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Family’s dream shattered after ‘pregnancy’ turns out to be false



For eight months, Ms Loureen Awuor sought antenatal services at Utange Medical Centre in Mombasa, where the health workers assured her that her unborn baby was doing fine.

Ms Awuor, 23, and her husband, Ken Murimi, 29, were expecting their firstborn. They even chose a name, Gabriele; bought clothes, diapers and all the necessities to welcome their baby.

Their relatives, friends, neighbours and even medics at the facility were happy for the couple. “We were over the moon when we realised that we were expecting our firstborn. My stomach was so big that you would have thought I was carrying twins.

“Whenever I went for antenatal care, the medics at the facility assured me that the foetal heartbeat and weight were normal,” Ms Awuor recalled.

The medics even gave her all the essential drugs and supplements recommended for expectant mothers, and even some to prevent her from vomiting. “I paid Sh1,000 for the drugs and injections per visit,” she said.


All was well until June 17 when she was booked for a scan at the facility. But her husband insisted they go to Coast Provincial General Hospital (CPGH).

“After all, it’s the largest facility with the best specialists. I wanted her to give birth at CPGH using her Linda Mama, a free maternal healthcare service provided by the government, which she had been using at clinics,” Mr Murimi said at their home in Utange.

On July 19, Ms Awuor went for the scan, but she almost fainted when doctors at CPGH told her she was not pregnant.

“No remains of conception. Impression of a pseudo pregnancy. No adnexial mass seen; the cul-de-sac is clear. Conclusion, no remains of conception noted in relation to patient’s history,” a medical form signed by CPGH’s sonographer seen by the Nation reads.

The family is now distraught that medics at Utange Medical Centre “lied to them that she was pregnant”.

Her expected date of delivery was July 27, and they had even made a booking for her.


“I started attending clinic on October 21. My due date was July 27. A gynaecologist at CPGH asked me why the medics at the Utange Medical Centre lied to me and even gave me drugs, but I still don’t have an answer.

“What they did is inhumane, barbaric and uncouth. If they did this to me, what other ills do they commit against other patients?” she wondered.

Her husband wants the county administration to take stern action against the facility. “The county health department has failed Mombasa residents by allowing such a facility to operate. Are the medics licensed?” he asked.

At the same time, gynaecologist Ramadhan Marjan, based at Pandya Memorial Hospital, said the condition is known as false pregnancy.

Dr Marjan said the condition mostly affects women who crave for children. “These are people who are very anxious. They want to get pregnant. In many cases, they see all their age mates with children and their body reacts in such a way that they even miss their periods.

“They experience everything a pregnant woman experiences, including morning sickness and a distended belly (but it is only gas),” he Marjan.


He said that sometimes the ‘expectant’ mothers are unsure what they have; they cannot feel the babies because they are naive.

“But when they have a pregnancy test it turns out negative. It is not every easy to determine until you see the heartbeat, which is around six weeks. It appears like a growth in the initial stage.

“In this instance, the women expect to see a baby but a medic will find it empty. But some of them are so convinced and they will come with all manner of stories,” he added.

Dr Marjan said inexperienced medics will not easily realise the condition. “They will feel the distended abdomen but because of the workload, they cannot ascertain the cases. So the medics just assumed she was pregnant.

“It is in such cases that some women steal newborns. But an ultrasound is the best test to determine the condition.”

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DCI probes fake Facebook car dealership after businessman loses Sh200,000



The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) is looking for a woman who allegedly defrauded a businessman of Sh200,000 after she advertised an non-existent car on Facebook.

Loise Njeri Chumuti is wanted for allegedly conning Hussein Mohammed of the money by advertising the sale of a Toyota Vanguard on Facebook.


Chumuti had advertised the car and claimed to be a sales agent of the fictitious Al Mahrig Auto which was selling the vehicle.

She informed Mohammed that there were few remaining cars of the type he had asked for and told him to secure a deal by starting making payments immediately.

Chumuti claimed the company’s main offices are in Mombasa but there is a Nairobi branch on Mombasa road where Mohammed could view the car after paying a reservation fee.

The trader transferred Sh100,000 from his bank to Chumuti through M-Pesa on June 10, 2020 and a similar amount on June 12, 2020 to a bank account purportedly belonging to Al Mahrig Auto at KCB.


Thereafter, Chumuti is said to have switched off her cellphone.

Mohammed later established that there is no such a company in Mombasa or Nairobi and he reported the matter to the DCI.

Corporal Joseph Kibet of DCI Embakasi offices has now obtained orders to be furnished with copies of account opening certificates for the account that received the money from Mohammed and M-Pesa statements of Chumuti’s phone number.

Chief Magistrate Heston Nyaga of the Makadara Law Courts granted the orders.


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PHOTOS: Couple weds in hospital after groom’s accident days to union



They say love conquers all. A Burundian couple has lived up to the adage by conducting their wedding in hospital. Charlotte Mukantwari and Gabin Ndayizigiye’s wedding plans were all finalised but days to walking down the aisle, the groom was involved in an accident.

Speaking after the wedding, the groom recalled asking himself lots of questions following the accident that left him in a wheelchair.

“After the accident, I asked myself whether the devil didn’t want me to marry. I very well knew that my wedding was set for July 4 and being an important day for us, it had to go on as planned. If we hadn’t gotten married, I would have felt like God had abandoned me,” the groom said.

Affirming her newly-wed husband’s stance, the bride said that they could not postpone the wedding hence, opted to conduct it in hospital.

“Because of my love for him, not even an accident could not make us push forward the date of our wedding,” she said.


According to Gabin, they have been dating for a long time and had vowed to live as husband and wife till death. But three days to their big day, he broke his leg after getting hit by a vehicle, rendering him unconscious.

“When I came back to, I found myself lying in a ditch with dirty water and my leg was swollen. At the hospital, they were initially hesitant to tell Charlotte what had befallen me. When she was finally informed about my accident, she promptly came to visit,” Gabin narrated.

The groom further said that the next logical plan of action was to postpone the wedding but the bride had other plans.

“Charlotte would look at me lying on the bed, look at my broken leg and encourage me saying that if God gave me reprieve, our wedding would go on as planned. Her utterances shocked me because another woman wouldn’t want to be seen next to me,” he said.

Gabin then sought the approval of the Catholic Church to conduct the wedding in hospital and the padre accepted.  The hospital management then prepared a room for the two to exchange vows and provided a wheelchair for the groom. Despite the priest hiding the exact time of the wedding to discourage crowds, their unorthodox union attracted a large crowd of onlookers keen on witnessing the triumph of love.

“Our wedding day was great. We received blessings and exchanged rings before I was wheeled back to the ward,” concluded the groom.


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PHOTO: See Corazon Kwamboka fire baby bump in an almost nude photoshoot



Corazon Kwamboka has never been happier than now, proudly looking forward to be a mother and hold her little one in her arms for the first time ever.

The 26-year old socialite who is expectant for Frankie Just Gym It, just recently showed off her grown baby bump to the world in tight-fitting dresses but this time, she has decided to go all in, in a nude photoshoot.

Pregnant Corazon Kwamboka

The curvaceous beauty did it African with just enough to cover her privacy but exposed enough to get a 3D of her bulging baby bump.

For her, it was time to celebrate her endometriosis journey with scars around her tummy and on her belly button that only speak of a battle well fought.


Incoming hot mama. Peep my endometriosis warrior scars on my belly button and the sides of my tummy. Those are the scars from which the laparoscopic surgery were done. #endowarrior💛

Corazon Kwamboka

Well, her baby daddy, Frankie was quick to comment:

Nakitambi utawezana? 😁

And he sure met his match after the curvy lass responded:

nitawezana father Abraham

Gym instructor, Frankie Just Gym IT

Mixed reactions

Aww! Loving the vibe and the natural spark these two lovebirds were exhibiting online, fans adorably penned:

spenser____g I think the scars are cool!! Scarification is so neat too.
wainao_officiel_ This picture has really good vibes…..happiness looks good😊👍
africanfabricanddesignske Gorgeous mama. How do you make pregnancy look soo yummy? ❤️❤️
tonytheblaze congratulations ! ur quarantine paid so well ..

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