility to operate. Are the medics licensed?” he asked.

At the same time, gynaecologist Ramadhan Marjan, based at Pandya Memorial Hospital, said the condition is known as false pregnancy.

Dr Marjan said the condition mostly affects women who crave for children. “These are people who are very anxious. They want to get pregnant. In many cases, they see all their age mates with children and their body reacts in such a way that they even miss their periods.

“They experience everything a pregnant woman experiences, including morning sickness and a distended belly (but it is only gas),” he Marjan.


He said that sometimes the ‘expectant’ mothers are unsure what they have; they cannot feel the babies because they are naive.

“But when they have a pregnancy test it turns out negative. It is not every easy to determine until you see the heartbeat, which is around six weeks. It appears like a growth in the initial stage.

“In this instance, the women expect to see a baby but a medic will find it empty. But some of them are so convinced and they will come with all manner of stories,” he added.

Dr Marjan said inexperienced medics will not easily realise the condition. “They will feel the distended abdomen but because of the workload, they cannot ascertain the cases. So the medics just assumed she was pregnant.

“It is in such cases that some women steal newborns. But an ultrasound is the best test to determine the condition.”

by nairobinews

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Photos of Pastor Burale with bride leaves Kenyan women sobbing



Stylish city pastor Robert Burale caused a stir online after posting photos with a beautiful woman dressed in a white wedding gown. He was walking her down the aisle.

In one of the photos, he captioned,

A glorious day………Thank you

Pastor Burale

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This left thirsty women who’re always crushing on him heartbroken, but the woman in the photo was Burale’s sister Laura and not fiancee as many speculated.

An honor to stand in place of dad ..walking my baby sister to hand her over to her husband Isaac…… The Lord bless your union my baby sister …

Pastor Burale

The invites only wedding ceremony took place at a popular beach resort in Malindi.

Check out comments from Kenyan women

Tabs Tasha My heart nearly disconnected from its socket 😂😂😂… Anyway I wish them the best in their new chapter

Emily Lawrence Your previous post caused a little confusion. 😂 😂 😂 Thanks for clarification

Wanjiru Ngigi Woi, rejoicing with 10000 others who almost had a broken heart

Ellie Ongeri Thanks for clarification..most ladies were on depressants (TID)😜😜😜😜😜. Wadada pris RB bado ako available achana kumeza depression drugs lol😉😉😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Muga S Odero Thanks for this clarification, it is lit elsewhere!

Sharlette Muga Sigh*..finally cleared the air, thank you and congratulations to your baby sister.

Ben Karuga I thought it was your wedding

Ann Blessed Wambo Well, let’s just say I died and resurrected before I read the word sister🤔😂😂🙆

sabinaredeemed This second caption I tell u, u brought people heart back together😂😂😂. Congrats sis

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njeri.milka 😂😂😂😂wenye walikua wame faint amkeni😂😂😂……Congratulations

shirleensaamun 🙌🙌🙌🙌😂😂😂😂Oya Kujeni, we can now breathe… He’s still single

joy_gwendo Sasa wewe MOG…unafanya watu wanataka kujiua… your previous post..🤣🤣 comments were hilarious

carole_cyrus Na vile Mashabiki wameumia!!!!🤣🤣

johnson_abuto Hehehehe umetuliza wenzetu roho Kwa kusema sister, whoever texted me that she is heartbroken please relax you can continue hunting yawa

nanjiranabaleka 😂😂😂 people thought you were the one walking down the aisle

The father of one has been single for more than five years now after parting ways with his estranged wife Rozina Mwakideu.

By Mpasho

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Man claims he could be boy whose disappearance has baffled police for 25 years



The two were among 17 people admitted at Kabarnet Hospital.Baringo County Health execuive Mary Panga confirmed the deaths.

The two allegedly died last night while receiving treatment.The 17 allegedly ate githeri on Friday at  around 3PM.

They were working in a farm in Marigat.Some of the patients who are still critical are under emergency care in the Intensive Care Unit.

Baringo County Commissioner Henry Wafula said samples of the food have been taken to the government chemist for further tests.

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If your Green Card is set to expire in the next 6 months, here’s some important info



Did you get an email (PDF, 438 KB), or a text message from USCIS letting you know that you can file Form I-90 online to renew your Green Card?

If you did, it should look like one of these examples in the above links.

Official communications sent by USCIS:

  • Include links that take you directly to the USCIS website and end in .gov;
  • Come from when they are email messages; and
  • Do not ask for any personal information.

Use this form to replace or renew a Green Card.

DO NOT submit this form if you are a conditional resident seeking to remove conditions on your Green Card. If you are a conditional resident, you must submit one of the following:


If you need evidence of your lawful permanent resident status while waiting to receive a replacement Green Card, USCIS may issue you an Alien Documentation, Identification & Telecommunications (ADIT) stamp after you file this form.

Additionally, if you applied for naturalization at least six months before your Green Card expired, you may be able to receive an ADIT stamp instead of filing a Form I-90. If you need assistance, contact the USCIS Contact Center.

As a lawful permanent resident, you must have a valid, unexpired Permanent Resident Card or equivalent document with you at all times. Applying for naturalization does not change this requirement.

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